Back By Special Request

My buddy Hognutz has asked that I repost a picture that I originally posted on the Dont Tread On Me website. I only left it up for a day or two because I was looking for feedback and it did not match the theme of the website.

The story behind it is as follows. One day I was at the local tractor store and the Truth and Veracity League were having their usual session discusing “strange things”. If you have ever attended one of the sessions you would know that the strangest thing there is the truth. Anyway, I mentioned the fact that my wife and her sisters had once seen a Bigfoot in a local river bottom on their way to town. Of course this was met with the usual guffaws and ridicule. A few weeks later I was called into one of the offices, at the same establishment, and suddenly the speakers voice dropped in volume and said, “Look at this.” I looked and saw the picture below. He said “Ask your wife if this is something like she saw that day.”

Well, I did and Von and her sisters agreed it was the same thing at first glance. Actually, one of the sisters shrieked when she saw it. The part of their story that convinces me they are telling the truth is that they swear that when they saw the “thing” they all got quiet. I have never known my wife and her 6 sisters to EVER get quiet when they are together so why would they all lie about that detail. (Yes, I have told all of them the same thing.)

So without further ado, here is the picture that Hognutz is refering to:


The above picture was taken by a game camera attached to a tree near a deer feeder. Many hunters attach game cameras to monitor the size of the bucks that come to the feeder. The person that took the picture is reluctant to give detailed information about the picture because they do not want to be labeled a kook. Also, they do not want kooks or nuts out stomping around in the woods looking for this thing. The Big Foot Research Organization says that they believe it to be real and by using a scale they believe it to be over 7 feet tall. As far as I know it could be Peter Mayhew in his Chebacca outfit looking to pick up girls.

I will try to respond to your comments but you know about as much as I do about this picture. Also, one more thing. There was a 20 year time difference between this picture and what my wife and her sisters saw and the only person they told was their dad, at the time they saw it, and he is deceased.

Have fun!

12 thoughts on “Back By Special Request

  1. I tracked them for 12 years. The closest I got was in Clinton County Ky. 1973, I took several locals with me into the mountains North of I-90 . One man brought his tracking dogs with him and once we saw it the dogs took off and no sooner did they leave that they were back and jumped back into the rear of his pickup. He said they had never run from anything.
    I did take a picture I knew it made as I was just behing it as it stepped over a 4 strand barbed wire fence and stepped onto the creek bed and left a deep footprint. I did the same and you can’t tell I had even been there. I would guess this was 7′ to 8′ tall and weighted at least 700# to make that footprint. My boot compared to its footprint was unreal.
    I believe in something, just dont really know what it was,

  2. Too many folks have seen this Big Foot creature over so many years that to deny “it” exists, doesn’t seem logical (like UFOs, IMHO). I just hope it is from nature instead of the result of some experiment compliments of TPTB. Interesting post, thank you!

  3. The known species that are alive today represent what… 2%, maybe, of all species that have ever existed on this planet? We like to think we are the pinnacle of enlightenment, when really, we don’t know much of anything. But we are a rather closed minded lot, on the whole, aren’t we?

    They’re still finding new species of lizards, insects, and fish with stunning regularity. Why is this so different?

    The bottom line is that thinking outside of the box is painful for some people. And they’ll say and do just about anything to stay in that box, where everything is crisply defined and where they are ‘safe’.

    I prefer the animating contest of freedom, myself. But to each their own I suppose. Good post. 🙂

  4. Howdy Folks,
    I write novels about giants and alien species found in the Bible. Do you really think it bothers me to post this picture?
    Hognutz, if you will remember correctly, the resolution of the picture was much better the first time I posted it. I will keep trying to figure out what went wrong this time.
    Modern scientitst have done their absolute best to try and coverup what they did not want exposed to the public. That is why the idea of Bigfoot raises so much derision from mainstream academia. I have never seen a giant, but I have seen it’s footprints embedded in what was mud that has since turned to stone. Was this giant a past ancestor of Bigfoot? I do not know.
    Just the research I have done in North America shows that modern history is a sham. That is why I cose not to receive my Ph. D. in History. Not only that, a person I used to admire used my research and even my personal contacts to publish his books and did not give me any credit for the research. He appears on the History Channel quite frequently.
    I got physically ill when I realized what the King James Bible really was. I had grown up with the king James version. Now, as difficult as it is to read, I use the Geneva Bible. In public I will read the K.G.V. but most people are confused already between what the Bible says and what their Preachers preach.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to rant. Hope everyone enjoys the post.

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that questions everything I’ve been taught. Seeing what they have in my child’s books show the changes they are making in “history” just since I was around. I’ve wished I could read Hebrew as well and didn’t trust the translations of the bible. Too much didn’t make sense. You might be interested in this site.
      Thank you for your time and work.

  5. I too, have chosen the Geneva 1599 over all other translations and stress it as the being the purest version I have read [although I wish I could read Hebrew].
    The majority of humankind appears to be the epitome of idiocracy. Our “public servants” [what an oxymoron] fine, prosecute, or intern our citizens for selling lemonade, erecting tents, clearing blocked drainage areas, selling herbal nutrients, and homeschooling our children….while these same “public servants[morons]” choose to send storage containers of weapons to Mexico, foreclose on homes that have already been paid for, refuse to pay life insurance indemnities to Veteran widows, approve and continue to pay bonuses to publicly funded bankrupt companies, and the latest act of their “protectionism” is arresting / placing a $50,000 bond / prosecuting a 9 year old boy for bringing a handgun to school and shooting a defenseless classmate….[why was his guardian not arrested? how could a 9 year old do such an act while supposedly be at a public school where our children are supposedly under the care of our “public servants[more morons]” ie. where was the teacher?
    Blatant evidence, physical and historical, exists of giants / extraterrestrial visitors / natural periodic global warming and cooling. Our “public servants” continue to adjust or ignore the facts of such evidence in order to fit their own agenda and build their “police state”.
    It is my opinion that Aldous Huxley correctly describes our times in his book “Brave New World Revisited” when he remarked: ..the civil Libertarians and Rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “..failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.”’s heros are sports figures who are felons-movie stars who are drug addicts-surf boarding kids who are in their 40s, iPods/Pads/Phones, Nike shoes, Black Friday sales, Dancing With the Stars, the Oscars, the Grammys, a Big Mac, and energy drinks feed the narcissistic public interests…. while chemicals in our food and water and air and vaccines, fascist legislation, illegal personal searches, and tyranny / knowledge of our Nation’s founding and history, evidence of giants (Bigfoot), homeopathy, classical education, and return to a viable monetary policy are subjects of “conspiracy nuts”.
    @ CC and Hognutz: while running a Caterpillar D9 on the night shift of a coal operation in 1973 in eastern KY, I too witnessed what I believe was this creature of historical evidence…it picked up a tree that I had bulldozed and literally threw it like a spear at a lighting rig.. I told no one until years later, and of course, I was called a “nut”.
    God help us.
    May your relationship with God bless and keep all of you.

  6. CC,
    I’ve been lurking on your site for some time now and just wanted to express my high regard for your ability to simplify things and put them in proper perspective…thank you for all of your efforts!

    Although I find Bigfoot highly sus, the way we are destroying our beautiful country in pursuit of profits and greed…nothing would really surprise me. All creatures are being pushed to interacting with so called “humans” to the point of eating out of our dumpsters and living off our left-overs instead of how the Creator meant it to be. Reminds me of the old movie “Wolfen”…hell, I’ve got foxes and coyotes running through my yard and it’s not a rual community. And I can’t abide these damn fools that go out of their way to kill “trophy” animals like our black bears, bobcats, panthers, alligators etc. I saw my share of killing for fun while in SE Asia where the hunted could and would hunt you…killing a defenseless animal for fun is bullshit in my book. To put food on the table is one thing and I can see where it may be necessary again to live off the land in the near future thanks to our spinless “leaders” and congressmen…sorry, I’m also tired of being PC lest I hurt someone’s feelings…no disrespect ladies. My uncle puts out an automatic feeder for deer, spends hundreds of dollars for corn, when the season opens he knows the exact time the deer will be there (B.F Skinner taught us!), gets on his 4-wheeler and is waiting to harvest HIS deer. So much for gettin’ up a 3 o’clock, getting to a location where you’ve seen signs of deer and freezing your ass off waiting to see if you get a shot…hell, I even think those “sportsmen” that use tree stands, buck lure and especially dogs are a bunch lightweights. Of course, who has time to enjoy the sport these days…I would love to know how many “hunters” spend half their time on their smart phones texting their buddy in an adjacent tree stand, checking email or playing games…can only “hunt” if there are 3 bars available! Sorry for the rant, I do want to ask a question of you from one of your previous posts about the government being able to spy on us through our telly…I had an experience I want to share and get some more insight from you or your audience. Where should I direct question?

    Keep up the terrific posts and please don’t go on vacation again! Peace, out…


    • Hi KenBob,

      If you want to send a personal message just send it to . I know how you feel. I was raised in the swamps of south Louisiana and alo hunted family land in the red clay hills of central Louisiana. Back then we hunted not waited for game. Iknow people that put out feeders so they can shoot squirrels. Like you, I saw what people did in SE Asia and the Middle East and was quite distressed over the inhumanity of it.
      Thanks for stopping by and hope there is something her you can use. I appreciate everyone that stops by and just wish I could tell them all “thank you” for doing so. It means a lot to me.
      Oh, sorry to disappoint you. I will be headed to New Mexico in the next couple of weeks. My radar says I need to be making a maximum effort to get all my projects completed. We will haul another 16′ trailer full of food up there and, if God permits, another one in June.

      Good luck and God Bless.

      • CC…just arrived home from a weekend on the road workin.
        You got it right, my friend.
        May your road to NM always be clear / safe. Your “radar” is on point. Glad to see that many appreciate your honest, trusted dialogue.
        …there is no certainty, only opportunity.

  7. One afternoon, my aunt, my brother and I (we were both young, 13 and 8) were riding our bicycles from Quapaw OK back to our hometown (this was in the mid 70’s). There had been some big foot sightings in our area but many people poo pooed it and said only crazy people see these things.

    The sightings were always followed by the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur. On our way home from a long bike ride, we heard something rustle in the woods. It sounded huge. We laughed and said hey Aunt, Bigfoot is coming to get you. Then we stopped. Not one sound in the woods, none. (we had a major road a few 100 hundred feet from us). We all turned out around and saw a HUGE thing in the forest. I know it was him. The smell of rotten eggs and sulphur was so bad, it was gagging.

    Needless to say we hightailed it home and rode home fast. We were so out of breath and winded we almost fainted, we were so scared. Since we all three saw it, my Momma believed me. Man that was scary. It didn’t lunge at us but the sight of it was just too much.

    Now in 2012 I have a house in the woods in Alabama. When I first moved there with my husband I would come home at night from the grocery store around 8pm. Many a night when I would pull up to the house and get out of the car, I could feel something staring at me, like across the street (which is an abandoned house). It was palpable. The hair on the back of my neck sometimes stood up on end.

    Is bigfoot a real species or a hybrid from TPTB? Hard to say, but it’s some scary stuff.

    • urbandumpsterdiver,
      I love your nickname. I have done quite a bit of that myself. The only reason i regret not living near a large town is because of the lack of really good stuff to dive for. When I lived in Albuquerque I really enjoyed the neat stuff, including antiques, glassware, tools and working appliances I would salvage from dumpsters. Back during the Jimmy Carter years, when the rotten you know what was trying t starve the military to death, I would on a regular basis dive behind the chowhall. If a box of steaks, 50lbs., was opened and not cmpletely used, by law they had to throw it away. Many a time when I couldn’t afford gas for my car I could eat steak. Thanking you for stopping by and commenting.

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