Menagerie Update

I want to thank all of you who commented on Menagerie and the site as a whole. I was really surprised and pleased with the responses. You’re comments have helped me make a decision.

Codgerville’s home page will remain pretty much as it is. I want to take ownership of the site and include some of my own pictures in the site, expand the memory and a few other things and I will have to pay a nominal fee. It will be a slow process because I am a slow person. LOL. Comes with age.

When we start  doing videos, probably in March or April, I will start up a YouTube channel separate from Codgerville. Here at Codgerville I will have another page that will have ads for my favorite retailers. I want to do this because a lot of questions that I get have to do with where something can be found. This way I can refer you to a particular link and hopefully this will work. If it doesn’t I will drop it.

I do understand your reluctance about ads. I go to some sites and

This is the Bedrock 500. My computer is less than half this size. What will they think of next?

have to wade through them to find the story. That is one problem, and another is my computer which I affectionately call the Bedrock 1000 or Methuselah, is quite slow. To watch a 15 minute video I have to wait from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Next, I want to warn you and in so doing I must tell you a little more about myself. In August 1976 the world’s first supercomputer went online. It was called Cray-1, which first went on-line at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico. The next Cray was highly modified to meet the unique needs of the National Security Agency and went online in 1978. It, like the other Cray-1 was the brainchild of Mr. Seymour Cray.

In September 1978, a NSA research lab conducted an experiment which we called R-9000. We tied into cable TV hubs in 12 cities. Using these hubs we could use the television in a home, even though it was off, to see and hear what went on in the room. The resolution was not real good, mostly silhouettes but we could see. Audio was very good. For those of you who do not know, any speaker can be turned into a microphone.

We grunts were taken off the project because of another emergency and transferred back to the field. And shortly thereafter, I left the agency.

Now, this program has gone nationwide and is the primary reason that high-definition television was mandated by the United States Government. Did you honestly think it was because Uncle Sam was interested in your viewing pleasure. At the time of martial law this program will be full-blown and used to ensure compliance. Any TV hooked up to cable or satellite will be capable of monitoring the room in which it sets. I know that you are aware that your computer already does this, as well as your cellphone.

I am not trying to hoodwink anyone or scare anyone, I am just wanting to make all of you aware of what your favorite uncle is up to. You are forewarned. Plan your actions accordingly. When I mention that I do not have a functioning television this is the reason.

Use 2012 wisely. It may be our last chance to get ready. May the good Lord richly bless you and yours in 2012.

27 thoughts on “Menagerie Update

  1. Do please tell us more about the computer and cell phone as monitors (TV also). If the units (phones, laptops) are not charged, do they still work? Much of this does not surprise me. I have suspected surveillence support with electronics prior, but had not thought of them being turned on or against the good old Joes of the USA before.

    All your work and support is appreciated. Don’t overlook you own health, the garden, the dog, etc. Family is still most important.


    • Hi young lady,

      The computers speakers are the microphones if you do not already have a microphone. The screen is the camera (so to speak). Even my old cathode ray monitor has some resolution and I routinely shoot the bird to the screen. On the cellphone and even portable phones in your home, in the Telecommunications act of 1996, also called the 911 Act, enacted for your safety is he ability for a remote station to turn on your phone from a distant station. Before you 911 operators write and tell me it is not working in your aea, I know that and that is because the gov’t. is not ready for it or you might freak out at what you heard, but the capability is there. Am I right? The only way to turn off a cellphone is to run the battery down to the phone cuts off and thn remove the battery from the phone. Otherwise, someone, and you know who that someone works for, can activate your phone and hear what you say and use the GPS locater, which is mandated by law to be in your phone, and not only hear you but also locate you within 100 yards of your true position.

      The same is true of your car. Since 1996 your car can be shut down remotely and now, since new cars have electric brakes, electric acceleration andelectric power steering the Dept. of Energy can drive your car remotely. (Yes, I worked for the DOE and the Dept. of Transportation as a contractor on this.) I use old equipment by choice not because I can’t operate the new stuff. If you have an I-phone, Blackberry, or touchscreen phone you are making your gubbermint very happy. These platforms possess enough memory and software to do all the work for the gov’t. without any effort. Remember, the i-phone and Blackberry have more computing power than the computers that put Neil Armstrong on the moon and almost as much as the original space shuttle computers. Now think about that.

  2. Brother, if I can help in anyway let me know. I did my first nationwide prepper show last night and it was a blast. PM me sometime and let’s work on funds for your hard work/web site.
    While I had family in the White House, they had the same info on us being watched/listen to. Tape over the eye on the TV and white nosie the speaker’s. For those of you who have these neat surround sounds systems in the home, your government thanks you for their listening entertainment.
    Keep up the good work, blessing’s Rick

      • Hi April,

        The eye of the TV is a misnomer. The eye refers to the infrared eye tha picks up the cue from the remote control but now most new TV’s use RF rather than Infrared. Back in the old cathode ray tube days the center portion of the tube had the best resolution but it was still poor. Now, with the new liquid crystal and other systems the resolution that Wal-Mart uses these TV’ as you walk in or ae in the check out line. If you look at a particular ad, their computer system makes a snap demographic of you and your interest in the ad. How long did you watch? What caught your attention? Did you respond to the sound or the picture? Are white, black, Asian, etc? Are you in a particular age bracket? All this is done because the resolution of the new tv’s are actually superior to the movie cameras of the 50’s and 60’s. You are not old enough to remember I’m sure, but years ago you had to turn the TV on and wait for it to warm up. Then, with the addition of the 25,000volt capacitor in the rear you had what was called “Instant-On” which wasn’t but it was faster than before. I know Rangerrick remembers these and I think maybe Sunflower might. That capicitor was what supplied the power to enable NSA to watch you through your TV. Now, due t the D.O.E’s energy saver program and FCC standards the newer TV’s use a fraction of the power of the old, thus enabling mush smaller components and even a line charge from the receiver (Converter) that powers the TV even when it is off. Remember, what I am telling was for the 1970’s not the 201x’s. We are talking magnitudes of detail and power better than what I saw. I will answer Sunflowers separately.

        Take care and hope you are coming along on your plan.

    • Hi Rick,
      Unless you have an alternating frequency of white noise and then it has to be very sophiticated and can be filtered out completely with an algorithm. We used to do it on our Laser Tympanic Intercept. We would bounce a laser off of any glass, ca window, house window, rear view miror and hear the conversation 12,000 miles away after bouncing the signal off of a satellite 1000 miles in space with just a 5/8’s second lag from start to finish. If you are serious about privacy then you can use the high frequency security systems that bathe your window with infrared waves to detect intrusion. Now, all embassies and other government building, including the White House have them. Most foreign embassies have them and even a lot of high end hotels offer them. This noise, the infrared, blocks the sound gathering capabilities of the laser. Have they developed a filter? I don’t know, maybe. The key is don’t change anything you do out of fea or the sorry bastards win.
      I don’t know what you are talking about funds. Send me an email and explain.
      As alway, I want all of you to survive and prosper in 2012.

    • roysyl,
      believe it! Total data miner just like iPhones, SmartPhones. Facial recog is EVERYWHERE. Do you see those little white cases with the black bubble cover that you think is just a camera….you got it! Google links their gmail and picasaweb into the grid and digitizes all images, stores them, matching them to another image of the same person or thing, logs where each pic is and who’s account it is on and BINGO …they know who knows who and who is where when. It isn’t a room of people doing this, it is simply an involved program that automatically does this 24/7.
      I taught my kids when little that when we were in public, if they heard me say “DTA” it meant that something wasn’t right and maybe some trouble. They were then to be cool and calm, make their way back to the car or a safe place. This prep actually worked once when we were in a 7-Eleven in FT Myers, FL while I realized a robbery was about to happen….I gave my girls my keys, they calmly went to car, I got a good description on the perps and then made my way to the car. The next day, Bingo again, it had been robbed, I volunteered my info to the authorities…. By the way, I moved me and my little girls out of FT Myers shortly after that.
      Hope this info helped!

  3. CC have forgotten more than most of us have ever barely thought of [although I doubt you have forgotten much at all]. Right on point with the cell phone. My cure for all of my devices is that my TV / radio, modem, etc. within home are all plugged first into a surge strip. You know, the little 6 foot long white extension cord with half-a-dozen outlets at one end with a little on/off switch on it. When I am not watching, I just click it off [also, at nite this means I don’t have all of those little green lights lighting up the rooms…heehe]. As for my cell phone, most of the time my battery is removed [this one of the reasons why I don’t have an iPhone as you can’t remove the battery]. As for my laptop, I have a piece of velcro over the camera lens and keep the audio on “off” until I need it, chatting with my girls who are spread out all over the darn country.
    I didn’t know about the TV image reversal myself, either. I guess it’s about time I get rid of the damn thing anyway….
    God Bless
    Keep Packin / Stackin

    • All I can say is that there are two reasons. First, 300 milion taxpayers plus all of the drug money George Scherf could bring in was used to develop this technology. Second, NSA recruits the best and the brightest from univerwsity campuses around the world. They recruit computer programers, psychology majors, mathematicians, theoretical mathematicians, electrical engineers and anyone who has successful replicated some of Nicloa Tesla’s technology, plus a host of others. I once read every book about Tesla, including his patent briefs and even experimented with replicating some of it and was visited in my (gov’t.) quarters by the NSA security goons, with M-16’s in the ready position. I was told to cease and desist. I did for awhile. Then I left government service.(Insert Bronx cheer here, also called a raspberry.)

  4. Hi everyone,

    Please warn your family and friends about this. it is a serious threat to the American way of life and LIBERTY. Don’t let these sorry s.o.b.’s get away with this. Use common sense. If you don’t believe me do some Google searches using some of the words and phrases I have used. It is real. It is a police state and if you close your eyes now you may wake up in a FEMA camp like the Japanese-Americans during WWII.

    Good luck and God Bless you all.

    • You need to write a post on how to protect our homes, tv’s, phones and all that stuff, then. Please 🙂 My son has an xbox, too. He plays online with some family, church friends and homeschool friends. I’m assuming it’s unsafe too?

      • …read my lips….ALL DEVICES since the last 5 years or so ARE DATA MINERS!! CC is TOTALLY correct. I mean, we are talking about ovens, washers, a/c units, computers, X-box, converter box[cable], cell phones, security systems, ALL OF IT!! Please research this, get you kids OFF the X-box. I know all of this sounds extreme….believe us, the powers to be are not nice people. We have the greatest system on the globe. The bankers and corporations have taken over our government…. When CC gets his site work completed you will probably find some great links that will tell you this, for now you can find links on my site on the right side, down under the “Links/Blogs” title, and under the youtube channel links.
        NOW is the time to disconnect. Try to buy with CASH ONLY. Cancel all subscriptions. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!
        Praise God, keep safe, gain Knowledge.

      • “NOW is the time to disconnect. Try to buy with CASH ONLY. Cancel all subscriptions. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!
        Praise God, keep safe, gain Knowledge.’

        @theplanetprisoner: Even the bank looks at you funny for using cash. We had a new bank buy out the old one. Fortunately, the former employees stayed. The new young manager about feel over when the subject of cash came up. If it was not for my 15 year relationship with the last two institutions at the same location, I might have had more troubles than I am up to. The grocery store up the road will not even take coins in a closed and sealed mint rolls. Cash use to be King. These days cash means you are a criminal. It should not be so, but that is how it is in so many places.

        I am now purchasing much of my groceries on line or through local coops. It crossed my mind to go off the grid. I figure I would spend less. At some point, being off grid will look suspicious.

        The way I see it, when the govt. goes after the Amish, then we’re screwed!

  5. Hello, all –

    I am brand new to this provocative (in a good way) site and not sure, as I write this, whether this can be posted, because I have not yet established an account, But I have read a lot of Codger’s fascinating, “scary” stuff on Chris Duane’s site as well as good stuff by Ranger Rick – each offering to us students an amazing amount of real-world experience and knowledge. (As a crazy aside meant with some humor, and borrowing from Duane’s mantra, “Listen to all, Follow none, Walk your own path the best that you can”, what if Codger is a “plant”, working even now for the Bad Boys In Black? He clearly has the experience and knowledge, and why would those BBIB let such an asset get away? But, as I said, “. . . meant with some humor!”

    Moving on … My take on this, being a barely tech-literate and probably quite naive and “soft” Boomer, is that the powers behind our gubbermint facade have been working at this for so many years, with such huge financial resources, “we” – the common folk – are woefully out-gunned and, for the short-term, out-smarted. So, we either continue to network with kindred minds, using reasonable discretion, as we have been doing … or we move to a rural area, adopt the Amish perspective and totally unplug from the grid (it appears from prior posts that this includes ALL electronic devices. I just re-heated my coffee in the microwave and shook my fist at the goon watching from some underground lab) and communicate only in small circles by way of letter or face-to-face. But, then the challenge: How can we battle against the collectivist, oppressive agenda of TPTB and the Elite, if we are restricted to operating in this fashion? The only path I can see is to wake up as many people as I/we can, as rapidly as we can, to maximized the sheer number of educated and informed souls who can resist when called on.

    Hence, the value of sites such as this. The hard work, and the success, is in “the doing.”


    • HI FFL,
      Don’t worry I wonder about myself all the time. I advocate self reliance and the Amish are self-reliant. But, I do not advocate giving up technology I like a refrigerator and freezer. Microwaves, I guess have their place. We have all kinds of electronic “toys” at our place. We watch DVD’s and that kind of thing. Use walki talkies and recharge them. I like solar power but we have generators as well. No, I don’t think we have to revert back to the 18th century.

      I will think about doing an article on the strategic issue you brought up. Can we win? YES!! How? The enemy is smart and have virtually unlimited resources but I saw all of that come to a grinding halt in other countries because the people there didn’t fight back according to the rules of engagement of their invader. We shape the rules of engagement and make them play by them. I am hoping RangerRick and some other will help me flesh out my thoughts on this. More to follow.


      • Thank you, CC, as always for your thoughtful, considerate reply. On another site, and following your kind suggestion, I read your well-worded Dec 11 piece, The Last Great Act of Defiance” and now understand much better your perspective and sensibilities. I too am inclined to remain here and battle for this once-great country(admittedly, prompted partly by my lack of proficiency in another language.)

        I really look forward to any future contributions from you on the general topic of strategic “fight-back” outside the conventional Rules of Engagement.


  6. Codger, God bless you for all you do. You are not alone.
    To those who understand, who love God and His Son, the Holy Spirit has been moving in many ways to insure God’s Remnant survives the coming storm. We have sunk to the level of Babylon, and we shall probably be destroyed “in one hour”. Those who sit and think they are to be Raptured out of hard times, think. The Apostles were not taken out of their Troubles, even Paul, and the Lord Himself had to give it all up in order to win the Crown. What will you do when your Church is made Outlaw? The doors padlocked? Where will you turn? How do you know enemy from friend?
    The Gathering is beginning, interdependence and not simply independence, new ideas and a new way of networking. In a time of trouble, when the world is on fire, the spirit comes…

    Codger, you rock. Do not rock alone, do not do so in public, the Codger is right. The only way to survive a high tech Dark, is a high tech Light. Brethren, let us drop our petty divisions of ideology and doctrines, strong opinions and emotions that cause conflict within us. This is the meaning of the Iron and The Clay. Codger is of The Iron, the Right leg of Daniels statue, Iron comes together with the power of magnetism being attracted together. Clay is of the Left leg and ideology, the twain can never mix brethren. It is time to separate the Iron from the clay , with the magnetic power found in a rock, at the end of an age.

    If Codger wishes to know more, if you all wish to know more, ask and the door shall be opened.

    God Bless
    Piper Michael

  7. Dear Sir,
    I like reading your article. I am from Indonesia. I believe we have the same problem in here too. Average salary in here is $500/month or less, except for executives in banking cartel. My government bail out bank too in here. I have a dream that someday we can stand as a sovereign country without being interfered by IMF and World Bank. I decided to fight the system, saving little gold and silver and learn using a knife for protection. I am glad to know that there is a good American people. As majority Muslim country, most of our people hate the American. But I believe it’s not all the people’s fault but your government have their shares too. Keep writing, sir, your wisdom can be applied to people from other countries too. Thank you.

    • Hello Ario,

      You honor me by stopping by my little blog. Thank you. The American people have grown sick and tired of the government that we are now strapped with. It grows more and more dictatorial. Anything you can do to increase the chances of your family’s survival please look into. If you can manufacture a bow and arrows, sling, slingshot, crossbow, spear, atlatl, anything you can use to protect and feed your family pleae do so. My experiemce with the wonderful people in Indonesia is that they are very hard working, very practical and very dedicated to an extended family. These are good personal traits and you can use them to your advantage in a survival situation. Sallam Allaykum.

  8. Greetings
    A little about who we are
    home new world order conspiracy theories news travel vacationsfos sig
    and where we are from and a little bit about US !!!!
    From North Port – The City With No Port – Where Psyops Abound – Democratic Underground

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