Cycle Update and What May Lie Ahead.

Please let me preface this article by asking you not to compare my cycle work with that of Mr. Joseph Dumond or Mr. Charles Reed. These two gentlemen have produced charts of cycles far superior to my pitiful work. Their ability to see cycles within cycles is way over my head and I really consider it more or less insulting to them if you compare my work to theirs. I look at their work as proof of the Biblical principle: Deu_17:6  “At the mouth of two or three witnesses shall he that is to die be put to death. He is not put to death by the mouth of one witness. Yes, we are talking about life and death! I own some of Mr. Dumond’s books and enjoyed reading them but I read them after I did my  research. It was one of our “daughters” that pointed out Mr. Dumond’s research to me and it was a huge relief to find out that I was not the only “nut” (just joking guys) to see these cycles. Mr. Dumond ask to use one of my articles as a teaching tool in one of his studies. That was very flattering. I correspond with Charles Reed and consider him a friend and a brother. Just let me make a comparison: would you rather look at a beautiful woman/man in the flesh or rather look at their shadow in the setting sunlight? My work is just a shadow in comparison. ‘Nuff said.

To begin with I want to review some of my comments about the recent “super” cycle. If you look at the Who, What, When and Why section in the previous article “It is All about Keeping a Promise, to You” article I want to review my comments.

Where = global. This was the first time I saw a Super Cycle that would pretty much affect every continent on earth. It won’t be the last. More on that later.

Who = also global.

When = From November 14th 2019 to February 14th 2020. Even when I wrote this I had calculated a closing date of February 24th as the closing date and then later February 14th. But, being human and prone to making mistakes, the true closing date was February 24th. Also, please recall that I mentioned a “blip” that I was unsure of but later figured out that it was a multiplier or intensifier, if you will. I mentioned this in a comment posted on the website in November.

The next “when” is where I gave the periods of greater intensity or concentration, if you will, which are key dates to watch in association with events happening. Once again, more on this later.

What = I mention the possibility of war and also oil flow, as well as financial collapse.

Why = Notice the mention of the two prior cycles that I got correct.

The reason that I wanted to bring this to your attention is so that we can now compare my prediction to what actually happened and when.

Impeachment of President Trump:

Please remember that I have always maintained that Super Cycles were periods of time in which, mostly men, have a higher propensity for making mistakes or errors in judgement. I often say that it is when someone zigged and they should have zagged. The House Judiciary Committee began impeachments hearings on December 4th, 2019. This was based upon the recommendation of an inquiry made by the House Intelligence Committee between September and November. The vote to impeach was on December 13th. The articles of impeachment were voted by the House on December 18th and were sent to the Senate January 16th, 2020. President Trump was acquitted on February 5th, 2020. Notice that all the above dates fell within the cycle dates.

Do I believe that the impeachment of President was an error in judgement? Yes.

Assassination of Qasem Soleimani:

To be as nice as possible Major General Qasem Soleimani was not a nice man and was assassinated by the U.S. government on January 3, 2020, well within the peak period of the cycle. It was this assassination that brought us very close to the brink of war with, at least Iran but, quite possibly a regional war and even possible still, world war. Was this an error in judgement? It was for Soleimani, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Iowa Caucus:

The Iowa Caucus took place on February 3, 2020 and there is not much that I can say about this that is polite. Was it an error? From start to finish.

H5N1 Bird Flu:

The H5N1 Bird Flu appears in Hunan province in January (exact date unknown) but by February 13, 2020 has resulted in above 20,000 birds having to be destroyed. Please note that Hunan Province is adjacent to Hubei Province whose capitol city is Wuhan.

H5N8 Bird Flu:

So far this strain of avian influenza is very contained in Germany. It appeared in Bretzfeld Germany resulting in the death of 44 chickens on or @ February 7, 2020. Why mention a bird flu that has only affected 44 chickens? You’ll hear about this virus again, believe me.

COVID-19 Corona Virus:

Let me begin by saying that much research has been done that indicates this virus may have been genetically engineered. ((If it was, it was a BIG mistake, not to mention how it may have gotten out of the lab.)) The virus was first identified in December of 2019 and deaths attributed to it as of January 2020. This information is highly suspect. I believe that someone was exposed to this virus in November 2019 for it to manifest itself in Wuhan in December. There are so many mistakes that are associated with this virus it is ridiculous to try and begin to name all of them.

It is my belief that this virus has the potential to take down the global financial network. At the very least, it is already having a serious impact upon the economy of China which I believe will spill out onto the rest of the world. Please, please take this virus seriously. If you have not made any emergency preparations, please do so now. For those of you already impacted by this virus our prayers go with you and we pray that you will get well and strengthen in the upcoming days and weeks ahead.

I want to point out that with respect to oil flow, this virus has affected the oil flow from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. The demand for oil in that part of the world has already been cut in half and tankers are stacking up in the South China Sea. Personally, I thought that the Super Cycle would cut the supply of oil not the demand for the oil.

Why Are My Cycles Different From Others’?:

I get this question a great deal. Many times people will point out the research of Mr. Charles Nenner, Jeff Berwick, Bo Polny and others. These gentlemen are doing great research in financial and economic cycles. I don’t care about financial cycles. I look at Biblical cycles and then look for the Super Cycles within the Biblical cycles.

Next, based upon my research, we are at the mid point in the final 49 year Biblical cycle and that is the reason I am trying to get people to wake up. If you want to know more about this you can read about it here:  Begin with this article and follow the series to get a better handle on why I believe the way I do.

Just a reminder, there are five (5) Biblical cycles of judgement and we are in Number 4 which is the Cycle of the Sword (War). When you calculate Biblical cycles you must use the multiplier found in Scripture which is seven (7) times. The first cycle was the Cycle of Terror (1996-2002), then the second was Cycle of Drought and Famine (2003-2009), then Pestilence (2010-2016), then the Cycle of Sword (war) ((2017-2023)) and finally the Cycle of Slavery (2023-2030).

(((((((PLEASE NOTE: The Biblical New Year is in the month of Aviv which is in the Spring NOT winter (Roman) or fall (Jewish).))))))) The article referenced above will explain all of this.

Each previous cycle increases in magnitude by seven (7) times in the following cycle, they don’t just magically go away. So when I say we are in the cycle of War we are but, we are also in the Cycle of Terror (times 7 times 7 times 7) and the Cycle of Drought and Famine (times 7 times 7) and the Cycle of Pestilence (times 7). The effects of these cycles are cumulative not diminishing or to use Biblical terms, waxing not waning. So, ask yourself this, “Are people more fearful today than they were in 1996? Is there more drought and famine today than there was in 2003? And is there more pestilence (disease) than there was in 2010?” YES!!!

Why Are You Reading This?

Because you want to see if something is coming and when, right? The next cycle coming is a complex cycle and is not global in the sense of the word that the one that ended on February 24th was global. It will affect every continent on the Earth but not the same way at the same time. It is composed of two (2) separate but overlapping stages and it is the time when the stages overlap that I see the greatest period of uncertainty. Having said that, the cycle coming is not as strong as the one we just left but it’s effects will linger longer. For comparison, just think of the effect like noise, loud annoying noises get on your nerves quickly while noises that are not as loud, like the water dripping in the kitchen sink in the night, will cause you to do things only after you can’t tolerate it any longer. This coming cycle looks to have that type of effect, long and irritating.

Who, What, When, Where and How (Much)?

The best that I can calculate is that this cycle has 6 phases, each “stage” divided into three (3) separate phases. Each phase will have a different intensity and it will affect different parts of the world at different times. The entire globe will be affected but not all at the same time.

When = April 23, 2020 to August 18, 2020. Like I said this is a long cycle.

  1. Phase I = April 23 – May 1. How much (intensity) = 30%.
  2. Phase II = May 2 – May 22. How much = 40%.
  3. Phase III = May 23 – June 13. How much = 50%.
  4. Phase IV = June 14 – July 4. How much = 75%.
  5. Phase V = July 5 – July 25. How much = 50%.
  6. Phase VI = July 26 – August 18. How much = 30%.

Please remember, there is no magic door or window that opens or closes on these dates. Will there be some overlap? Of course! I honestly think that the cycle could drop down to a very negligible effect level quickly after August 9, 2020, say 10-15% maybe even less, going into August 18 which is the end of the cycle.

Where: This is where it gets really complicated. Let me start with who will be affected in all six phases: Most of Asia (especially eastern Asia, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean area). Next, is most of southern and eastern Europe*) Once again Antarctica will be affected in all six phases. (Don’t ask because, I don’t know.)

Next, Phases I, II, and III will affect, in addition to those mentioned above: Australia, the eastern portion of South America, all of Africa and most of the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine, Russia and Siberia.

After that, Phases IV, V, VI will affect, southern and western Europe, almost all of North America and South America, basically the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Once again this is my best guess and let me explain. Phase I and going into Phase II all of Australia is affected but leaving Phase II going into Phase III it shifts to just northern Australia. In Phases I almost all of Europe is affected, Phase II is mostly southern and eastern Europe and then it shifts halfway through Phase III into southern Europe and in Phase IV it shifts to southern and western Europe and continues through the end that way. Like I said, this is a very complex cycle.

NOTE: I see the greatest period of uncertainty to be between June 13 and July 4, 2020.

To my friends/family for whom I predicted a drop in the Dow in excess of 1,000 points on February 24, I waited until the markets closed to write this article to see how bad I would miss it. As of close of market it is down 1031 points. Not bad for a rookie.

Please note that I have not mentioned the giant locust swarm, fires in Australia, earthquakes in the rim of fire region and Mexico, fires on the Left Coast of the US or several other factors. It would take a small book to cover that has come to pass in this Biblical Cycle.

You may or may understand what I am about to tell you but please try. YHVH has had a plan since Genesis 1:1 Word 1 and it will come to pass just exactly as He outlined it in His Scripture. Please get serious about studying what your responsibilities are and what His plans are and you can find most of that in Leviticus 23 through 26. If all goes well, in the next few days, I will post an article about the feast day of Shavuoth and the importance, about which I hope I can do the Word justice. You must learn that everything in Scripture has meaning for us today and only through studying the Scripture can we prepare ourselves and our loved ones for what is about to befall the world. The Scripture is real, alive and vibrant and the Word (Yeshua) has all power and authority in our world today.

Num 6:22  And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying,
Num 6:23  “Speak to Aharon and his sons, saying, ‘This is how you bless the children of Yisra’ěl. Say to them:
Num 6:24  “יהוה bless you and guard you;
Num 6:25  יהוה make His face shine upon you, and show favour to you;
Num 6:26  יהוה lift up His face upon you, and give you peace.” ’
Num 6:27  “Thus they shall put My Name on the children of Yisra’ěl, and I Myself shall bless them.”




14 thoughts on “Cycle Update and What May Lie Ahead.

  1. Thank you for sharing your understanding of the coming times. Most folks have not tied this event to the Scriptures. They need to understand time may be short. Blessings to you and yours, Ranger

    • Dear Bro. Rick,
      We may or may not have met face to face in this life but, we have both met our Master face to face and He is in control and therein lies our hope. I do not know what the future will bring other than the fact that one day, soon or not, we hope to stand in front of our Messiah and Deliverer and then we can meet face to face.

  2. I join Ranger Rick in thanking you CC. I do hope that Ranger and I can work out an opportunity to meet face to face soon, but we all truly are one in Messiah and fully anticipate standing together before Him and one another in His Kingdom.

  3. Shalom Akhi,
    Todah rabah. Right now I am waiting for Von to heal up and we will head to La. to see family. My mother turned 98 on the 14th and we were not able to travel so we want to spend a couple of weeks with them and then get back to Texas for the Spring feasts.

    I appreciate the invite and hope we can take you up on it.
    Shalom and ahavah,

  4. Shalom CC, I don’t quite understand the cycles you’re referring to, but I just stopped by to see if you’ve written anything else, and am happy to see you’re still alive and kicking.

    • Shalom Lisa,
      Still alive and kicking, just not as high as I used to. It takes a lot to explain and I won’t try because that is not what I look for. Let’s just say Joe Dumond and Chrales Reed discern past cycles(Biblical) in order to understand future cycles better.
      I was going to have another article ready but had to make an emergency trip to La. to check on Mom. She is doing well and heading back tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

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  6. Thank you for these information. So you are telling us that we are being affected by moon cycles? There is coming lunar penumbral eclipse this july 5, will there be a tendency to make errors in our decision? Do we postpone making one? What do you suggest? Thank you.

    Gloria Ramos

    • Shalom Gloria,
      The whole idea behind the “Super Cycle’ is that MEN will have a greater propensity to make a mistake, than a woman((by a factor of 4/1+)). Women, at the onset of menarche until menopause, experience the effects of the moon upon their bodies. Men do not. So, men do not have a built in coping device like women do. I do not believe in people’s fate being guided by the stars, moon, sun, etc. People have free will to make their own mistakes, it just appears that, down through history, men appear to make their greatest mistakes during a super cycle. I would trust a woman’s judgement during this period of time greater than any male scholar, philosopher or leader of any kind, simply because women feel and cope with the effects of the moon on their minds and their bodies every month for their entire time of their child bearing years. I think, if men, could understand this simple fact, then they would begin to enter into a more harmonious relationship with their wives and sweethearts.

      Gloria, this is all that I can add. We all make mistakes. Sometimes we make them for a reason. Other times we just screw up. When we enter into a “Super Cycle” I tend to watch what my wife is doing and saying even more than normal because I know she has insight that I do not, to bring to the table. Please pray about all your decisions and do not enter into to them hastily. Commit all things to prayer but especially when you know that you may be at a disadvantage.

      SHabbat shalom,

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