Will Kim Kardashian Survive TEOTWAWKI?

Before you call the guys in white coats, think about it? Today, after turning on my computer and going to Yahoo I see, once again, the top search trend is Kim Kardashian. Why? You never see her doing a video of how to field dress a deer or field strip an FAL. She’s cute and that is about it. My mate is HOT and she can field dress a deer, qualifies with a .357 magnum revolver, AR-15 and 12 gauge shotgun every year and you never see her name as the top search term on Yahoo. So what is our society’s obsession with Kim Kardashian.

I think it is because Kim, like our society, is superficial. Our whole culture is built upon a lie and Ms. Kardashian is just a symptom and not the underlying cause. Our society needs a spokesperson for how shallow we are as a nation and Ms. Kardashian is it. I am a great admirer of REAL women and Ms. Kardashian is not one of them. I have had the great blessing of knowing many REAL women in my life and here are some of them.

Both of my grandmothers were REAL women. They were tough, no-nonsense, loved to fish, loved the outdoors and could survive tough times, like the Great Depression. They taught me to fish, cook, encouraged me at a young age to hunt and were happy to cook whatever I brought home.

My maternal grandmother, Mammaw, could grow anything. I inherited her love of growing and canning my own fruits and vegetables. She

Me and Mammaw a few years ago

kept a .22 rifle close by just in case Mr. Squirrel made the mistake of showing his head in a nearby tree. She made the best fried squirrel, squirrel gravy and squirrel dumplings. All during the Depression she kept a 6 acre “garden” which she plowed with a mule. I have heard the story many times, how she saw a rabbit eating tasty morsels in her garden, chased it, caught it and then cooked it. I can’t imagine Kim Kardashian chasing a rabbit, let alone catching it or cooking it. Pa-lease!

My paternal grandmother, Grandmother, was a fisherman’s fisherman. Many times we would wake up at 5 a.m. to go fishing only to find Grandmother had already fixed coffee and biscuits while we slept. Dad and I would wake to go hunting and try not to wake Grandmother but usually our breakfast was ready for us, as well as our mid-morning snack and a Thermos of coffee. Not only that, she would pass on the latest information about who had killed what and where. She could make a deer proud to have given its life when she prepared a venison roast. You could almost envision the old buck smiling with pride upon smelling the roast himself. I don’t see Ms. Kardashian getting up at 5 a.m. for any reason, well maybe a sale at Neiman Marcus, but definitely not to cook biscuits. “I don’t do mornings”!

Now my mom didn’t stop the tradition. She would always cook up  whatever I brought home. Not only that, she always encouraged me to hunt, fish and “roam” the woods. During the winter I would come in the front door, drop my book sack and grab my rifle or shotgun, both of which were on my gun rack at the front door, and take off for the woods to hunt before it got dark and Mom would yell something like “Do your homework when you get home” before the door slammed. Mom fished but was not a dyed in the wool fisherman like Mammaw and Grandmother. But whenever Mom cooked a meal with something I had killed she would set out a saucer beside your plate so you would have a place to set the shotgun pellets. I can’t imagine Ms. Kardashian spitting shotgun pellets much less setting out a saucer for them. Oh, gross!

Not to be outdone, my sister Gale could out shoot most men, much to the chagrin of my brother-in-law William, the deputy sheriff. Gale would tolerate fishing and will eat anything we bring home but she is not a hunter. She has always just been very good at shooting. I often credit her as being one of the best masculine influences in my life. She is tough. I won’t even try to compare Kim to Gale.

Now, that brings me to Von. You have read my many rantings about how special she is but I will give you a little more detail. She has helped me trap hogs, kill them, dress them and then cook them. She has on many occasions helped me dress deer, clean fish or fowl and been eager to cook them. I have learned a lot about cooking game from Von because she learned a lot from her Mom (Momma Ethel) and Dad (Daddy Waldo). She is a superior gardener, excellent cook and not afraid of anything. She is tough and no-nonsense. If Von breaks a fingernail while gardening she considers it a good day. I can’t imagine Ms. Kardashian breaking a nail, gardening or otherwise. Nor can I imagine Kim K. qualifying with a .357 revolver, 12 gauge shotgun or an AR-15, much less own all three. Oh, to die for!

Now Momma Ethel is about as tough as a work horse’s behind. She, like my mother, is now 90 and still kicking. Besides raising seven daughters she has always worked outside the home. She has cleaned hogs and deer, cooked up a mess of greens that she has harvested in the woods herself, and loves to fish. For some reason I just can’t imagine Kim K. putting a worm on a hook. Eeewww!

One thing that all the women above have in common is that they are godly women who have raised their families to know and love the Lord. This is something I just can’t imagine Ms. Kardashian aspiring to, a deep relationship with God. In fact, I cannot imagine her having a deep relationship with anyone except Kim. 

If I had a spokesmodel for preppers I would choose one of the women above. I might be tempted to choose someone like Kenda Lenseigne, who is the Overall National Champion in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association competition. Now, Overall National Champion means that she has beaten the pants off her male counterparts as well as the female ones. She is also 4 time World Point Champion Cowgirl. I can’t imagine Kim training horses, much less shooting from the back of one at a full run. I would not be surprised to learn that Kim thinks horses smell bad. Phew!

So will Kim Kardashian survive when SHTF? Of course. The Department of Homeland Security will hire Kim as their spokesperson. They will probably put her in a skimpy FEMA bikini and put her beside the pool at Camp FEMA and men and women alike will see that FEMA camps can be fun for the whole family. People will flock to FEMA camps in the hope of seeing Ms. Kardashian model her latest bikini, skin-tight dress or pants, or sell perfume. No, the Kim Kardashians of the world will always be with us, being used by the government to entice and enslave people with so little gray matter they need to be told what to do.

I am sure that Kim K. is probably a really nice person whose IQ is at least equal to her bust size, maybe, and that she is a really complicated, intelligent individual who is simply misunderstood. NOT! She is called a Reality TV star and I suppose that the only thing real about the show is that she is shallow and superficial.

For all you men out there that think Kim Kardashian is something to aspire to, I’ve got news for you, you will not survive TEOTWAWKI.

God bless all you REAL women out there and REAL men love and appreciate everything  about you.

7 thoughts on “Will Kim Kardashian Survive TEOTWAWKI?

  1. AMEN SIR! I will stick with my wife anyday. She is a good old fashioned farm girl who is an asset in any situation.
    KK might be fun for a roll in the hay, but would you want her watching yer back?

    I better leave it at that afore I get in real trouble! 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing such beautiful memories. The real feminine traits like tenderness, compassion, reverance for home and family, are almost gone–but not within the hearts and minds of those who care about the future. The propaganda machine that took off 100 years ago (thanks to Edward Bernays) has fine tuned psychologically controlling the masses. What was bad is now considered good. What was wrong is now considered right. Nothing is at is appears. And I now know that that has been the condition for many generations… God bless.

  3. I have never seen this Kardashian phenomenon but hear many speak of her [them] and I even see pics of them here and there. I knew I wasn’t missing much.
    You reminded me of my Granny Josey. Her maiden name was “Earp”, yep just like the “Wyatt”. That is one wild branch in my family tree. …anyway, she always carried a Colt in her apron. She stood tall as a tree and broad as a wagon [course I was just 5 or 6 when she died so most everyone was that big to me then]. She also chewed tobacco and I remember she would rock in a chair on the porch while stringing beans, take 2 fingers to her lips and drown a bumble bee at 20 feet. She was one tough woman. She also had the sweetest gospel singing voice I ever recall and she, too, was keen on squirrel gravy and wild greens and sweet clover.
    Thanks for bringing that memory back to me….Lord willing, those of us with those kinds of memories shall be here long after the SHTF.
    This “forever QE” is the last stand for the dollar. At $40 B per month, it won’t take long for the world to start using the US dollar from a stack laying on the back of the toilet, if ya know what I mean. As for gold and silver…..I am gonna definitely keep on stackin.
    God Bless
    P.S. -does Von have any single sisters?? …heehe!

  4. We have a lot in common you old codger. The women in my family are just about the same as yours, I even have a grandmother who worked in an underground coal mine. All of them were real women just as you describe.

    But I broke the chain when I was smitten by a city girl. There is still hope for her yet. Wish me luck.

  5. I absolutely love your blog.. Very nice colors & theme.

    Did you create this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my own blog and want to find out where you got this from or just what the theme is named. Many thanks!

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