In French menage is another word for a household or a group of people living together as a unit for mutual benefit. I know you guys know what a menage a trois is, so I won’t go there. But menagerie, contrary to the dictionary, is a collection of things that are not necessarily related but grouped together. And that is what this article is about.

This is a collection of thoughts and ideas I have had after viewing some of the sites that have posted one or more of the Codgerville articles. I was surprised by some of the comments in some respects, but not in others.

The really great folks (Roysyl) at posted the Codgerville link on this TheOilDrum page and I was surprised at some of the comments. Then, when I looked at some of the traffic today I found a link to another site that seemed to reinforce the idea that I was a survivalist.

Like I said in the comment section of Mr. Michael Cain’s Blog I am not a survivalist, but rather a survivor. It is strange I think, that when someone comes from outside another person’s paradigm, that they are immediately misunderstood. There is a story that Wolfgang Helfrisch and Martin Schadt of F. Hoffmann La Roche of Basel, Switzerland, helped perfect the LCD technology invented by James Fergason of Kent State University in Ohio. The story goes, and I say story because I cannot confirm the validity of the story, that because of the innovation the two men practically tripped over each other getting to the  brass at Hoffman La Roche Corporation. The business “geniuses” of a paradigm built upon Swiss jeweled movements looked at the discovery and said it would never amount to anything so forget it. Subsequently, 50,000 Swiss watchmakers lost their jobs because of an innovation that went contrary to the pervading paradigm.

How much of this is true, I do not know but it is a good story which illustrates the reluctance of the prevailing paradigm to adopt something new. It was similar, but less deadly, than the lesson learned by Benjamin Tyler Henry, the developer of the Henry rifle. It was radically new and very efficient but the War Department, steeped in tradition and lacking in vision, said that the rifle was too flimsy, too complicated for the average foot soldier and would not hold up under battlefield condition. This rifle was produced by a company (New Haven Arms Co.) run by Mr. Oliver Winchester and later became known as the “gun that won the west” having been tested under every conceivable condition know to any firearm. ‘Nuff said.

Now another observation is that I was “hardcore” survival nut. Now, I can almost plead 100% guilty on this count. All my life I have been referred to as one kind of nut or another. I was called a health, exercise nut, back to nature nut, organic gardening nut, a recycling nut, well, what they actually said was that I was cheap b*st*rd, but I knew what they meant. But a survival nut is new to me. Hey, I guess it is a compliment, I just never thought about it in those terms.

Von and I are thinking about upgrading the site and I’ll more or less leave that decision up to you folks. thePlanetPrisoner has been helping me with the site and has suggested advertising. I will only advertise if the people who I am representing on my site are purveyors of a product that I use and admire. Let me give a few examples. As most of you know I am a fan of the F.A.L. as produced by DSARMS (also their AR-15’s). I am constantly buying something from CheaperThanDirt (their website is filled with useful aids and resources and Augason Farms. I will weigh the feedback you give and if it would take away from the overall message of the site I will rethink it.

The next area we are considering is to include our own videos on the site or perhaps a YouTube Channel that would carry demonstrations of many of the topics we present here. Also, we would include a series of helpful tips such as AR-15 cleaning and building one from a kit. There may already be too many of these on the market so that may be unnecessary. Once again, I will leave that up to you the reader/viewer.

In actuality, one of my first video series would be how to safely can food for your family. Another would probably be about home gardening. How to make your own sausages. We think there might be enough interest to justify our upgrading the site in memory and all the other goodies you techies know more about than I do.

If you write comments on a regular basis or if you have never written a comment before, please let us hear from you about these topics. Also, if you have an idea where you would like us to concentrate our efforts, a specific topic or discipline let me know. My wife is a Master Gardener in New Mexico and I used to teach Master Gardeners in Louisiana, as well as greenhousing and farming. If you want more of these type articles, once again, let us know.

Having said all of this, and to quote Robert Duvall in the movie True Grit, “That’s mighty bold talk for a one-eyed fat man”, I still want our focus to be centered around helping people get prepared in 2012. On Kerry interviewed Ron Hera at the Vancouver Resource Conference and Ron gave a memorable quote, “2012 will be the end of cheap everything.” I thought this was an especially memorable quotation because I have said the same thing in some of my articles. If you don’t prepare in 2012 it may be too expensive or not available later.

Having said that, please do not do anything rash. I would like all of you to take your time, expeditiously, talk it over with your loved ones, watch your budget and if you’re a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, PRAY. If you are an agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever, meditate on the problem before committing to any course of action. If you want my input, for what it is worth, let me know and I will give you my take on the situation. But know this, it is your situation so you are the expert. Most people make good decisions, my grandson excluded, what they usually lack is the confidence.

In the military we had a thing called a Confidence Course. You crawled through the mud, walked over water on poles, had to swing over on ropes, climb a muddy vertical hillside on a rope and all kinds of crazy things. You did it over and over. The more you did, the better you became, because you built up CONFIDENCE in yourself and your abilities. It is the same way with making decisions. The more decisions you make, the tougher they get, the better decision-maker you become.

I had a supervisor criticize my decision-making. He said I made decision too quickly. I asked him what bad decision I had made. He told me that all my decisions were good but that I made them too quickly. I informed him that once you make life and death decisions in a split second, everything else is a piece of cake, if you have good information. Get the best information you can, weigh all the options and then make an informed decision. Then stand by it. 

Once again, if you will, please leave a comment relative to some of the topics discussed here. I think we will try to start making changes sometime in February or March.

Just remember, decision-making can be hard work.

As always, good luck and God bless you all.

27 thoughts on “Menagerie

  1. I like a read as a read. For example, another favorite contributor on subjects is named BrotherJohnF, Silver for the People – The Blog. I like his blog alot, but tend to favor his charts. His blog is great for what it is, but it does not offer the focus and peaceful approach that your writtings now offer.

    Personally, I can get information overload and end up not soaking it all in. I like video on a video forum such as YouTube, and writing on a written forum such as a blog. Mixing the media is not exactly happy times for me. Remembering where I left off when I get moved to another spot (like from blog to video link) is frustrating. I have experience with reading and listening with Bix Wiers work at RoadtoRoota. For what Bix does it seems to work for him. I sort of tolerate all the blended in technology.

    I think an occasional link to a YouTube ‘how to” is a fine idea when addressing specifics. There seems to be no shortage of short and sweet how to out there. Maybe you might start a separate YouTube channel, if not already.

    What sets Codgerville apart from the others is it motivates for me the need to examine my motives, my mind, and how I am setting myself up to succeed or to fail. I am able to gleam much needed information in regard to forecasts. Other blogs claim to do that – forecast and provide advise. I admire your military experience and feel that you reflect much of your knowdedge down to the average guy or gal (non-warriorette).

    What other bloggers/writters do not have is Your experience and understanding of what is truly going on. I find your approach satifying. Do what you feel called to do, and I will trust that.

    About advertising. Sure thing. I already shop at many of the business you sited. I would welcome more resources.

    Finally, there is a lot of heart and soul in Cougerville. I hope that will survive.

    • Tess,
      Thanks a lot. I don’t plan on changing the blog that much. But, if i am missing the point with people and need to refocus my attention then I will try my best. It really is hard to teach and old dog new tricks.

      The one thing I will not compromise on is the fact that if I have advertising, it must be for someone or something that I think will help others. It will be for something that I myself use. I can’t recommend a lot of sites because I don’t use them, not because they aren’t any good. They may actually be better than what I use but I am a very loyal customer, just don’t make me mad. Everyone I recommend I personally use. And, Augason, whom I think the world of, I recommended with a caveat and that is that their customer service stinks. Their product is great, I love it.

      Sorry to preach but I feel strongly about some things. Hope you and your hubby are doing well. Hope it isn’t too cold in Kansas. Take care and don’t be afraid to let me know if I am getting to far to one side of the course we need to follow.
      Good luck and God bless you and your hubby (and those family members that think you are nuts but you are getting ready for them anyway, LOL)

      • Thank you for your kind words. The Hubby is OK. Born in 1930, the idea of times repeating does not worry him much. What does worry him, is that he feels that now and what is front of us is so much worse. My husband feels that private property, like our farm, could be at risk in my lifetime too (I am 50).

        A few questions on preps:
        1.Which hand crank grain mills do you recommend?
        2.How do you store firearms for longterm storage, like for 5 or more years? (remove springs? keep mags in? clean and oil only, special rust bags or are water bags best?
        3. What can I toss in the left over pickel juice jar after the pickels are eaten? How long will it last in Freig?
        4. How do I pickel peppers? which seasoning or herbs to add? Do I have to use picking salt? pickeling seasoning? Is just vinegar and any extra seasoning ok? What is the shelf life for pickels and peppers?
        5. Since I don’t grow own food yet, what special consideration if any should I take for canning store produce? Which items are best for the beginner?
        6. On my pepper spray from Kimber there is a “expires date.” Will it likely last much longer?

        Perhaps you will be covering such topics. Thank you for all you do. BTW, I like check lists.

      • Good questions.
        1.)Hand crank grain mill. I have a couple of Corona ahnd crank mills that are good. If you want fine flour for baking you will have to run it through twice. I like course grain bread so it doesn’t bother me but some of my family are purist. I have a few very small grain mills that come with the food ofr a year from Augason Farms and they are plastic and can only handle about one cup of grain at a time. For you and you hubby they may work. Now the Cadillac of grain mills is the Country Living grain mill. It will set you back somewhere around $300.00. I do not own one but everyone that I know who does swears by them.

        You can hook up a bicycle and pedal power the grain mill. If I do videos this is somehing I would like to show how to do. Your legs are three times stronger than your arms so it makes light work of grinding grain.

        Storing guns, go with the Aloksak from Cheaper than Dirt. Rifle bags run $19.97/2 bags. You can store with the mag in or out, but unload the mag. I prefer mag out. DO NOT TAKE THE GUN APART. The last thing you will want to do is to put a gun back together in an emergency. Go to and buy 4 or 6 or 8 of the inexpensive THermold 20rd. magazines. Always keep two loaded and unload them every 6 months and load two of the others Rotate them out this way so the springs don’t “take a set”. This could cause feeding problems when you do need the rifle. Somebody will write in and say, their springs don’t have a memory or whatever. I am old fashioned. If I rotate my mags out every six months I know, with a reasonable degree of certainty the won’t take a set. Keep the magazines in your night stand or where ever it is convenient.

        Pickle Juice. Glad you asked. Boil enough eggs to fill the jar. Grill your family link sausage or you can cook them your favorite way as long as it doesn’t damage the casing. Put in a layer of boiled and peeled eggs, drop in some sausage and a hot pepper, if you like, and alternate until the jar is full. Keeps about 6 mos. to a year in the pantry or cellar, longer in the fridge, as long as you don’t have an 18 year old grandson. Then they usually last about three weeks to a month.

        Pickling peppers is very simple. Wash and boil your jars for 30 minutes. While the jars are boiling, boil enough vinegar for your jars, depends on size and number. I use 100% vinegar, my wife likes 60/40 vinergar to water but she normally uses apple cider where I use either one. I think things last longer and have a better flavor with apple cider but it is too strong for milder pickles. Use pickling salt. Pickling salt has no minerals and will not discolor whatever it is that you pickle. Iodized salt and sea salt have minerals and iodine. This makes a big difference in the appearance of cucumber pickles, not peppers. It won’t hurt anything but it will have an off color. Fill you jars with peppers, pearl onions and if you want to use dill seed go ahead, generally I don’t. Pour the boiling vinegar over the peppers and cover completely. Seal lightly. It will take one week to one month for the pickles to fully absorb the vinegar and so you should add more boiling vinegar as it gets lower. If you don’t want to do it that way, split your peppers in half and leave them connected at the stem and then fill with boiling vinegar. You should not have to add any vinegar later this way. Von says I use whole pickles so I can use that as an excuse to open them later and eat some, but I assure her that it is just for quality control purposes.

        When you buy from the supermarket and you want to can the produce mix a solution of Ajax or Dawn dishwashing liquid in a tub or sink and lightly brush the surface of whatever it is you are going to can, especially cucumbers. Commercial packers spray almost all vegatables, except the leafy one, with a liquid wax solution. That wax will interfere with whatever form of canning you are going to do. Besides, if I want to eat wax I’ll eat a candle.

        Next, forget pepper spray! INstead buy the WASp and HORNET Spray. It will temporily blind someone, until they get the antidote to wash their eyes and it is easier to aim and more effective at longer ranges, @ 25 feet. Put one in your car or truck, keep one beside the bed and any room where you spend a lot of time. It really works but don’t spray hubby to find out. It is painful. Hope this helps. Good luck and God Bless.

  2. What’s up CC.

    Regarding the watch story. What I thought of and the way I do it is the best idea. What you thought of is inferior because “I” didn’t think of it. Or at least I think that’s the mentality. Some people just won’t reorganize someone else’s greatness and apply it.

    I would love some videos that teach survival subjects. I watch some on you tube now but the problem is, I don’t know if the person teaching is giving the best information. You however, have developed into a trusted friend. So if it’s tending your gear, gutting small game and cooking, choosing a water filter or making a water filter, surveillance, hunting, tracking, hiding, reloading brass. . . whatever it is that keeps us alive and nourished during the darkest days ahead would be very welcome. Thank you for all you do.

  3. I just wandered over to your site a few days ago from a link on TheConservativeTreehouse. I’m really enjoying going through your posts. You asked for comments and I’ve always got something to say. 😀

    Ads – Only if, as you say, they are germane to your site. No Alan Grayson ads please!

    Links – Either a separate page with links to your favorites or purveyors (in lieu of ads maybe)

    Videos – Great idea, especially for those of us who are behind the curve and maybe not as adept as you pro’s.

    Additional – maybe something on basic self-defense. Also, I don’t think you can talk too much about weapons. Something along a beginner, intermediate, and advanced. What to look for in buying, maintaining and so forth. I know that so much of this can be quite subjective but at least your opinions on what to maybe stay away from. My $.02

    p.s. If you’re ever around the Bayou city or The Cowboy Capital of the World, I’d love buy you a cold one. Thanks.

    • Texan59,

      I was born in Houston Memorial. We had a truck farm on the edge of town and trucked vegetables into town. When my mom got sick shortly after I was born we moved to a brand spaning new place called Sharpstown. I live, right now, about 130 miles north of you. And, I appreciate your comments.

  4. I feel that any of the topics you discussed would be interesting, due to the clarity of your thinking and writing. By the way if you do videos, please be sure that you have enough band with so that they don’t take for ever and a day to load, and keep them as short as practical.

    • Thanks Mac,

      I figured the bandwidth dragon would rear its ugly head. I think I will just go with YouTube and post a note or article with the link to YouTube. My Bedrock 1000 is as slow as Christmas so I understand what you are saying. I heard from Fred Flintstone that he and Barney have come up with the new and improved Bedrock 2000 so I am thinking about upgrading my computer. I sure hope it has less vacuum tubes. I have a sunburn on the right side of my face that won’t go away.

  5. Don’t change to suit others. If they don’t like yr blog, let ’em start their own.
    . I live in a remote rural area and we are stuck with dialup on the Northern Cal coast- northwest nowhere- we can’t watch video or hear streaming audio. If there’s something I REALLY want to watch, I can leave the ‘pooter on all night and it MIGHT be there next morning….
    Let ’em call you anything but late for dinner.

    • We have had good internet and wireless for more than a year now – less than 2 years. It is a treat to be able to watch and rewatch some of those YouTube gals can butter, skin a rabbit, and stuff like that.

  6. I book marked your blog because I liked reading your simple yet insightful articles. I read several blogs each day and they are getting so complex in their subject matter that it takes a lot of concentration to get through to the things I am really interested in. I am sure that there are those who are really into complex thoughts and ideas, but I find simplicity to be the easiest to absorb and understand in my already complex world. Perhaps it is because I am also an old fart trying to survive in a complex world. I like your site and will continue to visit daily if it doesn’t become too difficult to get to the good stuff.

  7. Hello Mr. Codger.

    On the advertisement front, one way to be sure that the advertizing that is seen on your site is something of which you approve, look into Affiliate Programs. Many sites offer that option and if people follow your link and make a purchase, you get a little cash, too! I looked to see if offered an affiliate program and could not find the information. But, I’d bet that if you asked they might have something along those lines. Their sales would likely increase as well judged by the traffic and comments on your site.

    I made some comments a couple weeks back related to religion. I totally appreciated our conversation and how civil it remained while we discussed our opinions. You are truly a gentleman – that is why I continue to drop by.

    If you have spare moments for reading, feel free to stop by my WordPress blog.

    All my best.

  8. I have bookmarked your site and read it regularly because of your presentation. I feel like I’m reading a letter from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and doesn’t sugar coat his answers. It is refreshing and I really hate to hear it may change. I have deleted some blogs from my bookmarks because they were too complicated to navigate, I got sick of wading through all the ads and some because of all the links. So, if my first comment (although I’ve been lurking since late December) holds any water, I vote for keeping it simple!

    • Hi Cindi,

      Thanks for taking the time to make a comment and your concerns are duly noted. I don’t have to have ads. My hope was that the ads may help some folks find things for their preps. I am not independently wealthy, but I live on less per year than most people pay a year on a house note. And from the looks of some of the SUV’s (2 or more), boats, party barges, Skeedoo’s and the like in some people garages, I probably live on less than they pay a year for a car note. So, I am a cheap S.O.B. My older brother ask me one time what I would do with a million dollars. My response was buy more gold, silver, storable food, guns and ammunition. He thought I would say a new car, new truck, larger house. I do not desire those things, even though I get so mad at my truck at times I want to make a video on how to blow up a truck and use mine as the test subject. But, I get it running again and the love affair continues. As far as videos, it is looking like the most sensible solution is to have a separate YouTube channel and post videos there.

      My whole approach is to tell or show someone what I have done whether it was great or terrible so that they can use it if they want to or reject it. I have made a lot of mistakes, and I will tell you about them so you don’t make the same mistakes and you can save time and possibly money. I hope to continue in that manner.

      Good luck and God bless you and yours and thanks for the input.

  9. CC- Below is a cut and paste copy of my reply to your post on the Oil Drum. No one replied to it. I also read your reply to Mr. Cain. You are more diplomatic and polite than I would be with someone who believes only information he believes in should be disseminated.
    “Codger – I too am a Viet Nam veteran with a VA disability from Agent Orange. I did the math forty years ago and saw what is coming from over population, declining natural resources including energy, environmental degradation and the coming economic collapse. I don’t know when or how it will occur but it will be some what on the order of what is described in the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel. There will come a time of great tribulation after which a small remnant will remain. I hope to be one of that Remnant.
    After I retired from the military I bought some land fairly far off the beaten path and built an energy efficient house by myself planning to live like my neighbors, Old Order Mennonites, without electricity or other modern conveniences. My kids look at me like I am from another planet, one further from the sun. I think I am slowly getting through as my youngest daughter asked me to teach her how to use a pistol.
    Unless you have been to war and seen the flatbed trucks on the tarmac loaded with coffins to be sent to Dover AFB, spent time in military hospitals and in and out of VA hospitals for 33 years survival is an abstract concept.”
    We know there will be a collapse, but don’t know if it will be economic, hunger, natural disaster or war. We do know the Laws of Nature are: 1-survival 2- propagation.
    A broad scope site covering all contingencies should do well since most are very narrow focused. If you start to build up a following you will be seen as a challenge to the Status Quo. You will be beset by trolls and pedantic like Mr. Cain. There are more and more diverse posters who are living over their parents’ garage or basement with nothing better to do than clutter the internet.
    I am not an expert on anything but offer any assistance you want such as writing essays on a broad range of subjects.
    I was going to do that for the Oil Drum but they changed their format. This is the man who told me not to post on the Oil Drum for the reasons we have just experienced.

    • This is a comment posted on another web site about a week ago:

      I have been using firearms for over 65 years. When in the service I was on the base pistol team and further took combat training, martial arts, pistol and rifle use. Except on alert and in combat, I never felt it necessary to carry a weapon or have a loaded weapon in the house.

      Recently, I believe things are changing and not for the better. People are under a lot of stress and how that comes out, no one knows. South of here there was a crazy man who shot several people in an IHop restaurant and then killed himself. These people were simply victims. The shooting of congress woman Gifford and others in Tucson, they were victims. Shootings in the high schools and universities, they were victims. Can you imagine the terror of seeing a shooter killing others and aiming at you and not a damn thing you can do about it?

      We decided a few months ago conditions were getting to the point that it was time to not be a victim no matter what it takes to get there. My wife and I started and finished the CCW school (concealed carry weapon permit) and though the firing range part was a joke (I could have put a “Lethal Weapon“ smiley face on the target at 21 feet with my target pistols) but we got our permits after extensive background investigations.

      No matter what sort of handgun to carry, it is extremely important to be proficient in draw, aim and fire. It is difficult to find time and a place to practice but it must be done. There are many types of guns to consider from a pocket .380 to a 1911 model .45 to Dirty Harry’s .44 long barrel magnum. Many types of holsters (inside the waistband, shoulder holsters and outside quick draw etc.) Many types of gun sights to consider (open, laser, night sites, etc). All to aid in safely yet effectively carry and use (hopefully never) a concealed weapon. There are similar considerations for home defense weapons and use.

      There is never a reason for personal injury in a property crime outside the home. Inside the home there is always probable justification for deadly force (Castle Doctrine) and that is the legal position here in Nevada. When defending yourself with deadly force outside the home you never know what the legal outcome would be so simply call 911 (emergency number here) for medical assistance and do not speak to anyone else without an attorney. If you shoot, you will be arrested. I have been carrying for about three months now and I don’t think even my close friends know that I am armed … I would like to keep it that way.

      Paranoid? Possibly. This is just our new way of looking at the world and local situation and you may have completely different experiences from which to draw. I will not be a shooter’s victim.

      When seconds count the Police are minutes away.

      My choice has been made between being carried by six or tried by twelve. I wonder if the anti-survivors’ will do the political correct thing and call 911?

      The above comment was made on TAE : by a former poster on the Oil Drum, at least he hasn’t posted in quite a while. The TAE is the closest thing to an all encompassing site such as yours. It was started by two former Oil Drum editors who wrote the Oil Drum-Canada site. The Oil Drum does not link to TAE. Form s your own conclusions.

      Last Christmas Santa brought me a M-1 Grand and Sylvia, my wife for 50 years an AK-47.223 cal.

      • On the above article, the posted section ends with the paragraph Paranoid ? Possible,. My comments start “When seconds —-

  10. Hello Codger,
    Agree with u 100%. My Mrs. and I are polar opposites. Following our snooping, lieing, cheating, gov’ts. guidelines I have food and water set aside for any emergencies plus some extra in case it lasted a few months instead of afew days. MREs and freeze dried round it out. When she saw what I actually had stored she was ready to commit me. We had to move my gun locker and she realized I had an AR15, OH MY GOD! nothing fancy DPMS irin sights) HiPoint 9mm Carbine, Makarov, and FNX9mm. Yes I am on a budgetit took over 5 years to accumulate and I hope I never sell any of my weapons. I do have to credit Mr. Beck for the extra push, while I had a feeling for a long time bad things were coming (late 1990’s-early 2000s). I just didn’t want to face or believe it. After all, it is like being in an alternate reality isn’t it? The MSM states all is well, but we know a country cannot keep running a bar tab like we have w/out paying for it. Info u could provide: Basic weapons maintenance and selection of weapons info is needed. Age, sex, medical condition should be covered. Well gotta go, enjoy your site. A former 11bravo
    God Bless,

    • Hi Vince,

      God loves the Infantry. You brought up a point that I will cover in my next article, which may be out today 1/28/2012, and that is about the 90’s. Now, as far as having mates that work with us, not against us? I know exactly what you mean. My first wife thought that the remote control being out at the Hyatt, or Doubletree was roughing it. She never fought me on guns and had a healthy attitude about them. Von, mate number 2, has a good attitude about preparing. When I go to Harbor Freight I have to watch her to make sure SHE doesn’t buy too much. She buys all silver, now that I showed her how to can meats she is always looking for new recipes and doing the prep work for canning. We had a situation a few years ago in the mountains and it almost came to a gunfight with some thugs and there she was on their right flank with a Mossberg 500. Kind of took the wind out of their sails. They backed off and left the valley. She has placed well in local Karate tournaments and now wants me to build her an AR-15 of her very own. Her favorite handgun is a S&W Model 28 .357. How can you not love a woman who loves a S&W?

      Good luck and God bless you and yours.

  11. CC- Just let it all hang out! I’ve been following you since I came upon your first post over at DTOM, and I gotta tell ya, I haven’t come across a CC post I didn’t like! Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge.

  12. CC,

    I love the site as it is but I suppose a little bit of advertising wouldn’t hurt as long as it was done tastefully. Some sites are just plain distracting with all the garbage adds splattered all over the page. Videos are ok but I think a page with links to Youtube videos would be best. I’m sure in your wisdom you will find the right way to effectively convey information to your readers. I’d like to read more about retreat fortification, defensive positions, and how to defend a retreat, etc and gardening. Keep up the great work and as always I look forward to your next post.

  13. My friendly Codger,

    People each have a medium that works well for them. Perhaps the best answer is to ask yourself how you most effectively communicate. As an example, FerFal has a blog where he shares great insight into weaponry, self-defense, and survival. He recently posted a video, and while the content was valuable, video delivery wasn’t as strong as his writing. Your writing style is interesting, entertaining, and informative. It’s easy to read and internalize. My hope would be that your strong delivery remains in whatever formats you choose.

    The Internet is full of sites that teach the how to, but contains few sites capable of educating in such an unobtrusive fashion. There is no fear on your blog; it is welcoming and honest. The articles empower and engage the critical mind so that it can better understand the root of their uncertainty. What you speak of now would change the role your blog plays. Your answer might be easily found if you consider your purpose for this site. Are you looking to educate those that are just getting started, while being respected by those who are more in the know? Are you looking to shepherd a large following to safety? Is your purpose to help fine-tune final preparations for those that feel ready, but have perhaps missed a few critical steps? Each of these roles requires different content, depth, and tools to facilitate. Keeping in mind the time you want to devote to this, and what drives your energy and passion, what would your purpose be?

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