Cerberus Capital Management: The Guardian of the Gates of Hell!

About 8 months ago several of us, (RangerRick, PlanetPrisoner, Ben and others) had questions about what was

CERBERUS: A fitting name for a corporation conspiring to subvert our 2nd Amendment.

happening in the firearms industry. Several of us in the patriot community had heard rumors of a financial investment group called Cerberus Capital Management that was buying up gun manufacturers with the express purpose of running them into the ground or destroying their credibility in the public’s eye. I called every industry insider that I knew and everyone responded that the Cerberus Group was a BENIGN investment group and was not headed by George Soros and was not trying to destroy the gun manufacturing industry. Well, it is happening, slowly but surely.

 I don’t trust anything named Cerberus because in Greek mythology Cerberus was the three headed dog-like creature that guarded the gates of hell.

Too Big To Fail Gun Manufacturers

We have all heard about Too Big To Fail regarding banks but what about gun manufacturers? It appears that this is the case with companies owned by Cerberus. Cerberus’ biggest purchase by far has been Remington Firearms. Unfortunately, it is not the only one. Cerberus has also purchased several other companies, one of them being DPMS Firearms of Windham Maine.

The Wyndham Maine firearms plant has a long history of firearms manufacturing even before DPMS emerged on the scene. It began, as far as I know, manufacturing firearms in the early 1970’s. It was named Bushmaster, which produced a quality product. It was an CAR-15 style rifle with an AK-47 gas system which made it very efficient and very short. Unfortunately, this company went broke and was purchased by a brilliant businessman Dick Dyke. He started producing and selling AR-15 parts and accessories under the name of Quality Parts. Mr. Dyke also purchased Professional Ordance, who was a leader in producing carbon fiber AR-15 lower receivers. So, Mr. Dyke moved most of the manufacturing from Arizona, where Professional Ordance was located, left the Carbon fiber production in Arizona under the name Bushmaster and began full scale production of AR-15’s out of the Wyndham Maine plant under the trade name DPMS.

Cerberus Capital Management approached Mr. Dyke and purchased  DPMS for $76 million in 2006 and made Mr. Dyke sign a 5 year non-competition clause.

Everything seemed hunky dorey for 5 years and then Cerberus decided to “consolidate” some of its holdings. By this time Cerberus had acquired Remington Arms, Para USA, Barnes bullets, Marlin, Dakota Arms and DPMS. So the Wyndham Maine plant was closed in 2011 and moved to Remington’s factory in Ilion New York. This put a lot of talented gunsmiths and business people out of work.

What happened? Five years later Mr. Dyke got wind of the move and bought the factory back since his non-competition contract had expired. He re-organized the plant and brought back his old employees and now the old DPMS, Wyndham Maine plant produces high-end AR platform rifles under the new name WYNDHAM WEAPONRY.

Now, any of you who have been reading my articles for any length of time know that I am especially fond of DSARMS weapons. I still am, but I will vote for Mr. Dyke and Wyndham Weaponry with my pocketbook. Today, we can be pretty sure that the political voting in this country is rigged, that is all except being able to vote for something or someone by purchasing their product(s).

I am not saying throw your old DPMS in the trash but I am saying if you plan on purchasing an AR-15 style rifle in the immediate future, and yes they do produce a plain Jane model, then please consider purchasing a new one from Wyndham Weaponry. That way you are telling Cerberus and George Soros to go back to hell where they belong!!!

Good luck and God bless you and yours in 2012.

3 thoughts on “Cerberus Capital Management: The Guardian of the Gates of Hell!

  1. I have a Windham Weaponry AR-15 and it is awesome. Not only do I shoot brass, but the Tula and/or Wolf steel ammo shoot through it great too.

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