A Friendly Review.

Me and Mammaw fishing in the woods of east Texas. It was a few days ago. Maybe more than a few.

Dear Friends, we are entering times like we have not seen. My mother is 99 years old and vividly remembers doing without. Without what, you ask? Everything. The only thing that they had plenty of was food from their garden. My grandmother, Mammaw, plowed a 6 acre garden with a mule and grew all the staples that the family needed. When I say family I mean a very large extended family. There were 5 children, 2 step-children and dozens of nieces and nephews who lived with Mammaw and Papa because Papa had a good job on the railroad and did not miss a day’s work throughout the Great Depression. This is your first tip: grow your own food!

((Editor’s note: This is when I originally began writing this article and have been interrupted many times and have only now, October 23rd 2021, picked it back up again but I wanted to leave this in for a reference.))>>At this point in time, July 31, 2021, I believe we are in a period of “grace”. Please stock up on food stuffs. I recently purchased a couple of 25 pound bags of wheat flour for $2.99 each. Unbelievable right? Right now I have 2,400 pounds of rice on my trailer that was given to me to dispose of. I will give it to folks in the community. I’m not saying there is no inflation in the price of food stuffs but it is still available so, purchase at least enough for 6 months for your entire family. In 6 months it may not be available at any price.

Who am I? Why do I say these things? I have experienced the collapse of 4 nations while I was there and had to be evacuated by government aircraft. When a nation collapses all rules go out the window and it is every person for themselves. another reason for me saying this is that I am seeing signs that this Super Cycle could, and I emphasize could, be a very bad cycle with respect to the economy, a heightened state of war and/or a very large loss of human lives from any number of causes including disease, lack of food and clean drinking water, civil unrest and unfortunately, all out war.

Live independently:

The whole goal of this website was to teach people how to live independent lives and I have heard back from some of you who took that advice and now have your homestead, garden and are beholden to no one. That makes me very proud. Thank you. There may still be time for some of you other readers to emulate the successes of others. Go back to the very beginning of my articles and learn as much as you can about being independent.

What can I do now?

Go back and read an old article of mine: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/18-things-you-can-do-right-now-before-shtf-hits/ . Please refer to the many articles that revolve around the idea of being “off-grid”, self sufficient, etc.

Why have I waited this long getting this article out?

Quite frankly, that is hard to answer. I have been very busy and have had numerous doctors’ visits over the past few months and I am more than just a little tired of being poked, prodded and zapped. But that is only a fraction of the things that have been going on. Like I said earlier, Mom is 99 and will be 100 on February 14, 2022, praise Yah! We have had things to do to see to her care and that has involved a lot travelling and will require more in the next few days, but the big reason I have waited is that it didn’t feel “right” or “time”. It feels as though that has changed and I can now complete this article.

Tomorrow, October 24th through October 31st is an important time. When I was a kid you could go to the theatre on Saturday morning and watch the Matinee before the main feature so, you were getting two shows for the price of one. It was probably a movie we had seen a dozen times but that didn’t matter, it was two for the price of one. That was a bargain for 25 cents or later, 35 cents. See, we had inflation back then, too.

After the 31st, I am anticipating things to escalate quickly and peak at 96% on or around November 19th, drop 10% and continue erratically to the end of the cycle, hopefully. Having said this please understand I see next week as the Matinee for whatever will come later in November. It will be an attention getter and, if it happens and I am saying, if it happens, you must make all of your last minute preparations quickly. If nothing happens next week that doesn’t mean that we are in the clear for November or December, it just means we missed the Matinee.

What should I look for?

It could be an act of war. Take your pick; Israel/Iran; China/Taiwan; Russia/Ukraine and there are others. Could it be financial? Yes, but if it is, expect it to be very swift and dramatic, not just a couple of hundred points in a day but thousands of points, with trillions of dollars being lost in a single day possibly, for several days. Make not mistake about it, if the Matinee feature occurs you will definitely get your 25 cents worth.

Is this a prophecy?

NO!!! It is just a “feeling” after going back and looking at past cycles, cycle intensities, cycle durations, etc. for the last few years and after considering the artificially high “Background Noise” or intensity since the end of the last cycle. Forty percent is a serious amount of stress upon people but to stay that high for 2 months until this cycle began on October 7th is a lot to consider.

Any more cheery news?

Yes. Some weeks ago I asked Brother Mark to check for asteroids that would qualify for N.E.O. status and he didn’t find anything unusual. I informed Brother Joe and Brother Mark that I thought we would see an increase in fireballs toward the end of October and it would intensify going into November. Well, right on cue, they began about a week later and they are continuing and will intensify, if I am right, going into November, with the possibility of one or more Earth impacts.

Will they cause the end of the world? No! Expect something along the order of magnitude between Chelyabinsk and Tunguska. I’ll leave it to you to research these two. So, I guess now the big question is where, right? Remember you have a 60%+ that they will hit the water. Where? The Caribbean Sea is a strong probability and so is the Pacific Ocean just off the West Coast of the United States, affectionately known as the Left Coast.

Even as I write this I feel as though I should not write it because, if it doesn’t happen will I unduly worry people about nothing at all? Gosh, I don’t know. What if it does happen and I didn’t mention it? I’d rather people read this and laugh about how wrong I was about this happening. That’s okay, believe me. I hope and even pray that none of this comes to pass so, if you want to call me crazy or a fool feel free because, I will will just breathe a deep sigh of relief. But if by some crazy chance some of this should come to pass and I didn’t warn you and you get hurt because of my failure to mention this, that is on me.

I have given you at least 24 hours notice to think and pray about what I have written. If you want to blow it off as the ramblings of a senile old crackpot, that’s okay. I can live with that but now, you have the information.

Num 6:22  And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying, 
Num 6:23  “Speak to Aharon and his sons, saying, ‘This is how you bless the children of Yisra’ěl. Say to them: 
Num 6:24  “יהוה bless you and guard you; 
Num 6:25  יהוה make His face shine upon you, and show favour to you; 
Num 6:26  יהוה lift up His face upon you, and give you peace.” ’ 
Num 6:27  “Thus they shall put My Name on the children of Yisra’ěl, and I Myself shall bless them.” 

Shalom vberakhot,


12 thoughts on “A Friendly Review.

  1. Thank you CC. I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I am experiencing a lot of agitation. I’m very angry at all the lies and injustice that I see through various media reporting. Endless corruption and no justice. To me, it seems that some sort of backlash against the evil is close at hand. Uncertainty rules the day and I’m tired of it. I have used the brains and resources that I have to the best of my ability. Watching and waiting, getting my affairs in order the best I can.

  2. Hello CC.
    Thank you for your research into cycles and their inherent energy and effects on humanity.
    I am a Registered Nurse in Australia.
    I am in the process of being sacked for declining any of the current CV injections.
    I have worked for my health department for almost 2 decades. Not one complaint. Performing above requirement. Many compliments from clients and colleagues.
    Helping a lot of people.
    I have never hurt anyone.
    I didn’t commit a crime.
    I honour my professional registration.
    I have ten more years of service as a nurse to give before retirement.
    I have been notified that I will be terminated for breaching the State Service Code of Conduct for not complying with the “direction” to get “vaccinated”.
    The energy in Australia is crazy.
    Suddenly there is a massive and brutal push for control of the people. In so many (and increasing) sectors, if you don’t get “vaccinated” you will lose your job, you can’t visit certain venues, some people are being denied medical care if they are “unvaccinated”.
    Australia, the land of freedom and known for being easy going is suddenly and brutally being turned into what I assume (I have no prior experience of this) a communist state.
    We could use some prayers, empathy and help in any way possible.

    • Shalom Sue,
      All the qualities you have expressed is the very reason the system wants to get rid of people who genuinely want to help the fellow man. The system feeds on pain, suffering and death. All science has been thrown to the wind with the rollout of these shots. Please protect yourself and your loved ones. We will keep you and all those like in you Australia in our prayers. Praise Yah, I live in Texas where mandates don’t exist but in my next favorite state, New Mexico where I have my other, they do exist. We, as a global population are being tried and must continue to do what we know is right and resist tyranny from all sides.
      Thank you very much for commenting and we will keep you in prayer.

  3. Brother Cyrus,
    Just a quick question, to help clear up my confusion. When is the next Shemitah, 2022-2023 or 2023-2024?

    I’ve lost the bubble on this one and am having difficulty figuring out just when the next Shemital will be. Thanks for your help!

    Very respectfully,
    Joe Seawell

    • Shalom Joe,
      It would begin Spring (Aviv) of 2023 and go until Aviv 2024. This year, Aviv 2022 will be the 6th year and we need to tithe for the widows, orphans and Levites.

      • Shalom, Cyrus,
        Thank you very much! There are several different opinions, so may I ask what is the best way to figure out the correct dates? I’m a novice at all this so please forgive my lack of knowledge on this subject.

        Joe Seawell

  4. Brother Cyrus,
    Please disregard my previous comment. My knucklehead brain just figured out how to correctly assess the dates. Very sorry for inconveniencing you.

    Very respectfully,
    Joe Seawell

  5. In view of your kind comment to an non-vaxxed Australian nurse, Sue…. How do we convince Torah-compliant high-profile believers that perhaps the most egregious fake ‘god’ currently is ‘modern medical practice’ which stands firmly on so-called ‘vaccinations’. The twisting of statistics by the Globalists, in order to disguise covid-jab deaths/injuries re the grossly-mismanaged scamdemic ‘covid-19’, is appalling. Yet some who we call ‘brothers in the Faith’ never denounce such a ‘god’ . .

    • Shalom Stephen,
      You tell me then we will both know but, it is just the vax/jab. Almost all vaccines are suspended in pork gelatin. Heparin, which they said would cure my wife recently, I told them that we would allow only BOVINE heparin and not PORCINE heparin. The medicos went crazy, nurses, technicians, doctors, specialist had never heard such. So, they scoured the area and could find no bovine heparin. But most of the capsules that people take are also made of pork gelatin so, always insist on vegan/veggie capsules for all medicines, vitamins and supplements. If you see a doctor regularly tell them you are allergic to pork and shellfish. Make sure they put it on your medical record.

      I have a Taiwanese doctor at the VA and she tried her best to get me to take all the required VA vaccines a few years before the scamdemic hit and I explained to her that it was against my “religious” belief and I showed her my tzitzit and now, whenever I go into her over she starts insisting on vaccines and sees my tzitzit and says, “Oh sorry, it is against your religion,” and that is the end of it. So, it is possible for us to educate people, even doctors.

      We have an Australian doctor who just joined our Torah study group and she is under immense pressure to comply with the mandate there. We keep her and her family in our prayers constantly.

      Stephen, I only know one “high profile” Torah teacher that got vaxxed and that was there choice but in the case of my wife, who is not vaxxed, we won’t submit to medical tyranny in any way when we are told that “this is the only solution to the problem” and you must take it. Not only no but Hell NO! There is another way, YHVH’s way. If you have not read the new article “Is it Armageddon?” I talk about what happened with Von. I wish I had a magic bullet but I don’t but YHVH El Shaddai does and it is called Ruach Haqodesh.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Shalom CC., [allow me to Bcc 8 trusted fellows. Note my respectful Cc to Dumond because he is mentioned herein. Ironically, I am convinced he automatically deletes, without reading, ALL my correspondence.] ————— CC.: I’m delighted that you actually replied seriously….. even repeating salient comments [eg. “Porcine heparin”] from your articles. For about a decade I also wear [Bemidbar15:40] tzitzit as does my closest Faith-colleague [whose university job is threatened by his no-jab stance] of our small home fellowship Shabbat group in Adelaide. Due to misguided bureaucratic tyranny, I have been ‘excommunicated’/terminated from my career-vital institutional Craft workshop for refusing the ‘statistically-dangerous, experimental mRNA/spike-protein/nano-particle, eugenist Globalists-initiated, diabolical medical-intervention’. That extended description is far beyond mere “but, it is just a vax/jab”…. which comment of yours below echoes our ‘high-profile’ brother Dumond’s research-avoiding, and hence knowledge-deficient, medical opinion. However his unique calendrical insights are respected.

        Other ‘high-profile’ messianic leaders do not reply after I ask of them awkward doctrinal or EndTime-relevant questions. Generally [to keep their focus], they consider that their accountability is to YHVH, not downwards to their oft-pesky readership.

        Because my Sabbath-keeping goes back to 1968 via H.W.A.’s WWCG, and a career of tertiary lecturing/administration I’m not a soft, ‘low-hanging-fruit’, outreach target for them. Sometimes they tell me directly that they have automatically blogged my emails….. one even returned my admittedly small $$$ donation. But mostly I assume they have blocked me when I get no response to repeated polite queries.

        CC., maybe we can exchange future comments if convenient. My decade of medical research [in effect , a 2nd. career in my semi-retirement] concurs with your assessment that this covid thing is a “scamdemic”. For those brave souls: “Much knowledge/wisdom increases grief”.[Eccles.1:18]

        See below my nowadays never-published latest blog to the doctrinally-entrenched, unaccountable-to-me, Mr. Dumond :-

        ====== >

  6. Shalom Stephen,
    If you want to write to me directly please do so at cyrusdh@rocketmail.com. I did not get to see your blog to Joe, something is wrong. It would be easier for me to view in my email. I understand your frustration because it seems that so many times we are canceled because of our views. To me it is like trying to talk to someone who places their hand over their ears and starts chanting, ” Na na na na na na na na na na na.” Anxious to hear from you.

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