I’m Baaack, Again!!! ALERT!! ALERT!!

Hello Everyone,

Just to let everyone know, we have been very busy, both in Texas and New Mexico. I am cautioning all of my family, and you are my electronic family, to keep their bug-out-bags close, all firearms loaded and the fuel tank on your primary bug-out-vehicle topped off at all times. I recommend that you do this until November 30th. The price of fuel is down right now so top off any extra fuel cans that you have and add some Sta-Bil to them.

Make sure that your family knows all destinations and rally points along the way to your primary bug-out location. When using CB’s and/or FMRS radios, know all your primary and secondary frequencies. By now, I hope that you have practiced your caravanning together. This is very important. Your biggest, meanest-looking vehicle should be in the lead and all smaller vehicles should be close, on the bumper, behind.

Three things to remember: beans, rice and peanut butter These three things will keep you alive for a very long time. Don’t forget OATMEAL!!! Oatmeal can be a life saver. Add it to your drinking water, use the fine shavings of oatmeal for a body power or in your shoes and boots to absorb moisture and drink the oatmeal from the drinking water to keep hydrated and full. If you want to, you can add the oatmeal from the drinking water to your bread/pancake mixes.

My family, we are entering a time of great uncertainty. If you make all the preparations that I have given you, you will fare very well. Hopefully, you and I will laugh at how silly we were a year from after nothing happened.

Over the next several weeks there will be no less that 8 major readiness exercises. These exercises include a simulated hacking of the Federal Reserve/banking system with more than one thousand banks participating nationwide, also a continent-wide, not U.S. only but Canada and Mexico as well, simulation of the power grid going down and several simulated terrorist strikes. Any one of these, or multiples thereof, could be a false flag event. Stay ready, stay alert.

Also, Joshua Bernard, over at http://www.thebestbugoutbaglist.com/ has been trying to teach this old dog a new trick and that is how to post a permanent link on my website to his. Please drop by Joshua’s website. He has some good practical information there as well as product testing and evaluation of survival gear for your bug-out-bag. Remember the differences in the phases of survival. Your bug-out-bag is intended for Phase I survival only. In other words, it should provide you water, nutrition and important papers to survive the initial 72-hours of emergency. This should include all of your critical medications, i.e. coumadin, insulin, blood pressure medicines, etc.

I will be heading back to New Mexico for a quick trip in November and will try, if everything goes well, be back in Texas during the first week of December. If we have a disaster of some sort all bets are off as to where I will be.

Now, once again, stay ready and stay alert but don’t take prepping and yourself TOO seriously. Read a Patrick McManus or Erma Bombeck book. Once a rerun of SecondHand Lions, with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine. Or, watch reruns of the Beverly Hillbillies or Three Stooges. What is the point of surviving only to live in gloom for the rest of your life. Smile, laugh and LOVE as much as possible each and everyday. Make life worth living and surviving.

Yah bless each and everyone.

Country Codger

5 thoughts on “I’m Baaack, Again!!! ALERT!! ALERT!!

    • Hi Hognuts,

      Really good to hear from you. I noticed that Nucor was in your address line. Where are you located?
      Good luck and God bless you and yours in the coming days, weeks and months.

      • Outside of Charleston S.C. on the banks of the Cooper River.

        God Bless yout to and all you do to get folks ready!

    • Hi Josh,
      I did apologize for being technologically challenged. In 2004 my brain said “no more”. I started my computer career in 1972. I thought the self winding reel was the end of all ends when it first came out. Years later, I had an 8.5″ floppy and then it was down to a 5.25 inch floppy and then 2- 3.5″ floppies. I bought my first harddrive for $10.00/megabyte ($200.00). I thought that this was the end of the world for computers. Now, my out of date Bedrock 1000 computer (the finest ever made by Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone) has several hundred gigabytes, most of which go unused, and the capacity of the computer is greatly limited by the capacity of the operator.

      I gave your site to many during a conference last month and hope that they benefitted from it. We don’t have much time to reach a maximum of folks. We must make sure that we can help as many people as possible. Good luck to you and your loved ones.


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