Prepping for the Sabbatical Year: As if you needed one more reason to prep.

(((I want to dedicate this article to Brandon, Shellie, Kathy, Philip and Nadia who have asked great questions about preparing for the Sabbatical Year. Also, I dedicate it to my little sister in the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) Sandra, whose efforts and excitement in preparing for the coming sabbatical year border on “awesome”.)))

(((Secondly, before I get started, I want to thank everyone for their expressions of concern because it has been about 6 months since my last article. At the present time Von is confined mostly to a wheelchair, although she does use a walker at times, my free time to write has disappeared. More on this later. Oh, Jim, thanks for the card.)))

If you look on the internet for articles on “prepping” you will find that they run the gamut from prepping for TEOTWAWKI, martial law, Nibiru, Planet X, financial collapse, New Madrid earthquake, WWIII, Puerto Rico being hit by an asteroid and many, many more reasons. But here is a new or different reason to prepare; the sabbatical year (often called Shemitah). Wait a minute, didn’t that just end? No, it didn’t. Yes, there was a lot of hype about the Shemitah (or shmitah, shmetah) on religious channels and also some financial networks. There is even a financial website called . Rather than spend a lot of time explaining why Jonathan Cahn is wrong about the sabbatical year I will send you to this article which explains why the popular misconception of the sabbatical year is wrong.

Now, having read the article above you understand the discrepancy in the counting of the sabbatical year and also the seven (7) things you must do during a sabbatical year. As it stands, as of January 12th, 2016 the aviv search should begin March 9th, 2016 or if the barley is not in aviv then the 13th month (Adar Bet) will begin possibly on the 10th of March. My personal gut feeling is that we will have an early Abib. If what I just said sounds strange, it usually does to most Christians who have been taught that the Bible is a Greek document rather than a Hebrew one. Because we have failed to recognize the Author, and His transcriptionists, as being Hebrew oriented we have failed to see the beauty of His Plan.

Preparing for the Sabbatical Year if you grow your own food crops: ((Please read Leviticus 25 25:4-7))

As many of you know Von and I grow most of our own foodstuffs and preserve it for the next year. Not much will change because of the sabbatical year except that we will not be able to plant crops after the beginning of the sabbatical year, 1 Aviv. Once YHWH’s New Year begins we will not be able to sow, reap, or prune crops that will emerge on their own. We will be able to harvest what we need for each day, with a double portion on Friday, preparation day, for the Sabbath.

Also, and this is a very hard thing for me to do, but I must allow both wild and domestic animals to eat of the crops that grow of themselves and also allow friends and neighbors to pick enough for their daily needs. (This last part is not that big of a deal since we already do this.)

This year, Von and I preserved hundreds of jars of food ranging from vegetables of all kinds, chicken, beef, and venison, with turkey coming up. We have also preserved many jars of prepared foods such as chili, soups, spaghetti sauces (with and without meatballs), meatballs and gravy, pre-seasoned taco meat and even gumbo. Anything you can purchase in a can or jar at your local supermarket we preserve in jar, at home, seasoned to our tastes and with no chemicals added anywhere in the process.

The Most Common Question I Hear is:

What should I stock up on? My response; What do you normally eat; each day, each week and each month? Here is an example: Von and I eat, between the 2 of us, about one loaf of bread every 2 weeks, so, we should put up a bare minimum of 26 loaves of bread. It would be better to put up 39 (26 divided by 2 plus 26 = 39). This gives me a margin of safety of 50% but also allows for half a year for the next crop of wheat to be sown and mature and to be harvested.

Next example: if you eat @1 lb. of pasta per week put up at least 52 pounds of pasta, plus the extra.

Please note: The purpose of the sabbatical year is to give the land the opportunity to rest. This does not affect beef cattle, sheep, goat, poultry, milk or eggs. The only impact is if you store grain for your animals you should stock up now so that you are not buying grain produced during the sabbatical year by someone else. This also does not affect fish. Fishing is not prohibited.


In history people have tried to find a loophole in honoring the sabbatical year. One such loophole was to not plant anything on your land but lease it to someone else so they could plant something and then receive a share of what was grown, in addition to the lease. YHWH frowned on this and put the Israelites off of their land ((You see this in II Chronicles 36)).

Now, we have a new loophole or two. “Codger we raise our food crops in containers or using hydroponics.” This is a loophole. The number one reason for keeping the sabbatical is to place you faith and trust in YHWH and to let Him lead you and provide for you in the coming years. The second reason that this can be a loophole is that even when you grow in containers, especially tomatoes and cucumbers, you have to  prune the leaves or even flower clusters and this is pruning. Place your faith and trust in the Father and allow Him to provide the increase in your life.

Foraging for food:

Once again, as many of you know, Von and I forage for food in the woods, highways and byways of southeast Texas. Nothing will change this coming year except that we will not be able to “harvest” but only pick what we need for our daily needs.


No one has asked this question yet but because it is something I do have to deal with I will here. I am still allowed to hunt and harvest game. I am not allowed to shoot animals because they are eating my crops. So, if anything, this causes me to range farther afield to hunt animals that are not eating my crops. ((I honestly believe that we have enough meat put up for at least 2 years and really hope to not have to hunt and/or butcher anything for at least 2 years.))

If I have not addressed all your questions please feel free to write a comment here or send an email.

“YHWH bless you and guard you;
YHWH make His face shine upon you and show favor to you;
YHWH lift up His face upon you and give you peace.”
Thus they shall put My Name on the Children of Israel, and I Myself shall bless them. ((Numbers 6:24-27))

3 thoughts on “Prepping for the Sabbatical Year: As if you needed one more reason to prep.

  1. Even though we have discussed this topic, I find it extremely helpful to be able to read this. Thanks so much for writing it out, and also for pressure canning lessons. You and Von are salt and light.

  2. Excellent. Your post conveys a sense of peace and trust for YHVH to provide. This is really what the Sabbatical year is all about.

  3. Hello CC,
    Prayers for you and Von.
    Thank you for posting some interpretations & practicalities about the Shemitah.
    Very helpful.
    Looking forward to more posts!

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