On the Clock of Tyranny…

On the clock of tyranny we are 30 seconds from Midnight. I will not go into an analysis of the N.D.A.A.or the various Executive Orders from der fuehrer in the last five months. So many people have already done this that I think it unnecessary for me to add anything to their analysis. I just wanted to add a link to an older article that I wrote December of 2011. ( https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/it-is-not-a-brave-new-world-but-rather-a-world-only-for-the-brave/ ). The closer we get to the summer months the more likely these events will take place. As I have stated in other articles, I do not see Obama voluntarily leaving office. I still believe that the key time will be the period from August through the end of the year, with major emphasis on the period just prior to the general election in November.

In June, I will be heading back to New Mexico. In all honesty, I have no immediate plans on returning, but that is subject to change. This is not fear-mongering but what I consider to be the act of a “reasonably prudent man”. As I have stated in personal messages and phone conversations with some of you, I have been early many times in getting to the party, but I have never been late. I don’t care to start now.

Now, before some of you ask when you read my next article, “Why are you looking at staying in New Mexico if you are building a new home in southeast Texas?” Because I hope I am wrong! If I am, you can laugh at me all you want to and I will laugh with you. But, if I am right and some type of a coup takes place to totally enslave Amerika, no one will be laughing.

I think it is time that all of you that are serious about preserving your family check and re-check your bug-out bags, double check your vehicles, use up all your stale gasoline or diesel and buy fresh fuel for your spare fuel cans. NOTE: this is much more important for gasoline than diesel because of the way gasoline is produced. Fuel purchased in the winter is much more volatile than fuel purchased in the summer due to additives used in the cooler months. Gasoline purchased during the warmer months is less volatile and will store longer than fuel purchased in the winter. Just a hint.

I will continue to add articles until I leave for New Mexico, @June 20th. After I am there it will be very difficult for me to add anything. I may be able to work something out with PlanetPrisoner or Rainmaker to make postings for me but I have yet to discuss this possibility with them. (Guys, let me know what you think of this idea.)

If I say that I have faith but don’t translate that to action in my life then my faith is really dead. (The Book of James in the New Testament is one of my favorite.)

Having said all of this, this is NOT a bug-out call. It is a personal note to all of you of what I  am preparing to do in my own life. As of today, May 10th 2012 we still have a reasonably free nation and some hope of turning this thing around. But, when the roadblocks go up I think it will be too late.

Good luck and God bless you all.

5 thoughts on “On the Clock of Tyranny…

  1. Your updates keep us on our toes, and I know everyone reading this is as grateful as ever for your insight and wisdom. Good to re-read your prior posts again to help me keep focused (thanks for the link)! We are in this together, yet all on our own. And the only “collective” I support is that of the collective spirit, which I believe the awakened share and which will be our strength, whether we realize the connectedness or not. Blessings to you and yours, CC.

  2. Thanks for your “Heads Up”. I agree completely that we’re closer to a major event than most are willing to acknowledge. Like yourself, me and mine have headed to safer ground early. It does no good to wait until the balloon goes up and then participate in the mad scramble to get to the retreat. I’ve appreciated your thoughtful blog posts, and do hope you’ll find a way to continue to encourage and educate us. God bless you and your family.

  3. Thanks for your post… I think. lol
    I wish you & yours Godspeed. And if a all possible, let us hear from you from time to time.

  4. Wow. I somehow missed this one. Hopefully, the new updates are making it to my inbox.

    In regard to seeking safer refuge, better to be years early, than a second late. The mountains of New Mexico sounds like a great plan. I am less than an hour from a major Interstate Hwy, so I am not as far in the woods as I would like to be.

    Safe travels.

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