Shalom, Gardening, Howdy and Be Vigilant!!

Shalom everyone. I want to thank all of you who wrote or called to make sure that Von and I were still kicking. We are doing very well but have been kept busy by the garden and our Scripture studies. Coming up this summer we will be on the road a great deal, but more on that just a little later.

For some unknown reason I can no longer upload pictures from my phone to my computer so, if some of you know a fix for it, please let me know. I think I have an Android 5 or thereabouts and I work on a Dell with Windows 10. I honestly think the problem is in the phone and not the computer. All of a sudden I have advertisements and pictures and stuff I don’t want on my phone. ((Yes, I am technologically challenged and proud of it but I can weld a wagon wheel on a forge.))

First, Von and I are in the middle of transitioning our garden from till to no till. I will try my darnedest to post pictures of our progress. We have harvested @1500 onions so far with 3 rows left to go, about 300-400 more. Also, we have picked 30 gallons of green beans and as of today have only canned about 42 quarts. We have given a lot away to our family. We will probably can about 56 quarts and give the rest away. Tomatoes are doing well and I will probably pick the first ripe tomato tomorrow or the next day. Lots and lots of shallots, both red and white and, enough garlic to replant most of it in the fall for a good crop next year.

Today we received a 2″ rain from our Creator and it is sooo appreciated. We have been so busy that we have not even planted cucumbers, field peas yet. We will.

I have always promised to tell you guys when I thought you need to be vigilant and take whatever action you deem necessary. No, don’t run for the hills just yet. This summer we will enter what I have written about before, a super cycle. Super cycles can happen @twice a year, not always. This year is a little weird though. Starting about June 1st we enter the leading edge of of a super cycle. it will peak Friday @July 20th, with optimum times being between July 13th (Friday) and July 27th (also a Friday). Lick your finger and put it into the wind to see which way it is blowing during this period of time. The trailing edge of the super cycle does not end until September 14th. WOW!!

Here is a little aside to this cycle: Shavuot is May 27th, about 1 week before the beginning of the cycle. ((Shavuot is also called the Feast of Pentecost. We don’t use the Gregorian calendar.)) And, the cycle ends about a week before Yom Kippur and about 2 weeks before the Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot. All of this doesn’t mean anything. It is just an interesting coincidence. So, please be vigilant.

All that said, I am advising you to keep your ears open and your eyes peeled because in 2019 I believe we will have a rare 3 super cycles during the year. The one this summer I rate at 25-30% likely for a ‘big’ event to take place. Next summer and fall it is much higher, especially for the fall. I have not calculated the percentages yet but i think the one for the fall is quite high.

Remember, when kids are playing a game and a bully is losing they will usually just throw everything down and walk away. This could happen with the world financial system because these people are just kid mentality bullies who think they have a right to bully people because they have a lot of money. Good luck, baron R.

Now as far as being on the road: We are tentatively planning to head to NM about the 1st week of July. We will be there about two weeks+. Then we will head toward Illinois, going through Kansas, Thomas N., and maybe to southern Michigan before returning to Texas in mid-August. Then, we will be prepping for Sukkot here in Normangee, Texas. We have people coming from Illinois, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, various towns and cities in Texas and who knows where else. We will have scriptural teachings almost everyday, music/entertainment and we are hoping for a couple of tours as well, one to a nearby olive ranch. So, if you have never been to the Sukkot capital of Texas, Normangee, this will be your year of opportunity.

Hope this post finds all of you well and I apologize for not having pictures of our blessing from the garden but will try to remedy that problem.

Num 6:22 And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying,
Num 6:23 “Speak to Aharon and his sons, saying, ‘This is how you bless the children of Yisra’ĕl. Say to them:
Num 6:24 “יהוה bless you and guard you;
Num 6:25 יהוה make His face shine upon you, and show favour to you;
Num 6:26 יהוה lift up His face upon you, and give you peace.” ’
Num 6:27 “Thus they shall put My Name on the children of Yisra’ĕl, and I Myself shall bless them.”



1 thought on “Shalom, Gardening, Howdy and Be Vigilant!!

  1. For your no-till an inexpensive type system is to put a bunch of layers of cardboard on top of the soil and to make it look ‘pretty’ a couple inches of mulch on top hides the unsightlies. Then, get some 6 in or greater diameter PVC pipe about two feet long , drill a bunch of holes in it large enough for earthworms to pass through and bury those flush with the ground. Then, get food scraps from restaurants or wherever and fill them up except for the top 6in. and in that top 6 in. you want to put coffee grounds. No dog or wild critter can smell it through the coffee grounds. The earthworms will burrow from one pipe to the next munching their way from smorgasbord to smorgasbord!!! Those capillary burrows will be filled with earthworm castings, arguably the best fertilizer on the earth. And, earthworms will burrow as deep as 25 ft into the earth and bring up minerals flushed out of the soil to put it into the plants’ roots reach. Plus, earthworms will till 22 tons of topsoil per acre per year. All we have to supply them with is the throw away scraps of food (and cardboard – LOL, it is amazing how earthworms love cardboard??? Give me a good steak and baked potato…ha ha ha ). anyway, happy gardening!
    Blessings, my friend and brother, very good to ‘hear’ from you,
    Thomas NoDoubt

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