UPDATE in the form of a quick note.

Hello my friends.

I meant to pass on a simple trick that you can use that will cost you absolutely zero dollars and help you leave in a hurry. Go into your closet and check to make sure each and every coat hanger is turned in the same direction. If not, pull them out and arrange them so that you can grab an arm load of clothes in a matter of seconds. For all you vets, I know, they are supposed to be 2 fingers apart. LOL.

Please follow this link to Brent Smothers’ (aka THE PROFESSOR) brand new YouTube channel.

Brent is new to the prepping game and is doing a terrific job. He has incorporated a whole lot in a little bit. In other words he has made something that sounds difficult look simple. Notice in his video he has a lot of room for expansion. The ability to grow your own food is the first step in becoming independent.

If any of you have you own videos or pictures, about any facet of living an independent lifestyle, please send them to me and I will share them with everyone on the site, with your permission. ((Please keep the pictures, videos and language clean. Don’t sent videos of your husband or wife in their birthday suits demonstrating your hot tub.)) LOL!

I apologize for being gone so long because we have had numerous requests for help, lots of teaching and in the midst of all of this we still have two houses to finish and our “normal” day-to-day affairs.

Good luck to you all in all your endeavors and may Yah bless.


I’m Baaack, Again!!! ALERT!! ALERT!!

Hello Everyone,

Just to let everyone know, we have been very busy, both in Texas and New Mexico. I am cautioning all of my family, and you are my electronic family, to keep their bug-out-bags close, all firearms loaded and the fuel tank on your primary bug-out-vehicle topped off at all times. I recommend that you do this until November 30th. The price of fuel is down right now so top off any extra fuel cans that you have and add some Sta-Bil to them. Continue reading