((Personal background: Today February 9th, 2012 I had to go to the county seat of my southeast Texas rural county to take care of registration renewals for vehicles and trailers. My grandson, who lives with us, turned 18 in October and immediately applied for his voter’s registration card. He has not received it so he asked me, if while I was in our county seat, would I look into his registration card’s delay. After concluding my business I dropped by to find out about his registration card. What I learned was a shocker. Before I get into details I want to give the politcal background for the discussion that took place.))

Political Background: as a result of intrastate immigration to Texas, because of a slightly better job market and the 2010 census, Texas is due to pick up 4 new seats in the House of Representatives. A redistricting plan was filed by the Attorney Gerneral’s office and was immediately protested in a lawsuit in the Federal District Court in San Antonio, Texas. This suit went on to the Court of Appeals and the 3 judge panel went so far as to redistrict Texas on their own. The state appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and won, the case was remanded to the district in San Antonio. Currently, the Texas State Attorney General’s Office is trying to beat the clock in the redistricting case.

Enter my conversation today with a person whose job is to verify the accuracy of district lines and voters’ rolls. I asked where the new registration cards were and was told by the local repreesentative that they were being held up due to the redistricting plan. I was then told that the Republican Primary had been pushed to April 17th. It was at this point that the local representative said, yes, that if the plan was approved today, all the filings could be made but if the plan is stalled we (the counties) cannot meet the 60-day, 45-day and 30-day filing requirements stipulated by law.

Immediately, my question was, “What are the implications of going further into Spring of Summer.”

The third individual in the room said, “I heard it said in a meeting last week that the idea being put forth is to drag out the redistricting plan in Texas so long that there will not be a primary election in Texas because of the PRESIDENTIAL RACE.”

My comment was, “There is only one reason to do that and that would to exclude Texans from voting for Ron Paul.”

The comment was, “Absolutely!”

Folks, Texas has only one Favorite Son in the race and it is none other than the scrappy Constitutionalist Dr. Ron Paul. It appears to me, based on this conversation that took place a few hours ago, that the Republican National Convention may be conspiring to prevent Texans from voting for Ron Paul. Everyone should call the local and state officials and complain that Texas may be deprived of voting due to backroom deals or St. Tammany Hall style politics and in so doing, the delegates from our state will not be allotted to Ron Paul based on primary voting but by RNC whims.

It may not do any good to contact your federal representatives and senators but there is a 2-person delegation going to Washington to meet with local representatives to try and stop this outrage. Call your friends and family and make them aware of this possible plan to cheat Texas out of its chance to support Dr. Ron Paul.

End of Emergency Notice.


  1. Sadly, I am again outraged by the slimy ethics and morality one increasingly sees exhibited by elected “pols” and political parties at all levels. I suppose the November 2000 Florida scandal/fraud/debacle should have desensitized me. Idealism dies hard.

    • Hi FFL,
      Yes, idealism does die hard but since my idealism died in 1980 (relevant to the nature of the U.S. Government) I have been able to accept most of the things that I see today. Now, I am an idealist but it is with what America can become once again. I am not so much of an idealist that I think that if I click my heels 3 times and say “I want to go home” that Good Ol’ America will magically appear. We will have to fight for it, earn it back. If we don’t fight for it, it will prove we don’t deserve it. So there is my touch of realism. Good luck to you and yours in 2012 and may the Lord bless your efforts to prepare.

    • Thank you Susan. I appreciate people reblogging my site’s content. I am just very proud that people think it is worthy of reblogging. I wish I had better ideas on how to tackle this problem (missing primary) but the only thing i know to do is to get the word out and have people call their elected representatives and insist that the maps be finished and submitted at the earliest possible time.
      Good luck and God bless you and yours.

  2. First your article says Texas picked up two representative positions. It is actually four. If you sign up for the Texas GOP newsletter you can receive up to date emails from the GOP perspective on what is happening. I have signed up for the email updates and after all court hearings dealing with the redistricting issue they send out an update to let everybody know what the status is in the courts.

    I think it is appropriate to give some background on this matter to put it in perspective. The Texas legislator created new maps because of the census. Minority and special interest groups sued the state over the maps not giving minorities enough winnable districts. It is my belief based on the law as it currently stands they probably have a leg to stand on. The only reason why Texas gained four new seats was because of the increase in minorities in the state. Redrawn districts if done correctly would reflect that but it did not. Also the districts were supposedly drawn by staff members but most of us and the court believe that is a lie. Last year the Texas House reelected Joe Strauss to be its speaker. Strauss is a non-conservative republican. He did not receive any votes from the conservative wing of the party and the new house maps pitted current conservative legislators against each other. Everybody pretty much agrees the maps are crap. I don’t know of anyone that actually liked them.

    The case went to the Federal District Court in San Antonio where the court created brand new maps and in the process of taking so long moved the primary from the first week in March to the first week in April. The Attorney General went to the U.S. Supreme Court and asked them to intervene. The U.S. Supreme Court took the case and unanimously ruled that the District Court maps and the state map were invalid and that the Federal District Court in San Antonio had to redraw the maps using the original approved state map as a starting point.

    The big problem is the 45 day window for military ballots. Everything has to be finalized with approved maps, candidates changing districts etc, ballots ready to be printed etc 45 days before the election so the military overseas have a chance to vote. The state can apply for a federal waiver to shorten this window and has said they may try to do this. The Counties have been told by the Secretary of State to NOT send out voter registration cards since no one knows what congressional, house or senate district we might be in yet.

    Originally the Republican and Democrat parties were trying to get the San Antonio court to move the primary back to March (this is now impossible) basically to make it easier for incumbents to get re-elected. The Attorney Generals office has been working with the minority and special interest groups as well as the court to come up with a consensus on the maps. What it sounded like to me was the state was going to cave into the minority special interest groups and draw the lines however they want so we can hurry up and have a primary.

    The latest update I received from the Republican Party basically said that the April 3 primary is not likely because of the timeline and to expect a mid April or late April primary. Some of the plaintiffs have agreed on a set of new maps in conjunction with the Attorney Generals office. The court now has sufficient information to now draw its own maps. It knows what the legislator wants and what the plaintiffs want. One question is what about the plaintiffs that were not included in the talks…can they still object and drag this on? Also when is the San Antonio court going to release new maps and what date or dates are they going to set for the primary? The court rejected the Attorney General/Minority group maps because of opposition by the Democratic party and democrat special interest groups and has ordered all sides to sit down and hash out changes to districts that are disputed.

    The only other major dispute at this point is D-Wendy Davis SD-10 seat. This went to trial this week. However if the San Antonio Court takes to long or if there are other legal problems with the maps and it takes longer they are expecting to have to split the primary into two separate primaries in order to have the presidential primary in enough time before the State Conventions. Under one scenario discussed with the court, we would have the presidential primary and a few days later the County Conventions and a few days later the State Convention. Having all of these conventions this close will make it ripe for corruption and disfranchisement of voters and potential Ron Paul delegates.

    Maps have to be approved and in place by Feb 20 to have an April 17 single primary. The next court hearing in San Antonio got moved up to Fed 14. The Republican Party has told the court that they believe we have to have a primary by April 17 in order to comply with state election law. If the court does not issue new maps and ok a primary by Feb 20th no one knows what will happen. Theoretically the legislative could go into special session and suspend election law to allow for later Democrat and Republican State Conventions and they state could apply for a waiver for the 45 day military ballot window. The Federal Court could just set a date for a single primary or divide the primary into two setting the presidential primary date and leaving most of the other races to an undetermined time.

    Yet another problem is the Washington D.C. Court. A separate case has been filed in the Federal Washington D.C. Court over violations of the voters rights act. The San Antonio Court maps would only be interim maps and the Washington D.C. Court will still have to rule on if these new maps are in compliance with the voter rights act. The Washington D.C. Court is not scheduled to meet for another 3 weeks. If the D.C. Court does not move up the court date a single primary election in April will be impossible with the earliest being mid to late May. The big reason for not having two primary elections is money. The State of Texas has said it will not pay for two elections only one.

    This is the latest and the best information I can come up with based on all of the emails I have received from the Republican Party.

    The Republican National Convention is August 27. I don’t know how the courts could possibly keep the election happening through August. However I could see the State legislator or the Republican Party meet in an emergency session and come up with temporary rules on the delegate selection process that could limit those who attend a special republican precinct convention to those who voted Republican in 2008 which would disenfranchise any new Ron Paul supporters, and any new voters from participating. Another scenario would also be to just use the delegates from 2008 just so they can have a State Convention.

    • Thanks Jay,

      I was so mad over the whole conversation that I had a headache and that is something I hardly ever experience. The conversation pointed to the fact that in the meeting last week a republican party rep made a comment to the effect that “we can stretch this out if we need to.” Did they mean in Texas or Washington? Both? The challenges to the Voting Rights Act (Sec.’s 2 and 5, I think) have to be overcome no matter what before this can proceed so, how long will it take in Washington? Anyone’s guess is probably as good as any other. Needless to say when I wrote this article I was fit to be tied. Thanks Again.


    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was so angry I could not think of what I needed to write. The election official stated that each district must make a 60-day, 45-day and 30- filing to be considered legal and it was the 60-day filing that was the problem. What the purpose of these filings are, I do not know. All I knew was that I should ask a few questions and let them talk as much as possible. It was eveident to both people that the approval system was being manipulated and not by Democrats or minority interests. The comment I thought notable was “Suspicious but really obvious” with the manipulating of the process.

    • The campaign is aware of ths notice. I am told that Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) may be getting involved in this. How, I do not know since the principle issue is th responsibility of the state legislature. Howevr, all of this is subject to the whims of the federal court system.

  3. These posts and comments should be re-posted in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Greece et al illustrating graphically the sort of “democracy” which the US would like to “offer” them.

  4. Note that the Republicans were the party at the helm when the criminal attack on our country on 911 occurred. Certain thumbprints are all over that criminal fraud. It is not a surprise that the party of the criminals would be the party committing further criminal acts.
    This should be the deathknell of the Republican party.

    • Hi Check It Out,

      Democrats were in power for OKC and the Gulf of Tonkin but it makes no difference who is in power if the CIA is given free rein to do whatever they want. It was very obvious that even though Gerald Ford used the CIA he was terrified of them. We realized that when he appointed 12 men to report on the activities of the CIA worldwide. So here was NSA spying on the CIA for the president. It was a bizarre 18-months.
      Good luck ad God Bless you and yours in 2012.

  5. i too experienced a similar situation….

    my wife’s nephew and my cousin are staying with us, and i am OBVIOUSLY a Ron Paul supporter. i picked up registration cards for them both and had them mailed more than 2 months ago. the other day i was in the tax assessor’s office to transfer a car title. I thought about the voter registration cards that had not showed up yet, so i walked over to the voter registration window and inquired about them.

    i was told that “Texas has had an increase in population, due to so many people moving here to find work. We have picked up new seats in the House, so their is redistricting going on right now. There is supposed to be a mass mailing of the new cards in early March, if they get their act together, but if not it may lead to some big problems.”

    I asked what do you mean. She replied, “There should be a mass mailing beginning in the early part of March.” and she walked away.

    • Hi Moridin,

      That was about how my conversation started. As I said, I just asked about my grandson’s voters registration card. Essentially, I was told the same thing about the mailings but then the issue of the filings came up and that it appeared that the filings dates were going to slip and then it got a little strange. We are going to have to watch these crooks every step of the way.

  6. I let my earlier blog rest on its on merits. Everyone I know or have talked to in the last year was for Ron Paul. How could this happen? If I say fraud everyone will say sour grapes. But go back and look at Monday 28th of May headlines and on Yahoo you will see that they said that Mitt Romney won Texas. The election was on the 29th. How did they know? It is going to get bad and it is going to get bad fast after August. Get ready to pay the ticket and ride the ride. Good luck and God bless.

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