Confessions From the Luckiest Man in the World

I wish it was possible for me to communicate to you how lucky I am. I have been declared dead three times in my life. All of which, was without my consent. But this still does not make me the luckiest man in the world. Please follow with me.

Some of you have commented many times about my comments about my father. Dad had a brilliant mind and possessed a spirit that most people never understand much less experience. Dad could compute mathematical problems in his head that engineers in the 50’s and 60’s could not work on their magical slide rules. Dad would often comment “College idiots”. But Dad did not understand how unique he was in being able to process complex problems in just a matter of miliseconds. This made dad unique in just one of the many ways he was exceptional.

Next, my sister married one of the finest men on the face of this earth. He was not only a brother-in-law to me, he was a brother. My brother-in-law, William, was if nothing else, the voice of reason. I knew William was smart because he loved my Dad. William would often get mad at something mechanical and “throw it away” which meant he hauled it to my Dad’s. Dad would fix it and use it, sometimes for years. But William was just as gifted, he just did not recongnize it. There was nothing on God’s green earth that William would not tackle. He recovered furniture, built houses, raise livestock, grew crops, most of which we argued about good naturedly, repaired cars and a hundred different things than Dad. He thought Dad was special and Dad thought William was special. They were both correct.

In my life I have had the “authorities” declare me dead three different times. But that is not what makes me so lucky. What makes my life so special is that I have known men, like my father and my brother-in-law, who have taught me how to be a better person and a better human being. It was my fault if I did not listen or pay close attention. For that, I can only accept responsibility. They tried and I did not listen.

I wanted to write an article before I left of just some of the many conspiracies surrounding our nation, but time is too short. I have been busily engaged in packing for my trip to New Mexico. I hope and pray that each and everyone of you are making the same preparations.

I have tried to be honest with you all and tell you what I was doing in my life to prepare for hard times ahead. I have shown pictures of the progress we have made and even some of our setbacks. I hope this has helped all of you in some way.

I want to brag now about how much some of you have excelled. April Patel has not only progressed but she is now teaching others how to live better and eat more sensably. Just today Von about Sunflower. Like I told Von, Tess is busy teaching others about the miracles of coconut oil and other dietary cures for “illnesses”. Good job, Tess. Keep it up.

My cyber friends, Ben, Jim, John, Bill and Roger, all I can say is that you have given me more than I have given you. For someone who was shunned by his family and “friends” to have you guys ask for my input was a blessing. To Gareth and Leanne who are awaiting the arrival of my cyber neice or nephew, I say thank you.

For Ed, Hognutz, RealityChick, Piper and others, I want to say thank you for your support and cyber friendship. I wish you all the greatest successes in you projects and preparations for the future. This blogsite has been about you all. You have each contributed in some way and made this blog special because of it.

We are approaching the most serious time in our nation’s history. If we balk now, if we fail to muster the courage now, then all will be lost. It is up to each and everyone of us to decide, deep within ourselves, that the tyranny stops here. That America will not become the next Egypt, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Holy Roman Empire, Third Reich or British Empire. The concepts, written down in the blood of our forefathers, encapsulated in our Constitution, are ageless. If we stand and fight for them now, perhaps the next generation will not have to.

I have said, many times, in my writing that this is not a call to arms but a call to get armed. I repeat that now. Only you and God can decide when it is a Call To Arms. I pray that we never have to, but I also pray that IF we have to, that I will be found worthy of your respect.

Good luck, God bless you all in the coming days, weeks and months. God bless the Republic, Death to the New World Order. We shall overcome!!!

Sincerely, your servant,

Cyrus D. Harding

16 thoughts on “Confessions From the Luckiest Man in the World

  1. Dear Cyrus,
    Thank the Lord that I found you and Von on one of millions of blogs. Your passion for love, liberty and gratitude continues to plant seeds in my soul, and I will never be the same. You have already demonstrated your worthiness of our respect, and may God bless you for touching us all!

  2. Thanks for sharing your passions, your plans and your spirit, Codger. With folks like you and many of your fellow patriots, Liberty will prevail, Lord willing. God Bless America, and you and yours!

  3. Hey Cyrus. Your cyber-niece/nephew is getting feisty and moves around often these days. Perhaps he/she is getting a little impatient to greet the world 🙂 Only 7 weeks or so now.

    I dreamt he/she was a little boy last night and I was on a bike/pram hybrid zooming through the streets near here. Dreams are weird eh?

    Hope the move goes okay, keep in touch,

  4. I am so glad that I found you & your blog when I did! You have been a blessing & a kick in the butt for me & my family.
    God bless you & yours.
    I’ll be praying for you & all of our country in the days to come.
    Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much Cyrus. I and my family are so glad to have found your sincere, down to earth and carefully thought out articles on all that we are facing.

    The very best and God’s blessings to you and yours and to all of us in whatever exactly lay ahead.

    MPB & Family

  6. Your words and musings shall stay with me always. There is reason for our association, be it nothing more than the fellowship of 2 men sharing their life experiences. I hate that our world has become the place such as it is. God has his purpose for those of us who acknowledge HIM.

    I pray for your safety and health on your personal mission of Liberty and Freedom. If it is HIS will, our paths shall cross in real time, not a virtual one. If it is HIS will, We shall meet on that beautiful shore.

    Should you ever need to find me, I AM the PlanetPrisoner. I thank you for your kind words written above of me and of our band of Virtual Brothers. We shall talk again.

    The road ahead and the times to come shall wear on the lives of many men, women, and children and become as epic in our history as was the journey of early settlers to a new world unknown to them. As in that time, only the strong willed and those true in heart shall survive.

    May God bless and keep you and yours sheltered, safe, and healthy until that time we write or speak again. May God bless us all in these times to come.

  7. All I can say Codger is you are missed right now. Your words and common sense would be nice to read. I fear we are seeing things move a lot faster than many thought possible. I for one do not believe we will see the election this fall. I fear the Obama regime will take every step possible to remain in power and move so far to a tyrannical government that the prediction of civil war will come very true.

    Hope you and your family are safe.

  8. It has been kind of wild here with medical (husband mostly). Anyways, thinking of you and Von. I purchased a large quantity of seed last month. I need to re-read this article again. Funny thing is, I have been thinking about coconut milk today. I don’t have any yet – just some oil and would like more. – Blessings, TESS.

    • Me too…. yes. I too am missing the CC wisdom. When I saw a response from this Blog in the inbox my first thought was… wow! he’s back. Wrong. Missing the wise Codger of Codgerville.

      • Ah, sorry about that.
        I just always liked his matter-of-fact way of putting things. Made me feel better just reading about his experiences & way of thinking.

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