Kilo One-Six, What’s You’re Sitrep, Over?

Catchy title? Not really. Kilo One Six is my old call sign. Many the night, usually around 2 a.m., I would be dozing with one earphone over my ear and the other ear listening to the noises around me and get the above call. It was a call from our headquarters wanting me to report my status (SitRep). My usual response was “One-Six A-O-K, out.” Short and sweet, right? It had to be. If you were real chatty, chances were the bad guys would find us using radio direction finding. That was bad.

So here is my Sitrep (situation report).

I am back in the state of Confusion, often called Texas. I did not come back because I wanted to but because it was necessary. Von has been experiencing some health issues and it was necessary for me to be here to support her. End of story. She is doing well and we are looking forward to the doctor releasing her soon. At which time I will return to New Mexico and try to persuade her to do the same. You might move Earth and you might move Heaven but you will not force Von to do something she doesn’t want to. I suspect that several of you ladies that are reading this are very like-minded and understand what I am saying.

Being back in Texas has a whole new set of challenges in and of itself. I am preparing for the next trip and the next cabin. Yes, my nephew Chris and I built another cabin while we were in New Mexico and as I stated in an earlier article, it will be for Von and I. (I won’t bore you with more details and photos.) The next cabin will be called the

Stacks of wood that will become the Bunkhouse.

Bunkhouse and it will be used to house members of our family that have failed to prepare. Nothing fancy but it beats being homeless and hungry. We are also buying additional supplies, ammunition and storable food.

Piles of wood waiting to be sorted and stacked.

For the benefit of any reader new to Codgerville we are not preparing for the end of the world. I don’t even know how or why you would do that. We are preparing for ANY major crisis that may disrupt our world as we know it, be it economic crisis, martial law, WWIII, Civil War II, EMP’s (natural or manmade) or catastrophic earth changes. How do you do that? By living a prepared lifestyle. Go back to earlier articles and see how you can alter your lifestyle so that you will be able to survive no matter what!

It’s a Fire Sale!

 What is a fire sale? It is a sale where everything must go. While back in Texas I am trying to sell land in three states. Anything that does not facilitate the survival of my family during the impending hard times must go. This includes vehicles, houses and land, appliances that will not be of any use in a survival setting, i.e. will run off of a battery bank and/or propane, and anything that is just nice to have but really serves no function in a survival setting.

In turn, the proceeds from these sales will be used to purchase the five basic precious metals, gold, silver, lead, brass and guns, as well as more storable food, more solar panels and batteries and more efficient appliances. It will also enable us to add to our stocks of diesel and propane.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

This has been an age-old question debated by philosophers, intellectuals and even so-called scientists. Ask any farmer and he will tell you straight out it was the chicken. Who else would sit on an egg 21 days to incubate it? Duh!

So what will happen first, economic collapse? WWIII? Civil War II? Martial law? Does it matter? No matter which happens first it will result in all the others happening shortly thereafter. So, if war breaks out in the Middle East (WWIII), and it makes no difference who is involved, then there will be economic collapse, martial law in Amerika, followed closely by Civil War II. It has already made the news that if Barack Insane Obama wins the reelection there will be Civil War in Amerika and there are municipalities preparing for this scenario. No matter which scenario happens first we will lose our world, and especially our beloved country, as we know it.

When The Poop Hits the Oscillator-Revisited.

You can read the original article here. ( Whether or not I was very optimistic or ever so naive (this is Evian spelled backwards for all you bottled water drinkers) when I wrote this article. I have come to the conclusion that 90% of Americans will die within the first year after a collapse of society. Originally, I believed and wrote that I expected 2/3’s of America’s population to die before the situation stabilizes. After more extensive and scientific observation, also called shopping at Wal-Mart, I have come to the conclusion that 90% of Americans would die if the power grid went down for only one year. I am not the only one that feels this way. ( and (

The first to die would be those who are dependent upon assisted living, temperature sensitive drugs, i.e. diabetics. The resulting lawlessness that would spring up after such a loss of power would make wastelands out of the populated areas. Police, National Guard and military units would desert and try to protect their own families rather than worry about the general population and who could blame them.

Is There A Silver Lining Here?

Yes, there is a silver lining and here it is. You still have time to make your preparations, plans, purchase more food, supplies, medicines, precious metals and practice your bugout. This is the time called “The Gap”. It is the time in which you know a hurricane is headed your way and you still have the opportunity to prepare. We know a storm is coming, what kind, we don’t know and personally, I really don’t care, other than that I am preparing for it.

I do not know how long I will be here but I know that I will have to make trips to New Mexico, possibly Louisiana and various locations in Texas to sell land, take care of legal business and finalize certain preparations. If you send questions or comments I will try to get to them as quickly as possible.

As with any storm, we can prepare, we can hope and we can pray. Indeed, with enough prayer and hope we may see this storm make an unanticipated turn, like a tornado or hurricane that suddenly changes it path, and our nation be spared any tragedy. But if our nation continues on its present path we will see destruction come to our nation.

It is time for you to prepare your mind, heart, spirit and family for the coming storm. If you are a new “prepper” and uncertain about what to do read the other articles on this site. Follow the links in the articles for tips, tricks and further information about a whole range of issues relating to survival. As I have stated in the past, this is not a call to arms but a call to get armed. The present administration makes no bones about the fact that they are going to try to take our guns away. First, they must make them difficult to purchase. Then they must make ammunition hard to find and finally, they will make you turn them in. How you ask?  Whether or not you are Christian read Genesis 47:13-25, Lamentations 1:11. You see, tyrants use the same time-tested techniques to accomplish their goals. If you are hungry and starving you will beg for them to take your guns in exchange for food. Pay particular attention to chapter 47 verse 21 where the people where rounded up and placed into cities so they could be controlled. Also, read verse 19 where the people begged the ruler to take their land and even themselves as slaves in exchange for food. Tyrants change, but their game plan remains the same.

You can only be free if you are prepared to be free. Good luck and God bless.

14 thoughts on “Kilo One-Six, What’s You’re Sitrep, Over?

  1. Well, hello there! I’ve been missing you.
    Hate to hear about Von’s health problems. I hope she is much better now.
    thanks for the post.

  2. First let me send my well wishes for Von’s speedy recovery. I don’t see anything keeping her down for too long! Second, thanks for peeking your head out to touch base with the folks who find guidance and comfort from your words… even if they are not optimistic. I do find it interesting that the corporate media has given air time to a “what if” scenario in Texas if Obama is reelected… almost like they are fueling the fire to instigate an excuse TO initiate martial law, gun ban, etc. I don’t think it really matters WHO gets into office… we will fight “someone else’s” war against Iran (WWIII), shedding more of OUR treasure’s blood for a so-called ally whose got our government officials by the cahones. Our precious military men and women are waking up, thank God.

    • Hi RC,
      Never doubt for one minute that they are fueling the fire. The presstitute media tried like hell to get a race war going over the Trevon Martin issue. Any time a young person dies, it is terrible and I commend Trevon Martin’s mother for coming out the way she did to try and put down a race war. The old saying “He who shoots first loses” is very appropriate in this situation. We have been fighting other people’s wars for a long time and by the way, our government servants have no cahones or they would stand up for the Constitution. they are nothing but eunochs, and that includes “Butch” Napolitano.

    • Hi Hognutz,
      Thanks, I missed all of you. I want to thank everyone who comes to Codgerville for your patience and understanding. Von and I are discussing the possibility of getting a satellite internet connection. Several of us in the ether world are trying to get our “HAM” license, Oh, sorry Hognutz, no offense, so that we can keep in touch after things get dicey. I know you can access the I-net over HF frequencies nowadays so this is an option as well. I will try to keep writing as long as I can. Good luck and God bless.

  3. So glad to see/hear you are back, just as the above comments, I have checked your blog almost every weekday since your last post. You are probably at the top of my long long list where I get info. I really take to heart what you share here, and I don’t even know you, well after reading all of your articles, I guess I do know you through what you write??? Well that was kinda confusing. Just wanted to say, glad you’re back and hope you get the time to keep spreading some of your experience/knowledge with the ones of us that are attempting to physically save our families from the freight train coming toward us.

    • Hi Jake,
      I will try to improve my record of the last few months. I have been extremely busy trying to build a cabin and get another cleared for construction. I have bid on a contract to make a little extra money over the next few weeks for that I can purchase some needed replacement items. You can always write me at and I will get back to you. Please understand that I have at least 5 attempted hacks/day and have had some destructive attacks on my computers in the last 2 weeks. I have three computers on a surge protector power strip that was turned off and all three computers were turned off. Some how, there was a loud boom, and all three computers were smoking and the power supplies were melted. I have managed to get one working and can communicate now but i cannot guarantee that it will last very long. I was warned last week to get rid of any mobile phones except pay as you go type phones because i was a security risk. My wife and I will comply even though we have phones that are “borrowed” but the person who loaned them to us is a Vietnam vet as well. I know that he is under observation as well as I am because we have had several assignments together and feel the same about what has happened to our country.

      Jake, our time is getting short. Make sure that your family is prepared and that you have good E&E plans (Escape and Evasion) so that you and your family will survive the next few months. How long do we have? Quien sabe? 1 month, 2, 3, 4 maybe more? I do not know. All reports are pointing toward a big event in late October or November/December (around the holidays) for a huge false flag event. Many economists are saying that the time frame of March and April is the most likely time for a complete collapse. Whatever the case, go through your bugout plans, do simulated walk throughs and then do actual walk throughs. I walked 1200 miles just to make sure that i could and that I had good cache sites. I was at least 55 at the time. If i can do that at 55 I know others can go 100 miles in their sleep. (Also, I went from 250′ above sea level to over 7500′ above sea level.) Younger folks should be able to walk rings around me.!??
      Good luck and God bless.

  4. Welcome back, Codger! You have been sorely missed. Just happened to check in here to see if you had resurfaced. Sorry to hear of Von’s health issues, but glad to hear she is better now. Keep stackin’ and packin’ …

  5. HELLO CC! I just found out you have returned from NM parts unknown (or were back at this late date) . Sorry to hear of Von… Hope she has fully recovered by time. Thank you for your latest posts. Your incredible insights were / are missed. God Bless! MPB and Family.

    • Hi MPB,
      Long time no hear. Hope you and yours are well. Von is doing much better and is back at work hoping to retire in the VERY near future. I will try to write more often now that I am snowed out of NM. However, I am still trying to finish a house here, sell properties, care for stock and a dozen other things. I have one sick horse and the vet and I are stymied what is wrong with this thing, so I have been losing some sleep there as well.
      God bless you and yours in 2013,

    • Thanks Bob,
      It is always great to hear from a brother. I pray that the Lord grant you and yours health and prosperity in 2013. Also, I pray that you have all your preps already completed. Time is short. Good luck and God bless.

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