Please Standby

Hello everyone. I will not post another article until after January 20, 2017. I believe that there are so many distractions going now that it would be futile to post an article and the next article that I want to write is very complex and very timely for everyone, not just Americans. It will be, if not the most difficult then the second most difficult article I have written.


It appears to me that there are at least 100,001 conspiracy theories relative to January 20th and therefore I will wait until at least the 21st of January to post my next article. That way 99,901 conspiracy theories will go away, leaving only 1,000,000 new conspiracy theories to wade through. ((Strange how they multiply so quickly.))

I want to thank Planetprisoner for his call and numerous others who have called or emailed worried about Von and I. We have had some physical health issues and have lost a very close member of our family but we are still kicking.

I look forward to showing you something you may not have ever thought about before.

Yah bless.



6 thoughts on “Please Standby

    • Hello Rick,
      Hope and pray you and yours are well. We appreciate the thoughts and especially the prayers. Thanks for keeping me in the email loop. Also, when you see Brother Nathan again let him know that our little group keeps him in prayer. It is not an easy thing to preach repentence but it is what thisnation needs most. Donald Trump will not make America great again only He who made America great in the first place can do that and it can only be accomplished if believers in America repent. (II Chron. 7:14)

  1. Hi Jake,
    Thanks a ton for staying connected. Von has been sick for a few days and I am hoping she will get better soon. Hope you and yours are doing well. We’ll wipe the dust off the seat of our britches and wipe our snotty noses and be back at work soon.

  2. Your posts are always thought provoking, CC.
    The web is a strange place. Sometimes people disappear for a while (including ones self) and we don’t have an appreciation of other people’s lives.
    Prayers for you both right now!
    Looking forward to your article.

  3. ..humility, devotion, compassion, HE bestowed his blessings on our beginnings. We have strayed so far from that beginning. Hallelujah !
    You are a watchman on this ‘web’, prayers here.

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