I just wanted to pass this along as an update to my last article about covenants.

It has become the primary thrust of the Pope and Barack Obama to push the global environmental agenda. Of all the threats we face in the summer of 2015, these two @#$%^&*  imbeciles have embarked on a supercilious environmental campaign only because it will lead to the total domination of every man, woman and child on the Earth. With all this said Fukushima is pumping out enough radiation to kill off the entire planet if something is not done soon but there is not one mention of this in the lame stream media. They (Obama, the Pope, United Nations, elite, etc.) do not care about the planet or the environment. They only care about control  and domination.



3 thoughts on “COVENANT UPDATE!!!

  1. Yup! for your readers how have had their heads somewhere other than on their shoulders, I recommend a book, “Behold a Pale Green Horse” by Stephen Pidgeon. It explores UN Agenda 21 in depth, from its beginnings. it is carefully documented and heavily footnoted.

  2. Some thoughts:

    The fluctuation of CO2 in the atmosphere is mostly controlled by the temperature of the ocean. Warm oceans emit CO2, cooler oceans absorb it. Outside of this cycle the contribution of man is small. It took a long time to warm the ocean to the point of CO2 emission, and it will take it awhile to cool below that point, regardless of what actions are taken by governments.

    Physically we are carbon based life forms. CO2 is not a pollutant. CO2 is required for photosynthesis, and is essential for sustaining life on earth. “De-carbonization” of humanity is not
    essentially different from extinction.

    The elite realize the earth is returning to its cold phase. Yes, control and domination is central to their game, but the misdirection also likely facilitates killing off much of humanity through starvation and cold. Consequentially, war then joins and amplifies the process..

    Death, destruction and despair also serve the purpose of the spiritual enemy of mankind (perhaps an enemy worshiped by the elite?) A remnant of humanity struggling for daily survival is easily controlled and much less likely to appreciate its relationship with the Creator.

    During periods of increased glaciation most life retreats toward the tropics and some coastlines warmed by the ocean. Consider where the military has been active in recent decades. It is about more than control of energy and the drug trade profit. Consider also the pattern of base closure in USA.

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