Where the Hell is Patrick Henry When We Need Him?

((I originally published this article on the Dont Tread On Me website on December 1st of 2011. Since that time I have grown in my admiration for our founding fathers immeasurably. No, they did not face FEMA camps, surveillance drones and all the electronic gizmos and whirlygigs that we do but they had to face the dreadnought of their day and face it they did. They did face prison ships with an unbelievably high mortality rate. They were tortured, hung, shot, had their wealth seized and their homes destroyed, yet they never gave up. Mr. Patrick Henry was one of my favorites. He reminds me of Joshua in the Bible. So without further ado I present to you a true American patriot and I wish I had the courage to stand by his side.)) Continue reading

Back By Special Request

My buddy Hognutz has asked that I repost a picture that I originally posted on the Dont Tread On Me website. I only left it up for a day or two because I was looking for feedback and it did not match the theme of the website.

The story behind it is as follows. One day I was at the local tractor store and the Truth and Veracity League were having their usual session discusing “strange things”. If you have ever attended one of the sessions you would know that the strangest thing there is the truth. Anyway, I mentioned the fact that my wife and her sisters had once seen a Bigfoot in a local river bottom on their way to town. Continue reading

Housekeeping Part II

Some of you asked to see the results of our afternoon canning session. I will let you be the judge of our labors.

Mixed greens. Love the emerald color.

 Here you can see the mixed greens that we love so much. All  we have to do is add them to a pot, heat and serve, usually over cornbread with a little pepper sauce for added flavor. Greens, beans, peas and a few types of meat make up our diet. During the spring, summer and fall we live on fresh vegetables. We add meat in the winter along with dried beans.

Commercially grown mushrooms. Just imagine the gravies and sauces this will make.

We add mushrooms to our gravies and sauces and then add this to rice. ((The difference between  sauce and a gravy is, gravy is made with water and a sauce is made with milk or cream.)) Most of our gravies and sauces are made without meat. This does not include seafood. Etoufee, sauce piquant and couvillion are gravies and sauces made with seafood. These too can be canned in jars. This is very easy and you can learn to be a good canner in a very short time. Canning is simple and safe if you are careful and follow the steps outlined in the Ball Blue Book. You can branch out from there as your experience grows. Don’t be intimidated by what appears to be complex at first. It just takes practice and the willingness to not be afraid to make a mistake now and then.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Good luck and God bless.


Several of you have asked for an opportunity to contact me directly, in case you have personal data you want to share or don’t want me to look like a total fool, so I have added an account just for your personal questions. IF you have a general comment, please leave it on the appropriate article’s comment site. I try to answer a lot of these questions and comments. Sometimes I wait to see what the overall feedback numbers are and address as many questions or comments in as few comments as possible.


I have other housekeeping issues that I will address in the coming days, weeks or months. Von and I are still canning greens and maybe, tonight, we will can mushrooms. These are commercial mushrooms not wild. I do not advocate canning WILD mushrooms. I get a great deal on mushrooms and we put them in pints. I will post a few pictures so you can see our successes and maybe BOO BOO’s.

Remember, if you want Von or I to address any particular issue just send us your questions or concerns and we will try to help or refer you to someone who can.

Currently working on an article and hope to have it out in the next day or two, depending on our canning schedule.

Good luck and God bless you and yours.

Home Again

I usually do not comment on a family “vacation” but I think I will this time because it has a very interesting side note for all of us. Every year, my family “group”

We observed nesting pairs of bald eagles on the way to the museum. Awesome!!

gets together during the months of February in winter and June/July for the summer. These get-togethers are to discuss strategy, current events around the world, go over our preparations and, many times, construct a cabin, road, LP/OP or some other needed improvement to our refuge. We have traditionally met in February because so many members of my family, including myself, have a birthday during the month. This year my mother turned 90 years old and when asked what she wanted to do for her birthday her response was to go to the World War II National Museum in New Orleans Louisiana Continue reading


First; I want to thank everyone who helped get the word out. Second; I want to apologize for some mistakes that I made, conversation that I omitted and not giving more background. In all truthfulness, I was experiencing a splitting headache, something I hardly ever experience unless it is sinus related, and I was so angry my wife thought I was going to stroke out. Continue reading


((Personal background: Today February 9th, 2012 I had to go to the county seat of my southeast Texas rural county to take care of registration renewals for vehicles and trailers. My grandson, who lives with us, turned 18 in October and immediately applied for his voter’s registration card. He has not received it so he asked me, if while I was in our county seat, would I look into his registration card’s delay. Continue reading

The Last Great Act of Defiance

Never quit! FIght to the end.

(I originally published this article on December 5th, 2011 on the Don’t tread on me website but the question keeps coming up so I will repost it here.) 

Me and the little mouse in the picture have one thing in common, I don’t intend to give up. Maybe I won’t solve all the world’s problems, free mankind from the shackles of Debt Structured Bondage, find a Real cure for warts or anything else profound. Continue reading