Are War and Slavery Coming to America?

I was leaving a comment for a world renown financial cycles expert and I realized how coincidental the timing for the future is. I will try to explain, so please forgive me if I fail. I informed the distinguished gentleman about the Cycle of War that would begin in the Spring of 2017. ((Please note: This does not mean that war in America will begin at this time but the cycle of war will begin in the Spring of 2017.)) Also noted was the fact that the full penumbral solar eclipse will take place on August 21, 2017. During this eclipse the shadow of the moon will traverse the United States from West to East beginning with Oregon and then proceed to Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina. Pretty much the heartland of the United States. So you ask, “What is the big deal?” The big deal is the fact that ancient cultures considered eclipses more indicative of future events than blood moons, which have gained so much fame in recent years. There was even a war called “The War of the Eclipse.” Please note the map below and you will see that the shadow of the moon cuts a path through the very heart of America

Path of Eclipse August 2017

((If you want to know the exact path please go to: ))

At this point I know many of you are rolling you eyes into the back of your head and saying something akin to: “Codger, this is the 21st century we know what an eclipse is and they are harmless.” Did I get it right? That is correct, we do know what eclipses are, but do we understand what effect they have on the minds of men. Rather than regurgitate the info from an earlier article please read the article here:

So what makes 2017 special:

To find out what makes 2017 special go back and read this article:

Rather than copying everything please look at Cycles 4 and 5. What are the dates that you see associated with those cycles? Cycle four is 2017-2023 and Cycle five is 2024-2030. So what are Cycles 4 and 5 characterized by? Cycle 4 is the War Cycle and Cycle 5 is the Slavery Cycle.

Now, before I go too much further, I want to explain why Jonathan Cahn, Bo Polny, John Hagee, Jeff Berwick, Mark Biltz and many others have been wrong about their cycle or blood moon predictions. They do not pay attention to YHWH’s calendar. Once again, please go to the following article if you want to understand YHWH’s calendar.

April Fools Day

Did you ever wonder about April Fool’s Day and where it originated? It is kind of neat. The Romans came out with a new sleek and sexy calendar, based on the sun rather than the moon, and decreed that it had to be followed by all those living in the empire. ((Naturally this was long, long ago in an empire far, far away.)) Many refused to follow the new Roman calendar and instead stuck with the old, drab, lunar calendar. These people were proclaimed to be April Fools, because the lunar calendar began in the Spring, primarily in the months of March or April. Makes you kind of wonder what might happen in the Spring of 2024, huh?

Well, here it is:

In the Spring of 2024, America once again gets broadsided by a penumbral shadow only this time it goes from south to north as it travels west to east. When you overlay the two you will see that the area of Illinois and Kentucky are at the point of intersect. Almost the very heart of America.

So let’s review. In 2017, August 21st to be exact, we have a rare solar eclipse casting its shadow across the heartland of America which just happens to coincide with the Cycle of War beginning the same year. And, in 2024, April 8th, we have another rare eclipse once again casting its shadow across America which just happens to coincide with the beginning of the Cycle of Slavery. So what does this mean? Could be just a coincidence. Then again, it might mean that America, as a nation, needs to repent from its sins.

Why is it that NO cycles expert can help you this time?

Have you wondered about the question above? The reason is most cycles experts think that cycles will keep going forever. They do not realize that there are only so many cycles, 120, to be exact. They do not understand the foundation of the cycles nor the termination of the cycles. I outline all of that in my three part series: Why I Was Wrong About The Destiny of America. I also encourage you to read the following article so that you can see how long the tribulation of America will last: The judgement that is coming to America, and also the world, will be a physical manifestation of a spiritual problem. Please, get your house in order!!!



Proverbs 28:9 – He who turns away his ear from hearing the Torah, even his prayer is an abomination. (ISR Scriptures)

1 John 2:4 – The one who says, “I know Him”, and does not guard His commands, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. (ISR Scriptures)

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