The Sky is falling, The Sky is Falling! NOT!!!

Lately I have not commented on current events per se. But, this is bugging the heck out of me so I must make a comment. Greece is wanting to default on its loans, the loans made in bad faith by members, or former members of Goldman Sachs and JPM who were members of the EU and/or the then current Greek government. Greece could never in a million years repaid those loans under the conditions specified. But here is the part that irks the heck out of me. Germany, the nation that has not repaid a loan in over 100 years is insisting that Greece repay every penny. As I have already told you, Germany will join with Russia and China and the other Eastern Bloc nations for the invasion of America. But Germany has never repaid any “lawful” debt that has been placed upon the nation in over 100 years. SO, Germany wants Greece to do something that it has not done. Was Germany’s debt “lawful” after WWI and WWII? Yes, they were. Why? Because Germany agreed to them just like Greece. Every country in the world forgave German debt but now Germany will not forgive Greek debt. Sounds like something out of the New (Renewed Covenant) Testament ((Matt. 18:27-35.

This is all I have to say about that.



8 thoughts on “The Sky is falling, The Sky is Falling! NOT!!!

  1. Too bad we aren’t all brothers. We would forgive debts every 7th year, and in the perfection of His will, we would ‘break even’ overall. Guess we know whose plan man is truly following, sigh….

  2. Big C, I might respond that Germany did not agree to the reparations of WW1 whatsoever. (IMHO) They were not even invited to attend the Treaty of Versailles, nor St. Germain. Those terms were decided on their behalf. Further, after what happened to Germany towards the end of WWII, they agreed (agreed with a gun to their heads), but they did not have much of a choice. We could and should debate the circumstances (mostly the BS we have all been taught, you know how the victors write history), but what has happened to Germany (or to be correct, the German people) over the last 100 years is more than a tragedy. Its an abomination (at one time, Germany ,like Russia, most of Europe and even the US of A, were countries with good peoples with very strong Christian values, morals, integrity and virtue). Implying that “Germany” has done or not done anything is a misnomer. Germany, like most of the west (and dare I say) even the good ole US of A, has been occupied for the last century and still is. The fact that the peoples (Germans and Americans) are not aware does not change the fact of what has been done to them.

    Germany, of course, will join in the pile on. But that’s part of the plan, isn’t it? Isn’t it now time to crush another great peoples?

    BTW, love your work. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

    • Hello Stranger,
      I will tell a tale on myself. It had been so long since I signed into my cdhtexas account I could not remember the account or password. As an act of a huge coincidence I figured it out last night and found your emails there. (Old age I guess) If you will go back to my article you will see that I have the word “lawful” in quotations. There is a difference between lawful and legal and it usually involves a gun to the head. Lawful is literally might makes right. The same thing happened to the southern states after the Civil War. They were barred from voting on certain bills and at least 2 amendments, 13th and 14th I think. ((I know there was a lot of subterfuge that took place over the 13th Amendment because there was already a 13th Amendment. The original 13th Amendment kept attorneys from having political office by virtue of the fact that it denied them US citizenship. The last time it was printed as part of the US Constitution was 1868.)) I will get a PM or two your way. There are some things I want to catch up on. Hope all if well with you and yours.

      • Looking forward to the PMs Big C.

        Threw me for a loop on the 14th amendment reference. I remembered that is was one big gobbledegook of double speak regarding nationalization and jurisdiction and interpreted a whole bunch of different ways, so I went back and looked it up. Its still one big gobbledegook of double speak. What the 14th says, what it was meant to say and how it has been interpreted are all different things.

  3. Well, well, well…looks like old home week. All we need is lastmanstanding and our card game would be complete. Glad to see you are writing again CC. I do enjoy it. I hope all is well with the both of you and things are going your way. Lots of changes on my end. Drop me a line some time.


  4. AWESOME!!!! How’s it going? I will drop you a line. If you and John can give me a few days. Von is having a tough go of it right now. I don’t have a lot of free time but I want to hook up with everyone. I’m sorry about being out of pocket for a while. I could not believe I didn’t remember my account name much less the password. Would also like to hear from FiatFlatLine if he is still around and California has dropped of into the Pacific.

    Have several days of doctors appointments this week for Von and will give you guys an email soon.
    Thanks for the line.

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