My first announcement is more like an apology. My family council has decided that we need to take more supplies to the mountains immediately so I have been preoccupied with that. I want to apologize to everyone but especially PIPER, SUNFLOWER, BEN, thePLANETPRISONER and others because I am sure that I am behind on my emails. I will leave tomorrow, March 5th, 2012 and be gone at least one week, possibly two. I doubt very seriously that I will have an opportunity to post another article during that time because of the remoteness of my location, i.e. no cell phone signal.

My family unanimously agreed that the seriousness of the developing world and national situations warranted another supply run. Normally, we take 2 one-ton trucks and 16′ trailers to the mountains. This time, because of snow and mud we will only take one truck and trailer. So we will be loaded to the gills (or “gunnels”, as my Navy buddies used to say.)

As I have mentioned earlier, I believe that we need to make our best efforts to complete as much of our preparations as possible between now and November 6, 2012.

Now, my next announcement is much happier in tone than the one above. In about 4-5 months I will be a virtual uncle. Gareth Watkinson and his lovely sweetie Leeanne are expecting a daughter. Since we are not related, nor have we ever met face to face but hopefully will one day, I get to be a VIRTUAL uncle. I met Gareth on the Don’t Tread On Me blog and we have continued to correspond ever since. CONGRATULATIONS.

Next, I don’t know how many of you are Sam Elliott fans, but I am. In the movie “THE QUICK AND THE DEAD” he helps a bunch of pioneers get to Montana to start a new life. While he is standing guard as the settler is cutting down a tree, the Settler stops and asked him if he had ever done a day’s work in his life. Sam Elliott’s reply, “I’ve worked hard everyday of my life.” The settler asked “Doing what?” Sam’s response is “Staying ALIVE.” I think this should be the motto of all preppers. We should work hard, everyday of our life, staying alive. By staying alive I am also referring to making sure your family survives what ever challenge comes your way.

Prepping is not about surviving the latest “Disaster du Jour” but meeting those unfortunate events in our lives that can turn a simple setback into a full-blown catastrophe. A business setback, loss of income, death in the family, divorce, home repossession, etc. can sometimes be unexpected and potentially disastrous. When you have a preparedness mindset, the problems don’t go away, but you now have tools at your disposal so that you will STAY ALIVE with a certain degree of comfort. Example: during hurricanes Rita, Ike and Gustav we had power to run our refrigerator and freezer. Everyone around us lost most, if not all, of their frozen foods because they failed to purchase a generator and store extra fuel. We were able to help some but not all of the people who asked for help. Most had to stand and wait in line for FEMA trucks and trailers to bring in water, ice and food. These items we had in abundance. When people who had moved to Houston to get better paying jobs were forced to evacuate they came back to this area because, “People in the country always have food put aside.” So the store shelves were stripped bare overnight. Gas stations were out of fuel or had no electricity to pump the fuel. Even then, gas stations would not accept credit cards because their satellite network was down and the same with other merchants as well.

So don’t wait for the latest disaster hype before you start your preparations. Work hard, everyday of your life, to improve your preparations.

Good luck and God bless you and yours in 2012.

29 thoughts on “Announcements

  1. …No apology needed at all my friend. I have been on the road so much lately with work that I have taken little time to do any serious posting myself.
    Your stocks and supplies are certainly most important now.
    Great news to hear about Garth and his wife, and about your virtual Uncle status. Life is a wonderful thing, we are blessed if we can see through the daily “fog” and beyond to what really matters in our short time on this earth.
    May you and your family have a safe trip.
    May God’s will be for our blessing and safety.

  2. Ok knowing you are hauling that much on a regular basis makes me feel like my prepping is SOOO inadequate! And I have to ask the ignorant here, but by November 6 is because you think election time will be the end of the beginning? I am soo trying to still get all of this done. I have even gotten an extra job to have lost more money to buy stuff we need for this. I just feel like I’m trying to catch up in a race I’ve already lost though some days.

    • Hi April,
      Don’t ever feel like you’ve lost the race, ever. Stop and take a look at how much you’ve accomplished in the last few months. You are further ahead of all those that think you’re crazy for trying to prepare. You won’t believe this now but I am telling you the truth. Right now you think of me as being way out in front with my preparations but the day will come very soon, when people who know you, will start coming to you for you to help them because they see what you have accomplished and realize that you are way out in front of them. NOW, the reason I mention November 6th is obviously because of the general election. One of two things will happen on November 6th. Either Ron Paul will be elected or he won’t. If he is elected, he will either be assassinated or he won’t. Okay? If Ron Paul wins the election and is not assassinated we will go into a depression with all of our Constitutional rights. If he is assassinated we have a real revolution. If he is not elected then either Obama or Romney wins then we go to war with Syria, Iran, Pakistan, North korea somebody maybe even Gilligan’s Island but make no mistake we will have a war. At that point and time things will get very bad in this country. Now, if i am wrong and we have a war before the election to get everyone to rally around the president then we are in even worse shape because we have less time to prepare. The least damage will be caused by the Great Depression Part II under Ron Paul. The worst case scenario is war before the election to cover up the widespread depression in the country. April, all I can say is keep plugging. You are doing great. Remember what i said about your friends and family coming to you when things get bad. It will happen unless you bug out first.
      Good luck and God bless.

  3. Good luck in your preparation, CC. This is yet another topical and cogently-expressed contribution and we followers, I dare say, greatly appreciate your thoughts.

    Even if one does not follow a European/”western world, God-based religion, in my humble opinion, The Holy Bible is nonetheless an awesome compilation of observations, refined wisdom and instruction to achieve righteous living. Core to many of its teachings (per my barely sufficient grasp), is the value of self-sufficiency and family protection, and the duty we all must accept and shoulder to insure those principles through preparation. I would hope that the Quran also advocates the righteousness of being prepared.

    Your path is admirable and will be rewarded.

  4. Hope all will be well with the trails you must cover. God Bless the 4×4. I shall keep you and the rest in my Prayers. I am blessed to have made my bug bug out place a home now. I will still put back and prepare the land for more garden space.
    Blessing’s to all, RangerRick

  5. Great read. Enjoy the mountains. Yes, I am with the rest of family. I have been feeling the urgency too. I have a way to get into more debt. I am not bragging. Now I have more supplies coming. (Night scope, bulk mineral salt, coconut oil, extra medication, a couple small boxes of 22-250 ammo, some bulk foods, and the like).

    Blessings. Happy trails to Codgerville family.

    • Hi Sunflower,
      My wife and I just “discovered” coconut oil and I was wondering what exactly do you use it for. Since my grandfather and my Dad both had AZ, that is what got me interested and my wife has been using it for the skin care aspects…just curious as to your uses and any advice or success stories…TIA! Take care…


      • use it in place of any cooking oil as it is one of the “3 top superfoods”…it is more expensive but goes further as less is used, it is high in nutrition and is better for your body…

        food today is so “stepped on” the better quality of food, the less you require.

        Anything to piss off and reject govt and the bankers.

      • Kenbob, coconut oil is fantastic. It can replace margarine, butter and shortening 1:1 in recipes (of course it will change the flavor). We fry with it (not much over 350 degrees F though to keep it from smoking and oxidizing). I also have a coconut chicken recipe (1 cup flour, 1/2 cup finely chopped coconut 1 tsp salt, and 1/2 cup milk with 1 egg; dip in egg/milk then in dry mix and repeat. fry in coconut oil. It’s fantastic. Great for moisturizer. It kills the stomach ulcer causing h.pylori. It will kill dysbiotic organisms in the gut to normalize it and make your gut happy. It gets rid of overgrowth of yeast etc. the book “The coconut oil miracle” by Bruce Fife ND will give you more ideas. It also boosts the immune system, helps you lose weight and is easily digested (the same type of fat is found in breast milk). Coconut water has been used historically in WW2 as a plasma replacement, since its ph and nutrient values are almost identical to human plasma. It saved many men on both sides of the conflict. There is also the newsletter by Mr. Fife called Healthy Ways. Here is the link to the newsletter and some of the research if you want to know more

      • Sorry so late getting back to you KenBob. Husband has been down.

        The coconut oil is a new deal for us. It arrived about a week ago. It is still in the box. I had meant to write that I went into more debt to get the supplies needed. I was feeling some urgency, so I picked the additional debt over the idea of not having what we needed.

        I plan to use the coconut oil for cooking. I have enough regular lard to last 3 years, as I do not currently use a lot of it. I have enough olive oil for 3to 4 years, and freeze much of it. I have veg and canola oil for about 1 year.
        I plan to store the coconut oil in storage. I might get a little out for practice, but mostly it is for longterm.

        I like your idea about using as a staple for health reasons. I will consider that also.

        My gut feeling is that 5-7 years of food on hand would be best. That will be my goal. With oil, I am about there.

        I also had a preminition of sorts to stock up on salt. I feel like availability could become an issue longterm. Years ago, I had the strong premenition that food rationing would be back in America.

        Hope I don’t sound too weird. I figure that if I am out of my mind, at least I will have food on hand that will survive years, and our famiies grocery bill will be less.

        I don’t want to get in a govt line. I feel like I am in Govt line just going to a hospital or traveling by air. My sense of humor is waning. So if my salt supply does not become as valuable as gold, then no problem. Lastly, I like the idea of salt with iodine, sea salt, and others (pink salt, pickling) sooner than later due to risks for nuclear accidents at the ocean level, as well as political instability in the future.

        For this salt packing prepper, we are now in for about 600 pounds. Oveall, cheap insurance. I am from a big family also. Worse comes the worse, I can open my own salt cottege and write the stuff up as gifts.

        From Sunflower in Kansas, a prepper worth her salt.

  6. I’ve been really amped up in the last few weeks & this post from you makes my hair stand up. I don’t know if we’ve got till the election. It just ‘feels’ like something bad is coming this way & at a fast clip.
    Be safe on your trip. I’ll be praying for you all.

  7. Codger,
    Something wicked this way comes.
    You are yours are always first.

    There is a great disturbance in the Force…unfortunately, it is the Dark side…
    Only those strong in the Lord, will come through the time of Jacob’s Trouble…that leads to …
    Time to trim your wicks, fill your lamps, and prepare the back room…

    God bless,
    Piper Michael

  8. C,

    No worries my friend. The last email I sent you was a short one. I will rewrite it here.

    “It’s getting pretty sporty out there.”

    I must say, I feel the urgency as well. I am prepping and stowing away like a mad man. To parapharse what April stated. “I don’t think me and the Mrs. ever feel like we have enough”. You do the best that you can. I have no where to bug too so the most that I am doing is trying to prepare my neighbors. Hopefully, when more come around, we will have strength in numbers. Lots of good folks in my subdivision, we shall see how things pan out.

    Well, I hope you have a good trip. Hope all goes well. I will catch you when you come back.


    • Ben, I use to feel that way. Still do from time to time “feeling like I will never have enough.” I guess I keep modifying how comfortably prepared I get. I would still like a 10,000 water tank on the place, 400-600 ammo for each firearm, solar, and the list goes on

  9. ….anticipation
    re: the “news”
    I agree, the latest news, we should all FOCUS on committal to awareness of what is before us. Be even moreso committed to caution and survival.

    • How do you define survival? Is it running into the bunker with 5, 10 or 20 years worth of supplies? Or is survival something more? Isn’t survival being an active citizen engaged in your community?

      • ….well, there is no “running” to it. Survival is Preparing for yourself AND others for what may come to pass. Preparing IS action. Being prepared to ENGAGE with others around you that are like-minded in their own preparations. Joining together as a “community” of individuals who have the foresight to SURVIVE the onslaught of those whose only thought is to “take” from others, with nothing to give in return.
        My friend, if you cannot see that preparing is surviving…..well, then you will not.

        ! WAKE PEOPLE UP !

  10. OK, where is our country codger?
    Has something happened to him & his family?
    Or has he truly bugged out??
    We need to know this.

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Like i said in my latest post I want to thank all of you for your prayers and concerns. Know this, when I bug-out I will post it here first. You have my word on that. I will address some of you questions and comments as we get caught up at Codgerville. Thank you all once again.

  12. Hi you preppers and survivalists,
    I’m new to the game and live in southern California. Any ideas for me, besides leave California. My mother is up in age (80) and not in the best of health, so I want to be within 2-6 hours of her.
    I’ve started getting some silver and have some limited food supplies, as well as a revolver (.357) and a 12 gauge pump shot gun.

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