A Personal Note On The American Dream

Dear Friends, I want to speak on a personal level right now. I studied economics at the Univerisity of California in the early 1970’s, but I am not an economist. The information that I give is not that of an economist. I have never traded stocks. The only bonds I ever purchased was through the payroll deduction plan in the military. I have never had a job on the New York Stock Exchange, (I spent 19 hours in New York once). I am not an investment analyst. (The only stock I have has four legs.)

I write what I do because I was trained to do covert activities in southeast Asia and the Middle East/North Africa (called MENA in the intelligence community). I have participated in some very important and even historical events in world history. I have also participated in things that are not well known and believe it or not, have yet to be de-classified. In short, I have seen other countries collapse.

So, please, when you read what I write, you should filter it through an intelligence type filter rather than a financial or economic filter. And, if you choose to take it with a grain of salt that is up to you and there is no ill will toward anyone here.

Who are we? We equates to myself and my very beautiful wife, Von. Both of us, independently, have travelled most of the modern world. Neither of us have been to Greenland, Antarctica, Iceland or the former Soviet Union. Neither of us has left the United States in the last 8 years. Our experiences are dated but our perspective is not. We have continued to keep current with world events and have contacts that are on every continent in the world with the single exception of Antarctica.

I listen to people like Bob Chapman, Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Sgtreport, Kerry Lutz, James Corbett and many others. I have already given you a listing of those that I read daily on the internet. And, other than Bob Chapman I am older than all the rest, with many years in the intelligence field. So, why do I say all of this. For one very simple reason. I am just like everyone else, I am trying to do the best I can with what I have. I value other people’s opinions and perspectives on what is happening in the world today as much as anyone else.

Like I have said many times before, if you follow my advice, then I will have done you no harm, period! But, at the same time, I think it is time that we accelerate our preparations. Yes, the geo-political situation changes from day to day. Yes, the financial situation changes from day to day. But, by the same token the economic situation does not change.

The economic reality is that the United States is bankrupt and has no hope, whatsoever, of repaying its debt. It is impossible, even if you took every cent from every American citizen and every Ameican corporation, the combined wealth of these two sources could not repay the debt of the phony United States government. It is vitally important that you get yourself, your family and loved ones out of the financial trap that has become the false American Dream.

The FALSE AMERICAN DREAM (a personal note.)

This week is the week that my mate, Von, and I, sit down every year and establish our basic priorities for the new year. We look back on our priorities for the previous year, see what was accomplished and what was not, weigh their relevance to what is going on now and our overall goals and begin to strategize.

Let’s review the word strategy and tactics. The primary difference between to the two concepts is this, strategic is long term thinking and planning and tactical is short term. Yes, this is over simplification but it is still inherently accurate. Look at the Air Force Tactical Air Command was fighters and interceptors. Strategic Air Command was long range bombers.

Strategize, where do you ultimately plan to be? Tactical, what modifications do I have to make to this plan to accomodate the ever changing political, military, economic and social changes that have taken place since forming the strategic plan? What time frame should be called strategic and what should be called tactical? More on this in another article, but a very minimum of 5 years planning is what I call STRATEGIC.

Follow me up to this point? Our long term goal is to be: ***fill in the blanks***. And, don’t say young, sexy, rich and powerful. That is mine so get your own. Just joking. Let me throw out just a few possible thoughts for you to consider.

  1. Debt free. If you are debt free you are the master of your own destiny. The bank does not decide for you what you will do next week, next month, or next year.
  2. Self sufficient. If you feed yourself, produce your own energy and meet all your own BASIC needs you are free to concentrate on other things besides paying utility bills.
  3. My home is my refuge (and my castle). If you have minimized your bills and debts you can live anywhere you find attractive, based on your needs and preferences. I prefer the Rocky Mountain Empire (RME) States. I currently reside in Texas, debt free, because of a temporary need, not preference. When I am finished here I will return to my debt-free mountain aerie in New Mexico.
  4. Transportation. I believe in diesel vehicles because they are very basic in need. What do I mean by that? Okay, a gasoline engine has to have fuel, fire, i.e. spark plugs, and it has to have them at the right time, engine timing. A diesel needs fuel at the proper time. It does not need fire since it uses compression to cause combustion. My old diesel tractor doesn’t even have a battery, I just use the truck to jump start the tractor and it runs without a battery. You cannot do this with a gasoline engine. And, I produce most of my own diesel. That is hard to do for a “New” gasoline engine. Anything before fuel injection can be run on wood or coal smoke.

Do you see where I am going with this exercise? I am trying to get you to think outside of the false paradigm called the American Dream. That dream is, simply put, debt slavery.

What is slavery?

When my ancestors came to America in 1648 it was a mixed lot. There were two brothers arriving from England and landing in Baltimore. The younger brother sold himself and his wife and children into indentured servitude to the older brother and his family to get a free ride to America. A year after landing in America they were all located in what was then known as the Carolina Plantation(North/South Carolina). Somewhere after the seventh year the younger brother sued the older brother for his freedom and the freedom of his family. (You see, a man could not be held in servitude for a period of greater than 7 years.) Finally, 2 years later, the younger brother and his wife and children were granted their freedom by court order and the older brother had to pay them for their labor in excess of the 7 years.

Now, I know you are saying, Codger, that is really nice of you to share your family tree with us but what does that have to do with me and my planning for the future? I am glad you asked that. Until 1913, the same law applied to banks.

Now do you get it? Until December 23rd, 1913, no man could be held in servitude for a period greater than 7 years and the Bible clearly defined being in debt as being in slavery. So English Common Law held in accordance with Biblical law. On December 23, 1913, when most legislators had already left Washington D.C. for the holiday, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and the income tax law that would later become the 16th Amendment (a real hoax, but I won’t get into that now.)

Almost immediately loans of up to 13 years could be had for a conventional mortgage. It wasn’t until after WWII that mortgages incrementally rose to the present 30-year note. (Yes, I know there are longer mortgages to be had.)


Are you beginning to understand the depth of what happened to the American people on that fateful 23rd day of December in 1913? Don’t believe me right? Go to the local university library and ask to see the Congressional Quarterly or the Proceedings of Congress and read the discussion that took place on that day.

Now, I come back to my first enumerated point I made above; Have you ever wanted to be debt free? Is it important you? Would you be willing to “LOWER” your standard of living to “INCREASE” your value to yourself and your posterity? Wouldn’t you like to know how to live free and insure that your children and grandchildren do the same? There is only one person who can answer that and it is YOU!

Now do you understand why this section is called A Personal Note? Because that note sitting locked away at some bank or finance company affects your personal standing as a human being.

No, I don’t drive a Maserti, Bentley, Rolls or Corvette. I drive a fifteen year old Ford F-350 and a 16 year old Buick. Why? Because they still run great, the fuel mileage on both is still above what “NEW” cars or trucks of similar makes and models can achieve and I can maintain them myself, thereby saving thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicle.

Do I live in a $250,000.00 home? No. No home that I have has been appraised for more than $75,000.00. Do I live a princely life? No, my life would probably bore the heck out of 90% of you. Do I draw a huge paycheck? Nope, I don’t draw a paycheck at all. I am a farmer and make money only when I sell my crops. So I must have hundreds of acres, right? Nope again. No farm that I own is larger than 40 acres.

Am I bragging? Hardly! Most of you would think twice or three times about living my life. House is too small, truck is too old, tractors are too old, having to gather eggs, hunt deer and hogs, plant, cultivate and harvest crops. Might as well be broke. I hear it all the time.

Now back to my earlier family history. Why in the world would two yeomen in England, sell everything they had, including one of them selling his freedom, to get to America? Was it for Welfare? Food Stamps? Unemployment? Social Security? How about commodity loans or the Land Bank? Maybe it was for a 3.5% interest on a 30-year loan. No! They came here so they could be in control of their lives, their destinies. When you take money from someone else, the person giving you the money controls your destiny, the promise of freedom for you and most of all, your posterity. That was worth dying for. In all likelihood the homes they left behind them in England were much more comfortable than the ones they built in the North Carolina wilderness.

We have sold out our HERITAGE! Not only did our ancestors come here to succeed but the also had the right to fail. That’s right, fail. You cannot fail now, it is against the law. If you are out of work you get unemployment. If you don’t have enough to buy food you can get food stamps. If your children are hungry then they will taken away from you and fed. There is some agency of the government, whether, federal, state or local that will keep you from complete failure.

Why is failure so bad? You make a mistake, you learn from it, you try again and next time you succeed. The famous motivational author and speaker Anthony Robbins says that there is no such thing as failure, only results. But it is now illegal to fail, illegal to learn from your mistakes and now, worst of all, it is illegal to succeed. And God help you if you do. You will have tons of regulations to wade through, you will have to hire an attorney to conform to the tax laws, a CPA to do your taxes and quarterly filings and the list goes on.

The American Dream wasn’t about a guaranteed anything. America was about opportunity. That’s all! You came to America and you had the opportunity to do your best and if your best was good enough you carved out a small piece of future for your posterity. There was no one to pick you up. There was no agency to offer you a low interest loan. And there was no agency that would penalize you for succeeding. When you came to America you had to take the good, opportunity, with the bad, failure and live with it, but you also had the right to make the best of it.

Somewhere along the way the American Dream, of opportunity, was perverted and commercialized. The Constitution doesn’t guarantee you a chicken in every pot or a car in every garage. What the Constitution guarantees you is the freedom to succeed if you have the guts. It also allows you the freedom to fail and then pick yourself up.

My question to you and to myself is; do we have the guts to allow America to succeed? Are we willing to stand up and say, “I will support and defend the Constitution?” Think about it. Are we brave enough to cut away all the so called safety nets that prohibit us from failing, only to keep us in slavery?

Whether the world ends on December 21 or 23 in 2012. Whether or not we go to war with Syria, Iran or Katmandu. Whether gold goes to $20.00/oz. or $2,000,000.00/oz. we have this one basic decision to make. Are our freedoms, the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail, are important enough that we are willing to stand up and be counted when the time comes? I can’t answer that for anyone but myself. Here is hoping that we, as a nation, make the right choices in 2012.

Good luck and God bless you and yours in 2012.

24 thoughts on “A Personal Note On The American Dream

  1. Thank you very much for this post. As a single, responsibly childless, 40something, longtime “independent contractor,” I’ve found it very hard and frustrating sometimes to realize that there is NO safety net (no unemployment “insurance,” no foodstamps, no welfare, no medical insurance, no tax credits, no bailouts of whatever kind) there for me. The “humanitarians” don’t care to “help” such ones as myself.

    But the reason I chose this life was to maximize my free time and options. And now I’m fixing to leave my work behind, and buy (free and clear) my own little bit of land at last, on a year-round creek, near a pretty little mountain-farming town where I don’t know a soul except my excellent realtor. Just me, a solo gig, for now anyway. All my family live in another state a few hundred miles north, and they don’t know it yet, but I’m doing this partly for them…just in case.

    All this means I’m cutting away any last ropes of safety net that might have remained. And you know what? I feel just fine. Like the pioneers did, I imagine.

    • Beth,
      No one is truly “childless” when their ideas, ideals and principles touch and help others. Everyone you touch and help throughout your lifetime in effect becomes a part of you.

      The system is not set up to help the independent minded but rather those that “want” something from the system, whether it is welfare o food stamps for the poor or coporate welfare for the rich. God bless you on your journey and let me know if I can help.


      • Codger, what a dear you are. :^) I’d surely like to meet you one day. Thanks for your very kind thoughts.

      • Sunflower…of course you matter, whether you’ve birthed an infant or not. Any woman who’s got your sort of steel magnolia edge is a woman worth caring for. And I’m sure anyone who’s spent time with you would agree. :^)

        It does get in the way, though, sometimes, huh? If most or all of your womenfriends are absorbed in their own munchkins, I’ve found that, much as I enjoy hanging out with their kids, the adult friendship goes by the wayside as a very low priority. Sigh.

    • Good luck in your new home Beth. I wish we were neighbors.

      Codger. . . If we were neighbors I would bring you a dozen eggs, a quart of goats milk, a hand shake and a thank you. When you post we all become smarter and stronger.

      • Silverfox, I hope the neighbors I do meet in the new place will be like you. :^) Thanks for the good wishes!

        Now I get to design and build the (quite small, by choice and necessity) home, mostly under my own steam. Going to need to make some friends there, though, so I can get by with a little help from them (and from the out-of-town ones too). ;^)

      • Oh, my…well, thank you, Sunflower! Never thought of courage really as applied to myself…more like desperation. ;^)

        Sense of humor, check. .45 cal pistol, check. Shotgun, on the shopping list…

        Best to you in your preps as well!

      • @Tess (Sunflower) and Beth,

        We all matter. God, in His infinite wisdom, has placed us here, at this pivotal time in human history because He has a plan for us. It is our responsibility to live up to that plan. All preparations should be made with prayer, seeking the Lord’s will. I am sorry for preaching but “we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”
        Good luck and God bless you and yours.

  2. Very good article. I am an entrepreneur at heart and am willing to struggle to live my version of the “American Dream”. I cannot and will not let my life be determined by others (as far as that is possible in an “American Dictatorship”. On a side note, My family and I made a dry run to our bolt hole a couple of weeks ago. It took a lot longer than expected and we even forgot some crucial paperwork that we might need in the future, such as birth certs and passports. That won’t happen again. Thanks again for your insight and for sharing your knowledge. Coach David (1lessonselfdefense.com)

    • That is a really a great idea. I was recently thinking about something like that too. I am not ready at all. I have a checklist, but still have a few important items to put aside for the test run.

      Thanks for the reminder. Oh, and paperwork. I am a mess on that side of the prep topic.

  3. I wish more people would wake up and realize the freedoms we’ve given up over the last century in the name of prosperity and the “American Dream.” Unfortunately it will be much too late by the time America wakes up and when that happens, things will get very ugly. To echo your thoughts CC, the time to prepare is now. God bless and thank you for your hard work.

  4. Brother,
    I don’t think I could have ever say it better.Thank you for all you have done for US and the those that don’t realize what you are doing for them. May our paths cross again.

  5. “What the Constitution guarantees you is the freedom to succeed if you have the guts. It also allows you the freedom to fail and then pick yourself up.”
    This hit me very close. I have failed and picked myself up so many times in my life, but never related it to, never grounded it to the concept of Constitutional Liberty. Awesome! I am beginning the seventh year of “picking myself up” [never gone this long before without failing] and for a couple of years now….it seems that I may be able to “stay up” for good this time, Lord willing. Man, do you have a way with words. Silverfox summed it up quite clearly.
    I understand why you have friends on many continents, you are a genuine soul. The times we have spoken or emailed felt as though I have known you for years. I bet others feel the same way. I am sure that we shall meet in the “flesh” someday, if not this world maybe another, if it is God’s will. Your spirit carries the force of endearing humility and service. All who read your words know this.
    “A Personal Note..” so clearly states exactly what the normalcy bias prevents so many people from understanding.
    I am no rocket scientist but in my half century of living I have captained vessels on the Caloosahatchee River, flown WWII vintage aircraft, operated off-road heavy equipment 30 feet tall, designed 15,000+sf homes for elitists, survived crashes that were miraculous, defied death too many times, written MSHA regulations, piloted for the US Skydiving Team, assisted the Cuban Floatilla in the 1990s, ridden with President Johnson in his limo, worked as a miner, scuba with barracuda, taught the “dead art” of drafting plat maps, flown supplies into Hurricane Andrew aftermath, had a few beers with Jimmy Buffett, jammed banjo with Bela Fleck, helped deliver my girls,…..and lost a wife to heart failure. A lot of living in a half century, I wanted it all but never really focused on just one thing.
    I am no rocket scientist, but I also am no dummy. We Are in Epic Times. …..your words, in your articles, in your voice…for some reason have opened my eyes a bit wider to the fact that I need to help many others in these times ahead of us all. You have helped me deduce that if my knowledge and skills are not currently being used to their fullest for myself and others, then I need to focus more on getting this flight back on course, the coming year could be one heck of a ride for us all. We need to reach out to all who may need us.
    I also want to say God Bless to all in this new year,
    I AM ….hearing you, my friend.

    • “..your words, in your articles, in your voice…for some reason have opened my eyes a bit wider to the fact that I need to help many others in these times ahead of us all. You have helped me deduce that if my knowledge and skills are not currently being used to their fullest for myself and others, then I need to focus more on getting this flight back on course, the coming year could be one heck of a ride for us all. We need to reach out to all who may need us.”

      Beautifully said, planetprisoner. Thanks. :^)

  6. I’m so glad I found your blog- I look forward to every new post. My husband and I are very close to being debt free, we have to sell our house and then we’ll be there. It will probably be a year or so before we can, I hope the “end of the world as we know it” waits until we can sell it! Of course it may not matter then anyways! Thanks for the great information and perspective.

    • It is our responsibility to make sure that the beautiful baby in your photo has a free nation to grow up in. We can’t give up. The stakes are too high.
      God bless you and yours.

  7. I truly appreciate the information. I am really interested in making my own fuel for my truck. I also have an older Ford diesel and have access to waste vegetable oil (WSO). What recommendations in the form of websites or books would you advise? I would greatly appreciate any advice you may share.

    • If you are really serious I recommend Steve Chastain’s book Alternative Energy Secrets. It is about filtering old oil of any kind. I do not mess with making biodiesel. It is a wasted step in my book. Also, i highly rcommend, for anyone who would like to prodce their own power, to read Steve’s book Generators and Inverters.

      I buy all my books from http://www.lindsaybks.com You can purchase online or through their catalog. It is jammed packed with how to books and information. You can also purchase Steve’s books directly from him at http://www.stevechastain.com . His books are a bit technical at times and moderately priced.

      Let me know if I can help and good luck.

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