Proceed With Caution. Things Could Get Craz(y/ier).

Shalom, everyone. We have just returned from NM and will try to recover enough to make more trips before the summer is out. Now for the nitty gritty.

If you are a long time reader of this blog you may remember that I promised if I had any information that may help you in your preparations I would be sure to pass it along. As many of you know I have been studying biblical cycles for the last few years and have written about them in several articles. I have even left comments on other sites such as Greg Hunter’s trying to explain the cycles. ((If you have not gone to Mr. Hunter’s site I highly recommend it. He has some of the sharpest minds in the economic and financial arena. Not only that, Greg is really sharp, too.)) One of Mr. Hunter’s regular guests is Mr. Bo Polny who insists he uses biblical cycles and promptly talks about Daniel’s timeline. Once again, if you are a regular reader of this blog you know that Daniel never had a timeline because he was Hebrew and Hebrews think in cycles not timelines. Timeline is a Greek concept. Cycles, except the seasons, were foreign to the Greeks.

The "timeline" of Daniel Chapter 9 is a time cycle.

The “timeline” of Daniel Chapter 9 is a time cycle.

Without going into too much detail I want to give you a time frame to bee on a heightened alert. Please be very careful during the time frame between August 26 to October 20 (-/+) 2 days. Why? We will be at the height of a super-cycle during that period of time. Super-cycles are usually those times when wars begin, economies collapse, stock markets crash, etc. Why is that? Because of the effects of electromagnetic energy from the combination of a solar eclipse within 6 weeks of a lunar eclipse. MEN make really bad decisions during this period of time.

Yes, I did say men and NOT women. Why not? Well that is complicated but let me try to make it as simple as possible. ((Ladies you may have to help your husbands through this part a little. Be gentle.)) At an early age a woman’s body, primarily her ovaries, begin doing wonderful things that cause the woman’s body to change. This point of change is called menarche. From this point onward, until menopause a woman’s body is reacting to the energy of the moon. After discussing this with several doctors I feel that this is one theory why women are less affected by the influences of the moon during the super-cycle than men. The second reason for men being affected more than women is also related to the menstrual cycle and that is most women, during their childbearing years are mostly anemic, lacking in iron. Men on the other hand can have such a high concentration of iron in their body that it can trigger a heart attack. Now, some men and women have a disorder known as hemochromatosis and it causes a massive buildup of iron in the bloodstream which can trigger a heart attack or other health problem.

There are laws in Torah (The first 5 books of the Bible) which prescribe how a woman should be separated from a man during the days of her menstrual cycle. Also, the American Indians believed in separating women from the men during their cycles because they were afraid that the spirit power of a woman during this time would overpower the spirit of a man. ((I am sure there are some guys feeling sick about this time so I will stop talking about a menstrual cycle.))

Have I had a vision? No! Using the best information that I have we should be watching and prepared for a major change during this period of time. I know it doesn’t help that we are teetering on financial collapse around the world, nations are threatening war, there is civil unrest around the globe and I give you a vague period of time and tie it to a woman and her cycle. Sorry, that is just how things work.

So, you can take this warning with a grain of salt if you like but as for me and my house we will increase the nature of our preparations. Yah bless.


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