Why I Was Wrong About America’s Destiny: Part III – The Timeline

Just to recap, In Part I, I explained the Curse and what it would entail and in Part II, I outlined the sin that would lead to America’s destruction and not just America but most of the Western World that at one time called itself a “Christian” or a nation “of God” or in our case “one nation under God”. In Part II I promised to give you the timeline, which is probably not what you are anticipating, but is a necessary proof I must give so that you can see where I am coming from.

In Hebrew there is a word, SELAH, which means to pause, or as it is called in music a fermata, also called birdseye, because of its appearance. I can only “assume” that the lack of comments about what I am writing is that you need time to pause and think about what I am writing. If so, this is good. If you are trying to figure out who to call to have me picked up, I guess that is not so good. Be that as it may, let’s continue. You may want to take out a pencil and paper or your calculator because we are going to do some basic addition.

In the beginning…until now!

As I have stated before, I am not trying to debate theology, I am just trying to present facts. So, to understand the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10) let’s start at the beginning. We see in Genesis 1:27 that YHWH created man on the sixth day. Are there shadows and symbolism here? Yes, but that is not my focus. We see that man was created on the sixth day of the first week, of the first month of the first year, when time began.

Now most people know that Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden to care for the garden. YHWH gave him Eve as a helpmate. Next we see the birth of Cain and Abel and then it is recorded that Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born (Gen. 5:3) Next, Seth was 105 years old and had a son named Enosh (Gen. Gen 5:6). And the, Enosh lived 90 years and had Cainan (Gen. 5:9), Cainan lived 70 and had Mahalalel.(Gen. 5:12) Mahalalel lived 65 years and had Jared (Gen. 5:16). Jared lived 162 years and had Enoch. (I think Jared may have been a late bloomer.) (Gen 5:18). Then Enoch lived 65 years and had Methuselah (Gen. Gen 5:21) Now, it looks like Methuselah was also a late bloomer and lived 187 before he had Lamech (Gen 5:25) Like father like son, Lamech lived 182 years before he had Noah (Gen. 5:28). Now, add all these years up and you should arrive at 1056 years after Adam was created. (Did you ever stop to think that there was a reason all these “begats” were put into the scripture? Well, there is.)

Now, Noah was 502 and begat Shem. Oops, red flag! Hold up! When you read Gen: 5:32 it says that Noah was 500 years old when all three of his sons were born. This is a generic statement and let’s look at it closer. In Genesis 10:11 it says that Shem was 100 years old when his son Aphaxad was born, two years after the flood. Now, this is important, in Genesis 7:11 it says in the 600th year of Noah’s life the flood came, now fast forward to Shem and Aphaxad 2 years after the flood when Shem was 100, that means when the flood began Shem was 98 and Noah was 600 years old. That means that Shem was born when Noah was 502, not 500 years old. DO THE MATH.

Okay, Aphaxad was 35 when Salah was born (Gen 11:12) and Salah was 30 years and had Eber (Please remember this name as it will be important in future articles!!!) (Gen 11:14) Eber lived 34 years and had Peleg (Gen 11:16) and Peleg lived 30 years and had Reu. Reu lived 32 years and had Serug (Gen 11:20) and Serug lived 30 years and had Nahor (Gen 11:22) and then Nahor lived 29 years and had Terah (Gen. 11:24) and Terah lived 70 years and had Abram, who later became Abraham (Gen  11:26).

Where are we at this point? Confused? Can’t be because it is simple math. Noah was born in the year 1056 after Adam, the flood was in the year 1656 after Adam and Abraham was born in the year 1948 after Adam. Go back and check your figures because all of this should add up.

Next, we see that Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born (Gen 21:5) and this brings us to the year 2048 after Adam. Oops, go back to Gen. 15:13 and we see a promise made to Abraham that his seed would dwell in a foreign land for 400 years. His seed Isaac, it is said was “weaned” but this word means more than weaned from the breast. It means that he was able to work, he was able to accomplish and this time is about 10-12 years old in the middle-east. Now as a 12 year old I had a lawn mowing business and worked in the local brickyard unloading bricks out of boxcars from Chicago and Mexico. This was the norm. We were glad to have “paying” jobs rather than working for family members which paid nothing. So, it was 400 years after that 10-12 year age that we see a prophecy about Isaac. That now brings us to the year 2458 for the Exodus of the children of Israel plus 2 years in the wilderness of Paran (Numbers 10:11) and then 40 years wandering in “the wilderness” . This brings us to the year 2500 after Adam.

You want to guess where we are now? That’s right! Back to Leviticus, Chapter 25. Awesome isn’t it that it should come full circle now. Let’s multiply 51 cycles of 49 years equals 2499. (Remember, this is the beginning of the 51st cycle). So, if we look to Lev. 25:2-4 we see a sabbath year spoken of in this passage. So, the year before the Children of Israel entered the Promised Land they celebrated a sabbath year of Jubilee.

Here is the important thing to remember, for future articles, is that this is the 50th Jubilee or the Jubilee of jubilees going into the 51st Jubilee. This will be very important if YHWH wills that I get that far.

Sabbatical Year Template

If you open up the file called Sabbatical Year Template (SYT for short) you will see my timeline. Actually, it is not my timeline but that of YHWH all I did was write it down. It took a couple of months of research to go from 2499 after the flood to now but I found several resources to help me along the way. One of which, is written by a chronologist, Edwin R. Thiele, entitled The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings. Rather than have me regurgitate everything in the book I will tell you I bought my copy off http://www.Alibris.com for a couple of bucks and if you are that interested in the topic you can buy the book and read it. Otherwise, I will continue on from here.

Looking at the SYT file look at the bottom of the file and you will find tabs that will let you navigate from 3836 BC to 2045 AD. You will see that this encompasses a period of time of 5880 years. This is derived by multiplying the Jubilee cycle times 120. Where did the 120 come from you ask? Genesis 6:3. In this scripture we see YHWH limit man’s existence to 120 “years”. The word here in Hebrew is SHANEH/SHANAH which means a revolution of time. We assume that this revolution of time is a year but it can also mean “an age”. It is my contention that this revolution of time is the Jubilee year cycle of 49 years that I have mentioned earlier and call the Shavuot system of counting. (See Part II)

Do I have proof of this? Yes, it can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and also found on tombstones found in the ancient city of Zoar. Many of these tombstones you will find referenced in my SYT file. Most of these are found in the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries AD. I note them as Tombstone of… with a date. I will give an example:  “This is the grave of Mousis, son of Marsa, who died in the third year of the sabbatical cycle, in the month of Kislev, on the 27th day of it, which is the year 290 after the destruction of the Temple.”

So, if you add 290 years to 70 AD, (the year the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed) you find the year 360. Go to 360 AD and find where it falls in the sabbatical cycle and it does indeed fall in the third year of that set of seven. That is how we can use these tombstones to check the accuracy of our biblical math system.

This is the condensed version and you now have a tool to walk through scripture and see where specific events took place and where others will take place. Also, I have been given permission by Mr. Charles Reed of Washington state who was doing similar research and has developed his own timeline, to share his timeline with you and I have included it below.

Jubilee Calendar from Creation of Adam to Our Time

Now, if it was just two guys out of several million who thought this way then there would be nothing to worry about but there are others. The following website http://www.sightedmoon.com was developed by Mr. Joseph Dummond, and he also has developed a time line which is similar to Mr. Reed’s in appearance. However, all three agree as far as actual dates. Are there others? Yes, there are, but I will leave that research up to you. Please note: I do not agree with everything said by Mr. Dummond in his video series. It is not because I do not believe him to be accurate, it is just that “I” cannot prove all that he states about years and dates to come. He may be 100% accurate but I cannot prove it for myself so I will reserve commenting on these things until I can prove or disprove them, one way or the other. I think his research is fantastic, though.

Something you need to know and understand is that the current hype over the Shmitah year is just that, hype. The Jewish calendar is in error because it does not follow YHWH’s law found in Exodus and Leviticus. Also, it is 76 years off and starts its new year with Rosh Hashanah when the scripture clearly states that the New Year is to be Aviv (also spelled Abib). A lot of this is covered in the comments section of Part II. I have had some really good questions and comments that will explain some of the topics in this article. So, rather than rewriting the same information I will just point you to those comments.

You now know what the curse is, Part I, and what the sin was, Part II and you now have a timeline that gives the chronology from the creation of Adam until 2045. I have sent off 12 more tombstones to be translated and if they reference the sabbatical cycle and/or the destruction of the temple I will update the SYT and post the translations and updated SYT in another article.

I will look for your comments and will use them to guide my next article but at some point I want to correct the idea of the TETRAD of Blood Moons that has been pushed by Mr. John Hagee and Mr. Mark Biltz. This idea of a tetrad is based on the Jewish calendar, which as I stated above, is in error. There could be as many as 6 blood moons on YHWH’s feast days with as many as 3 solar eclipses on YHWH’s feast days.  Why can’t others see this? Because they do not want to acknowledge the truth in YHWH’s Word. (see Mark 7:6-9)

The more I think about these three articles I have to rethink my comments in the ABOUT section of the blog. This is about prepping and survival. Hopefully by changing our focus from surviving a few lean years to see what is actually coming to America is its total destruction, will enable us to prepare our families, friends and associates mentally, physically and spiritually.


25 thoughts on “Why I Was Wrong About America’s Destiny: Part III – The Timeline

  1. This is a great work. Thank you for taking the time to research and write it up so we can better understand God’s word.

  2. “This is about prepping and survival” … really caught my eye. How much better we who are studying this are able to prepare (mentally, physically and spiritually as you note) than others who have no inkling of YHWH’s times and seasons! And, knowing the importance of Sabbatical years as well as the next occurrence, enables us to prepare (during the rest of this year and 2015 and 2016 to aviv) for the year we give His land its Sabbath rest. Like the Israelites in the desert, gather a double portion of manna before the Sabbath so that we might eat and be sustained. Thank you, CC, for all the work you have put into this! Shalom 🙂

  3. Thank you CC, for your part III, you do an excellent job of walking us through the pertinent dates provided in the ages of the patriarchs that can be followed and made sense of… one of the blessings of the work of Rabbi Cahn is that attention is being drawn to the significance of the Shmitah, and awareness that this principle is foundational, and is an extension of the Sabbath for all who follow YHVH, not only the Jewish people, and not only those who live in the land of Israel. All praise and honor to Yeshua HaMashiach.

    • Hi Charles,
      I agree with you about Rabbi Cahn. I think his factual Novel The Harbinger was fantastic. But, I wonder, how someone who has done so much research can’t see that the Jewish calendar is wrong starting with the Sedar Olam? Also, his only concern is the economic point of view. If it was a matter of economics I would not have to change my mind and strategy about the survival of my loved ones in the coming years. Will the stock market crash in the fall of 2015? I don’t know how they have managed to keep it afloat thus far. I will post a short article about cycles and the blood moons just to give everyone some information they can use, discard or think about. Yah bless you and yours.

  4. Your belief that the year begins with Abib is accurate. Check out our website at http://thechronicleproject.org/
    our research has proved that the first Sabbath at the time of the first week of Adam was indeed the beginning of the yearly calendar. Before reading our material, please read our research notes to understand our discovery.

    Click to access researchnotesmaster.pdf

    I have a couple of books that might help with your research
    and also
    If your email us through our site, I can send you a free copy.


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  6. I am asking that you identify what the last two cycles are? You identified the first 5 in your second blog on this topic. I would also like to know what revelation you had that you felt you could not relay at this time because it was so difficult. I realize you have to wait until you believe the time is right, but I am sure you caught many reader’s attention.

    • Hi again Thomas,
      Thanks for the questions by the way. The 5 cycles are true, reoccurring cycles of time that we see in Leviticus 26. Each cycle has dominance for 7 years but the all run concurrent to the next cycle. Example: we are currently in Cycle 3 but Cycles 1 & 2 are still in effect. It is cumulative. In cycle 5, Cycles 1, 2, 3, and 4 will also be in effect.

      The last two are not true cycles but rather period of time that will not reoccur and have not occurred previously. Some say they have but I fail to understand their reasoning. The reason I have not mentioned them is that I have to quantify them first, for myself. I feel that the first of these periods of time will overlay over part of Cycle 4 and all of Cycle 5 . I probably said that wrong in that Period of Time A will take up half of Cycle 4 and also half of Cycle 5 and then, the Second Period of Time will begin and run to the end of Cycle 5 and maybe longer. But of these periods of time I need more prayer, more studying the Scripture and more research. Also, and i think Charles would agree, there will also be an Eighth Cycle. When you study the Word and see the importance of the Sabbath in YHWH’s feasts then you also see the importance of the number 8. It is the Eighth Day that we want to hope far (You find this in the observance of Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles). I believe it is alluded to in Hebrews 4:1, when it speaks of another rest. Also, please note in chapter 4:2, refering back to 1:1, the writer of Hebrews refers to the Torah as the Gospel, or Good News in some versions.

      I think Charles and maybe Michael and Alexandra, also Matilda and possibly others will agree, when you step out of our Greek mindset and look at the Scriptures in a Hebrew mindset, the New Testament, actually renewed Covenant, B’rit HaDasha, will come alive like you have never imagined. For me, it was a new revelation on every page and for the first time in my life the entire Word, (and who is the Word?), came to life. I never imagined that so much had been hidden from us and robbed us of our blessings.

      I have been trying to “degreekafy” myself for over 30 years. I still consider myself a babe in this process. The sooner you make the transition the better. I was an ordained Baptist minister, gone through the cemetary, er, uh, seminary and the whole 9 yards. (I threw my certificate of ordination in the trash some years ago. I understand the Preacher, better now when he said that he considers all these things as vanities. Eccl. 1:1-11. And also check out 1:18. That kind of sums up my problem with the last two periods of time.)
      Yah bless,

      • Yes, I am in agreement as you anticipated CC… and Thomas, we came to our understandings of these things, independently of one another through our own study of The Word.

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  10. YHWH’s math is always perfect. I am in awe each time I find a small nugget of it. Did anyone notice that in the discourse above that the father of Israel, Abraham, was born in 1948? Wasn’t 1948 the year Israel was restored fully as a nation? Halleluyah!

  11. Dude this is amazing! Myself and my husband have recently come to the hebraic roots understanding of scripture and how much we have missed in the church. We have been taught all wrong!!! Praise Yeshua for all you guys who are leading us to the truth of Yahweh’s word. There are MANY coming out of the church and learning our true way of faith.

    • Shalom Bassgirl,
      I am glad that you like the article and are getting something out of it. Yes, we the church had it wrong and I am afraid we won’t have much more time teach before things start getting worse. I call what we believe “The Full Gospel”. I wish you and your husband well on your journey and let me know how I can help, if you need me.


  12. Hi again CC … i’ve another question good Sir: in your SYT you suggest that we are in year 5853 (Adamic), however i’ve seen on Jewish sites that say we are in year 5777. Can you help me understand the difference in counting that they allege vs your method. Thank you – i’m learning slowly but surely. In fact, i now (finally) understand this Shabbat is Yom Kippur – a very solemn day. Shalom & YHWH bless you…james

    • Shalom James,
      The main reason that the two calendars are 76 years off is found, or rather, not found in Matt. 1:7-9. When you compare the genealogy to scripture you find 4 monarchs missing. They are: Ahaziah (1 yr.); Athaliah (6 yrs); Jehoash (40 yrs); and Amaziah (29 yrs). Why were they left out? Because of their wickedness as per Exo. 20:5 and Deut. 29:20. Add the years and you will arrive at 76 years. Also, the Jewish, not Hebrew, calendar was purposely changed by Rabbi Yosi and Raddi Akiva to make Shimeon bar Kochba look like the messiah according to the prophecy of Daniel 9. This was also the first time that the prophecy of Daniel was misconstrued to indicate the coming of the messiah. Later, Clement of Alexandria and Julius Africanus took up the notion of Dan. 9 pointing to a messiah so it was incorporated into Christian theology as well. Before that no one viewed it as such. That is why it is never quoted in the B’rit Hadasha (New Testament) as prove that Yeshua was the Messiah, because that is not the meaning of Daniel 9:24-27.
      Yah Bless,

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    • Shalom Mate,
      I don’t think that the majority of the world cares, especially those prosperity gospel and it various derivatives. According to some accounts there are 33,000 Protestant denominations. Thank you for stopping by.

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