Shabbat shalom!!! UPDATE!!! I Wish I Had Better News on Shabbat. Sorry.

As many of you know I watch the Lunar and Solar cycles and offer information, based on my experiences, as to the possible effects of each cycle. That is all that I do. I give you information that other people have developed so that you can research it and make up your own minds. Since my last interview with Brothers Joseph Dumond and Mark Webb, both of whom know more about the cycles of the heavens than I do, I have done a tremendous amount of research and what I have learned is leading me to making this update available to everyone.

Here goes: The magnetosphere that surrounds and protects the Earth from solar winds and GRB’s (Gamma Radiation Bursts, from outside of our solar system and galaxy) is diminishing much faster than I originally calculated for the current cycle. This alone leads me to believe that the current cycle will persist, at least, until August 9th or 10th at the cycle’s current intensity of about 40%. This being said I will continue to monitor the situation and as we approach the August 9th/10th deadline I will update you on whether or not this cycle will persist beyond that timeframe.

If you think about the status of the magnetosphere as Green for good; Yellow for weak and Red for failing we are presently between yellow and red. My calculations, as poor as they are, were for half way between Green and Yellow. These are not my designations but those far smarter than I am. I am just trying to apply their data to my projections and since I am not an astrophysicist I depend on NASA and other agencies for their information and calculations.


Put your faith and trust in YHVH. He is our Creator and Father and only He can preserve us. Begin with prayer, go to fasting and into meditating on the Word of YHVH. After that, follow His Word and the rest is gravy. Got it?

Next, I imagine that “What it means to me” is your question at this point in time. What I believe it means is that the likelihood that conditions conducive for war and a financial “correction” will persist at an artificially high level, roughly 40% but it may be 10% higher around the next full moon. No matter what, 40% is a high level of uncertainty and means that people are more likely to make bad decision 1.5 times more often than if things were to go back to normal. It might even mean that the likelihood of a geomagnetic storm could cause serious “interruptions” on the Earth’s electromagnetic field which could cause power outages on Earth and in space aboard satellites. ((I will try to write more on this later. There is much going on with the Sun at this point in time.))


Stock up on food, canned and dried, and water for your family. In case of a power disruption, which could be a day or two or maybe even a week or two, have enough canned or dried food set aside for your family. Have a way of heating your food and water, especially for water sterilization, and have at least 1 gallon of water per member of your household per day. You can survive with less but you won’t like it.


No. Have enough money on hand to pay your bills in cash for a month in case of a “grid down” scenario. I hope it will not come to that but it is better to be prepared and have the cash on hand than to be caught off guard.

I will refer you once again to my statement above, put your faith and trust in YHVH. Be obedient to His Word (His Son).

There are no politics in my statement. I care less who is president, vice president or dog catcher. What I am telling you is dependent upon common sense and the awareness that not everything is Hunky Dorey with our magnetosphere. I wish I had better news but I would rather issue an ALERT and be wrong than not tell you anything. I hope I am wrong. Believe me. If I am wrong you will have food on hand if you happen to get hit by a hurricane, tornado, electrical storm or anything else. And, I hope none of that nothing happens to you but, please be prepared.


What I mean by the statement above is that, as a Vietnam veteran who has had his share of Agent Orange sprayed on him, I have had a recent rash of health issues show up. I have several doctors’ visits and tests to take over the next month or two and so I will do my utmost to keep you updated on the situation relative to this cycle. If the magnetosphere continues to deteriorate I will let you know. Also, if things improve I will also do my best to keep you informed. Please, do not worry. I can proudly say that at my age, I can safely say, that I can whip any man twice my age. Period. (I keep a shovel in my truck just in case someone wants to find someone twice my age.)

Num 6:22  And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying, 
Num 6:23  “Speak to Aharon and his sons, saying, ‘This is how you bless the children of Yisra’ěl. Say to them: 
Num 6:24  “יהוה bless you and guard you; 
Num 6:25  יהוה make His face shine upon you, and show favour to you; 
Num 6:26  יהוה lift up His face upon you, and give you peace.” ’ 
Num 6:27  “Thus they shall put My Name on the children of Yisra’ěl, and I Myself shall bless them.” 



8 thoughts on “Shabbat shalom!!! UPDATE!!! I Wish I Had Better News on Shabbat. Sorry.

  1. Thank you, CC for the update. I will pray for your well being.
    You made me smile at the thought of going toe to toe with someone pushing a 150!
    Peace be unto you, Good Brother.

    When the solar wind reaches Earth’s upper atmosphere, it can energize charged particles. The result is colorful auroras that encircle the magnetic poles at heights of around 60–125 miles (100–200 kilometers) in the atmosphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, these are also called the northern lights. Collisions of electrons with oxygen produce red and green aurora, while collisions with nitrogen produce red, blue, and violet aurora.
    The green/yellow/red explained….. somewhat. What links explain it better?

    • Shabbat shalom Cosmos1947,
      Today is the Sabbath for me and we are about to begin our Torah study and I will look for links tonight or tomorrow but I am not talking about the colors of the auroras but warnings, just like a traffic light, which many use to indicate the state of the magnetosphere. Our magnetosphere is diminishing quickly. It began about 12 years ago and the lower the “field intensity or strength” the faster it diminishes. There is something going on in the inner mantle that is causing uneven nickel-iron deposition and this accounts for the moving of the N-S poles and also the intensity of the Magnetosphere. If you remember the old tops that we used to throw and cause them to spin on a board or table or if you had a sidewalk to do it would spin but as it began to slow down in speed it would wobble until it fell over. This is an analogy to what the Earth is experiencing that it why I brought up the subject of the Earth reeling to and fro like a drunkard. We may live to see that happen.

      Shabbat Shalom,

  3. Thanks for the clarification re ‘colours’.
    But will be ‘magnetosphere’ ever be optimally reinstated [ie. stabilised back to ‘Garden of Eden’ through to ‘pre-Deluge’ standards], when [“as in the days of Noah”] the 2nd. Advent occurs?
    Some theologians speculate that at Creation the Earth’s rotational axis exactly matched the Sun’s rotational axis. Thus there were no seasons, until the cataclysmic 23.5 degree Earth axial tilt occurred during the Noahian deluge. And will the future Millennial ‘restoration of all things’ by Y’shua include another axial, and magnetospheric, Earth/Sun-congruent realignment? If so, then the season-dependency of the Levit.23 crop-cycial mo’edim would be rendered moot for the 20 Jubilee cycles following 2045 C.E. .

    • That is a rather large order. First, the Earth and the heavens will be fully restored back to Garden of Eden order in Revelation 21:1-2. This is after the Millennial Reign of Yeshu’a so, it will be at the end of the 7th millennium and at the beginning of the 8th. (That is my opinion.) The 23.5 degree tilt may have happened at the time of the flood or instead it may have been the second sun system if our binary star solar system going nova and changing our entire solar system. The second star of our binary system was Jupiter. However, I believe that Jupiter may have nova’ed during the time period of Gen1:1 and Gen. 1:2. We see that ALL of mankind was killed and the seas destroyed.

      Please research the fact of the solar equatorial rotation of the planets in our solar system. When you do you will see that only one planet in our solar system is in with our current sun’s equator and that is Mercury. All the rest of the planets in our solar system are aligned to Jupiter’s equator not our current sun’s. When Jupiter nova’ed it destroyed the 5th planet and left the current asteroid belt, ripped the atmosphere and seas from Mars and flipped Neptune on its side. As it dwarfed in upon itself it took 4 other planets about the size of Mercury and pulled them into the rotation of Jupiter and they are to this day the 4 largest of Jupiter’s moons.

      As far as crop dependent tie keeping I wouldn’t worry about it as we will heaven the Creator of time dwelling upon the Earth. If you read Rev. 21 you will see that the sun and the moon are there but not even necessary for light just like it was in the first three days of Creation because the the esteem of Elohim illuminating some, part of or all of that hemisphere.


      • Wikipedia:- “Planetary axial tilts”: [Sun = 0.00 degrees.]
        Mercury= 0.01 degrees. Jupiter = 3.12 degrees. Venus= 2.64. Earth= 23.44. Mars= 25.19. Jupiter=3.14. Saturn=26.73. Neptune=28.33. Uranus=82.23.
        In view of the above tilts; you erroneously say:
        A/ “Neptune was flipped on its side” But it was Uranus instead!
        B/ “All the rest of the planets [except for Mercury AND also Venus] in our solar system are aligned to Jupiter’s equator not our current sun’s.”
        Whilst equally cataclysmic, your cosmology is certainly different from Immanuel Velikovsky who suggested some additional ideas including:
        Jupiter emits radio noises.[7]
        The magnetosphere of the Earth reaches at least up to the Moon.
        The Sun has an electric potential of approximately 1019 volts.
        The rotation of the Earth can be affected by electromagnetic fields.
        “The second star of our binary system was Jupiter. However, I believe that Jupiter may have nova’ed during the time period of Gen1:1 and Gen. 1:2. We see that ALL of mankind was killed and the seas destroyed.”
        Jupiter going ‘nova’ is a novel construct. As is any pre-Adamic civilisation theology. I’m more a ‘fan’ of the ‘Young Earth-ers’ brigade, than your ‘ancient -earth-reconfigured’ implications.
        Crop-season continuity seems implicit in Ezekiel’s prophecy of Ez. 45:17-25.
        We seem in agreement on that Rev. 21 timeline at least.
        [Btw: my elder brother is a famous astrophysicist, nowadays based in Manchester, who has entrenched mainstream atheistic/evolutionary perspectives. We have exchanged congenial emails re his conventional ‘BigBang’-universe versus my minority ‘steady-state Plasma’-universe.]

  4. And to add to CC’s point of having cash on hand to pay your bills for a month, I hearken back to the late George Green’s comments online to emphasize smaller bills and coins ($1s, 5s, 10s, and 20s) versus $50s and $100s. In a temporary period of inability to use electronic payment (debit, credit), you can’t expect to go to any store with a $100 bill for a stick of gum and get back exact change. Stores may not have it, and may have restrictions on giving out change to conserve their own cash. Same with precious metals. Many stores don’t even know how to accept anything other than what the govt allows (cash, debit, credit). And if precious metals are confiscated like during the Great Depression, what good will that do you? People need to maintain some common sense in midst of any calamity in order to survive.

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