Is it Time to Flee Babylon?

Since the Supremes voted the way I thought they would, for the Obamanation oops, abomination of homosexual marriage, I have been asked about leaving the United States. You can leave the US but you can’t get the US out of you. What do I mean? Simple.

When I was in language school learning Vietnamese the government shut down the language school at Fort Bliss and consolidated everything to Monterey, Californication. One of our professor’s, Ong Long, was so good at English that he even taught English at a university in El Paso before arriving in Monterey. The other Vietnamese teachers laughed at his Vietnamese because he spoke it with a Texas accent.

French speakers in south Louisiana laugh at returning Cajuns, after they have spent time in Texas because they now speak French with a Texas accent. But as a whole native French speakers in Quebec or Paris laugh at our Cajun French because it is an old dialect of French with several Indian, Spanish and English words that have been “Cajunized” into the dialect.

While I studying Spanish many Spanish professors would tell us how to recognize other dialects of Spanish and it even became obvious to us when a professor would go to Mexico for a couple of weeks and come back and start speaking Spanish. They too, would pick up the quick, staccato nature of Mexican Spanish.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you want to leave America and truly relocate because of: the tax breaks, you really like Panama, Uruguay, Costa Rica, etc. then please do so. But if you are leaving America because you know that judgment is coming to America then you will be disappointed, if you are a Christian. Judgment is not  coming to America alone but the entire world. There will not be one place on the planet that you will find peace as a Christian. If my calculations are correct, at most, you will delay your fate 13.5 years, maybe at the outside, 18.25 years. But by that time it will catch up with you. Now, if you have young children and want to watch them grow to adulthood that 18.25 years may be very important to you.

Here is the conundrum: how do you know that the nation you chose will be one that will last or leave you alone that 18.25 years? You don’t and I don’t know of a prophet that does. If the Father is telling you to leave and gives you a destination, then by all means, follow the Father’s instructions. But know this, wherever you go you will stick out like a sore thumb, no matter how good you Spanish, French, Russian, German, etc.

Is America Babylon?

The easy answer is yes…and no! Yes, America is a TYPE of Babylon but it has been busy these last 102 years exporting the Babylonian system to the rest of the world, so efficiently, so completely, that the entire world is now bound up in the Babylonian system. So, if you run to Quito, or Katmandu, when you get there, the Babylonian system we have created in this country will be waiting for you.

Will America be destroyed like Revelation 18? Absolutely! As I have stated before, in other articles, I believe America will be destroyed as a political entity by the year 2020. It may go a little longer than that but then again, it may not last that long.

How Do I Know this? Am I a Prophet.

No, I am not a fore-teller of future events. I am a forth-teller of the Word of YHWH. And, like Dr. Martin Luther King, I had a dream and I will share the result of that dream with you. **PLEASE NOTE: I DID NOT SAY I HAD A VISION BUT RATHER I HAD A DREAM**. If ANYONE REPRESENTS THIS AS A VISION THEY DO SO AT THEIR OWN PERIL NOT MINE.


The “timeline” of Daniel Chapter 9.

In this chart, or wheel, you will find all of “man’s time on Earth” encapsulated. It is a JPEG file and is best viewed if printed on 11″x17″ or 18″x20″ paper. Here is my fair use statement. You may freely print this chart but you may not charge for it in any way. If you use it as a part of something else, a paper, an article, a book, a lecture, whatever, then you cannot charge for that either. Knowledge freely received must be freely given. If you want to know what this means you must go back to these article:

It would not hurt to read those that came after these three but it is not essential.

The important thing to remember when you look at the chart is that Daniel was a HEBREW not a Greek so he did not see time as a linear progression but rather as a cyclical event. I will give you the chart for now, let you look over it, give you time to print it and I will tell you what it shows, and what it doesn’t show in another article.



2 thoughts on “Is it Time to Flee Babylon?

  1. Shalom, thank you for this article. The chart will be helpful in explaining this to others. Our leader, Tim Hegg addressed this question in his Shabbat message yesterday. The temperature I our Shul was well above 90 degrees and Tim spoke and took questions for 3 hours. No one left the room. No quick summary could do the discussion justice, but to encapsulate it… Yes things are going to be difficult and the darkness is coming quickly, but unless we are called by Yah to leave to a specific place for a specific purpose we are to be vessels of His light where we are. We are to pour ourselves out for the sake of the body of Messiah, by standing boldly for the righteous standard of Torah and serving Messiah as He has for us. Preserving our own lives is not the focus, we are to trust Him for His provision and His defense. Prudent preparation yes, in abundance to be able to share with others…. but most of all people are going to be crying out in the darkness, and we need to bring the only light there is to them that will receive it. We won’t be able to do that if we are trapped in fear for ourselves.

  2. Shalom Ahkhi,
    I could not agree more. We have put aside extra food, extra clothes, blankets, shoes and especially Bibles. In the coming darkness even an NIV will shine brightly even though right it is quite dim when compared to others. We buy any version at garage sales, yard sales or Goodwill or Salvation Army type resale shops, mostly for 50 cents or a dollar. We will be distributing Scriptures during Sukkot of 2016 (Sabbatical year we will be reading the Torah as commanded by the Father, Yah willing).

    Hope you are all hale and hearty.

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