First; I want to thank everyone who helped get the word out. Second; I want to apologize for some mistakes that I made, conversation that I omitted and not giving more background. In all truthfulness, I was experiencing a splitting headache, something I hardly ever experience unless it is sinus related, and I was so angry my wife thought I was going to stroke out.

I have confirmed that a 2-man delegation did go to Washington to meet with Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) to talk solutions. Joe is from Ennis and is a good man. We have disagreed over the years (I was even escorted out of his Ennis office once) but I think Joe will try to do right thing in this matter. (But, I will say this, Joe was the minority Whip under Newt Gingrich in the early 90’s. How much allegiance is due Newt “the Grinch” Gingrich I do not know.) I think the reason that the delegation is going to Washington, D.C. is that after the plan is submitted through the state process, which includes the legislature and court system it goes to the federal level for approval. It is MY understanding that the final plan has to go before the federal court in Washington, D.C. to be approved with reference to the Voting Rights Acts (Sec. 2 & 5).

Anytime you wait for federal approval you are going against a ticking clock. Washington is notorious for letting the clock tick and taking no action whatsoever if it fits into the beltway agenda. Will this happen this time? I honestly do not know. Remember, I am not, and I repeat, I am not a politician nor do I want to follow the lies and B.S. (no I am not talking about a Bachelor’s of Science degree) that goes on in Washington. I am a Ron Paul supporter and will to the best of my ability monitor this situation. You should look to people who are well versed in this type of skullduggery and seek their council on such matters. I can only report on what I heard.

For all those who write comments, please note that I have tried to make this known to the Paul campaign and the Alex Jones Show. Please understand the situation that Alex Jones is in. I am passing on what was said to me in a private conversation in which the parties do not want to be identified. How can Alex stick his neck out on this type of information. He is battling the Decepticon media and credibility must be insured or the Decepticons will discredit everything he does. It is a journalistic standard folks. Okay?

I assume 100% of the responsibility for any mistakes in spelling, transcription and information. But I stand by what I heard and wrote. My biggest GAFF was to say that Texas picked up 2 seats when we actually picked up 4. Nonetheless, if I have made any mistakes I take full responsibility for those mistakes.

I will be out of state for the next week and return on Friday, February 17, 2012. This is a scheduled event and is very important for my entire family. I will try to get my next article out before I leave. If I fail to do so, don’t be alarmed.

Good luck to you all and God bless you and yours in 2012.

5 thoughts on “RED ALERT FOLLOW-UP

  1. Thanks Tess. Hope you and hubby are doing well. Every year wea gather to gether as a family in February and July to take stock of where we are in our preparations. We also can lots of food in February to take to NM. The get together began as a birthday celebration because so many of us have February birthdays and it evolved into a strategy session. Amazing how the Lord uses things.

  2. Looks like Ron Paul has a bit of the upper hand right now. While others are preening for the masses, he’s raking in all the delegates. I’m happy to see it. Intelligence is one thing Ron Paul certainly has in his favor. He’s running his campaign like one set to win.

    Shame to see Freedom Watch pulled from the air. I wonder, now that he has free time, does Judge Napolitano fancy a seat in the White House? I could see him working with Ron Paul. Oh my would that be good.

  3. Skepticism of the system grows over time. One must personally DYODD to see the evidence that is often so easily drowned out by all the other noise. While I appreciate your clarification in the follow up article, I also recognize that the system is corrupt and that’s the simple truth. Your initial article was genuine, and it presented a logical conclusion based on a series of facts. Sometimes it can be hard to know precisely what is true when surrounded by lies. I for one appreciate your announcement, which was accurate based on the facts known at the time.

    Now, on to a new conspiracy. Warmongering with Iran. This morning I was shocked to see media changing right before my eyes. I watched as three iterations of an article were posted in replacement to each other. These iterations moved through the news broadcast system like wildfire. I have posted the details at

    We know Israel and the US are warmongering for an Iranian conflict. But to see the propaganda machine spinning reality into hatred in real time… wow. It was a slap in the face confirmation that still leaves me reeling. I thought they were more nimble and discrete. Should you wish to verify the truth to my find, please search the title of the article on your favorite search engine. At this moment, you can preview the old article and title, but on clicking you will be forwarded to a the warmongering piece instead.

    I look forward to your next article Codger. All the best.

  4. Codger, good stuff you’re writing here. I’ve been lurking on your site for a time and just want to say thank you for keeping us informed. From north and east of you a few hundred miles, thanks again!

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