Daniel’s Cycle of Time. (It was never a timeline!)

It has taken me much longer to write this follow-up to the earlier post about fleeing Babylon but I have been extremely busy. For an unknown reason Von has lost the use of her right leg and we camped out at the emergency room/hospital for a few days. We are now home but we still do not know the cause of the problem, although I suspect HaSatan is involved, and we do not know a solution other than to go to the Father in prayer and ask for His Healing. So with that being said, I want to give you an explanation of what the cycle of time is and is not, that I attached to the previous article. Also, I will not review what is contained in the articles that I recommended at the end of the last article, for brevity’s sake.

If you have not already noticed, on the right hand side of the cycle is writing in red. Just above that writing is a note: Shavua 1: Time begins. This marks the time when Adam and Eve (Chawa) were created in the Garden of Eden. Each shavua is 49 years long. So the multiplication is easy, multiply the number of shavuas (Shavuot is the correct plural) times 49 and find out the year after Adam. I represent this as AA. This is the year 5851 AA in my reckoning. Please print up the sabbatical year template found in the third of the three recommended articles. These two tools together will guide you through the process of learning and using the Cycle.

I have already talked about this once but it bears repeating: the prophecy in Daniel 9:25-26 has absolutely nothing to do with Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah coming to Earth. Period! I will prove it for the last time. Show me where it is used as proof by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, or for that matter, Peter, James (Yeshua’s half-brother, Jude (Yeshua’s half brother) or best of all Sha’ul (Paul). Paul was a scholar, a Pharisee, a Hebrew of Hebrews who sat at the feet of Gamaliel and would have known that, if this was a prophecy of the coming messiah, it would be quoted numerous times but it is not used not one time as a proof that Yeshua was spoken of in this scripture. Don’t you find that odd? Who is it referring to? YHWH’s anointed prince (captain or commander is a better translation). The mistranslation of the word maschiach is what causes the confusion. Maschiach simply means anointed. The view that this was a coming of the Messiah originated two hundred years after the messiah’s death. Julius Africanus and Clement of Alexandria were the two biggest culprits in this lie. I do not think that it was an intentional lie as it was a misunderstanding. The Jews changed their calendar to make it look  like Shimeon bar Khochba was the true messiah and I think this is where Julius and Clement got the idea. When bar Khochba was killed the Jews did not change their calendar back to where it was. Please read 1st and 2nd Samuel and see how and how often David is referred to as the Lord’s anointed in the KJV.

I know you won’t believe the next part so I will post it just as it appears in scripture (KJV) with the Strong’s numbers next to each word so you can see what we are talking about:

Eze_34:23 And I will set upH6965 oneH259 shepherdH7462 overH5921 them, and he shall feedH7462 them, even(H853) my servantH5650 David;H1732 he shall feedH7462 them, and heH1931 shall beH1961 their shepherd.H7462

Eze_34:24 And IH589 the LORDH3068 will beH1961 their God,H430 and my servantH5650 DavidH1732 a princeH5387 amongH8432 them; IH589 the LORDH3068 have spokenH1696 it.

Eze_37:24 And DavidH1732 my servantH5650 shall be kingH4428 overH5921 them; and they allH3605 shall haveH1961 oneH259 shepherd:H7462 they shall also walkH1980 in my judgments,H4941 and observeH8104 my statutes,H2708 and doH6213 them.

Eze_37:25 And they shall dwellH3427 inH5921 the landH776 thatH834 I have givenH5414 unto JacobH3290 my servant,H5650 whereinH834 your fathersH1 have dwelt;H3427 and they shall dwellH3427 therein,H5921 even they,H1992 and their children,H1121 and their children’sH1121 childrenH1121 for ever:H5769 and my servantH5650 DavidH1732 shall be their princeH5387 for ever.H5769

Hos_3:5 AfterwardH310 shall the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 return,H7725 and seekH1245 (H853) the LORDH3068 their God,H430 and DavidH1732 their king;H4428 and shall fearH6342 H413 the LORDH3068 and his goodnessH2898 in the latterH319 days.H3117

Strange, isn’t it? A prophecy concerning the Children of Israel and it has been misconstrued to mean something that it was never meant to say and as a result we have an entire generation of believers looking for something that won’t happen when they think it should. Google images of Daniel’s timeline and you will get several and all different but all alike in some ways. One of the ways that they will be similar will be that the timeline will start with 69 weeks and then has a long unknown period of time known as the dispensation of the “Church”. Then, either a 3.5 year tribulation or a 7 year tribulation depending on whether or not they use 3.5 years for Yeshua’s ministry. There will be no 3.5 year tribulation and there will be no 7 year tribulation. The tribulation that you and I must prepare for is 13.25 years. Got enough freeze dried food? Why? Everyone skips over chapter 8. In it, the saints are punished 2300 days and nights and this is in addition to the 42 months and “time, times and a half a time”, and 1260 days. With this cycle of time there is no “unknown dispensation” period.

There will be no way you can put up enough food, water, guns and/or ammunition to survive this period of time. You can however, put on the full armor of YHWH and survive this period of time. I know you think I am either crazy or, uh, crazy but I assure you I am not. And here is some more bad news. We are told in Ezekiel 20:37 that we will have to pass under the rod. What does that mean? Look to Leviticus 27:32. Only one tenth of the remnant will be saved. The other 90% will die. SORRY! Wish I had better news. and, NO Virginia, there is no Santy Clause, Ishtar Easter Bunny, tooth fairy or Rapture. One is as big a lie as the other. If you think you are going to save your life by your own efforts you are not. This is the one time in history that you will have no choice but to believe in the Father and His salvation Yahoshua (Yeshua/Jesus) ((Matthew 16:25, Mark 8:35, Luke 9:24, 17:33))

Next time we will talk about the covenant made with many, and it stinks!!



5 thoughts on “Daniel’s Cycle of Time. (It was never a timeline!)

  1. Continuing to pray for healing for Van. Thank you for the post, I am grateful for your work and willingness to share it. I will go over everything from the beginning to be sure I understand it and can explain it to others.

  2. Von, prayers sent. CC, for you too. Great message, I always truly enjoy learning from your work.
    Be Blessed, Healings on the way,

    • Shalom Matilda,
      Thank you for the link. I have checked it out and will take this up with Von’s primary physician. She is a bit more pro-supplements than most doctors. Hope you and yours are well. Yah bless.

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