WOW!!! I Am Truly Humbled By Your Response

I would like to take a few minutes and thank all of you for the wonderful response that I have received. Codgerville is only 20 days old and has had an average of @1000 hits/day. My visitors have been from at least 16 countries and America. I say at least because I have only had the flag counter up for 2 days.

Please send comments. I try to respond to most posts but it is very difficult to find the time. I will try harder. I answer posts on two other blogs plus I still work part time making my preparations for hard times. Also, your posts tell me what is troubling you or what type of information you are seeking. If I can help I will.

Dear Friends, I think we are standing at the very brink of history. I hope some of you will forgive me, but I believe that the next few months and possibly years, will be of such importance in human history that we could almost say it will be of Biblical proportions.

To all my dear friends in Greece and Kriti I say, “Throw the bankers out. Go back to the Drachma.” To my friends in Lebanon, Egypt and Israel I can only say, “Throw the bums out!” To those in The Gambia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania I say “Keep them out.”

It is my belief that people around the world feel a deep, low vibration resonating in their bones and it is causing people to search for answers. We will take America back! You can take your homeland back! Be Aware! Be Prepared! And, stay safe!


Country Codger

16 thoughts on “WOW!!! I Am Truly Humbled By Your Response

  1. What’s up CC, I always looked forward to your writings on DTOM and I’m glad to have found your site. I once asked you what knife was best for field dressing and you said the Schrade PH1. Thank you, love it. Now I’m asking about open pollinated corn. I’ve been on the sights you recommended but the problem is there are so many bad reviews on every O.P. corn I researched and I’m stuck. Can you or anybody that knows corn help and make some suggestions. Thank you all.

    • I am really glad you asked that question. I was raised on and still grow one major variety, Reid’s Yellow Dent. I buy from Willhite Seed Company at . My family has used Wilhite for two generations. I have used it for 40 years. Also, if you like green beans try the Roma II green beans. They are the bush version of the old Romano variety. The are so sweet I eat them off of the bush. They cook quickly and have a true bean flavor. They can very, very well. I have about 100 jrs canned right now. My wife can fix them with potaoes that will make your head spin. Now, the good thing about yellow dent corn is that it is the sweet/starchy flavor and can be used for grinding into cornmeal when it is dry, you can use it to make hominy, it cans great, it is a great roasting ear, and is great fresh.(I eat it off the stalk without cooking.) Oh, yeah, it is good in chow chow. It was once “the staple of the South” after the Civil War and through the First Great Depression. If you want more ideas my wife might have a few more. Let me know if you want more gardening ideas. Good luck, stay prepared and keep stacking.

      • Thank you CC. I will get the Reid’s yellow dent. The beans sound great too. We have the All American 921 pressure canner and want to keep it busy. We are new to the idea of open pollinated seeds and don’t know the varieties. The hybrid brainwashing was very effective in the past. But now we’re awake. If the little woman could shed some light on a few other choices we’d be much obliged. The confusing ones are; Broccoli, cabbage, cantaloupe, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes and watermelons. Thank you very much to you and the Mrs.

      • Hi Silverfox,
        My wife is feeling a little under the weather so i will give you MY picks. Best tomato for flavor is Green Zebra. Next i like the “black” Russian varieties. A bonus for me is that most of them are short season and cold resistant more than US varieties. We experiment wth about 50 varieties a year. Now here is a family secret I have grown Porter (NOT Porter Improved by the original Porter) for roughly 45 years, It is so tough it will reseed itself if you leave the fruit lying on the ground through the winter. And, I have grown Golden Jubilee for about the same period of time. When nothing else makes these two varieties do. You will literally get tired of picking Porter. Cabbage is a tough one I recommend Premium Late Flat Dutch for fresh eating, slaw, cabbage rolls, etc. To my knowledge Michihili is the only open pollenated Chinese cabbage. Golden Acre is a good early cabbage and Copenhagen Market is a good mid season. Cucumbers for slicing Straight Eight and Straight Nine. Pickling: Homemade Pickles, Boston Picling and National Pickling. Eggplant; Florida Market, Louisiana Long green and Louisiana Green Oval and Rosa Bianca. If you grow only one grow Rosa Bianca. This is eggplant parmesan material. Uh oh, i think I am running out of room are something is happening to my computer I will post this one quick and try again later.


  2. Glad to see your blog coming together. YOUR advice is “to LIVE for”. I have used other formats but found wordpress to be the best. Did you notice that even SilverShield has gone with the twenty ten theme….
    We better enjoy it while we can, they will get SOPA passed before too long. Lord willing, Let’s keep blogging the TRUTH my friend.
    THNX for you friendship, even though it is virtual, for now.
    Keep Stackin / Keep Packin

  3. I don’t remember how I stumbled across you but I am sure glad I did. I really enjoy your writings. I am fairly well prepared but one of my biggest concerns is my mortgage. I recently refinanced with the same bank that I have been with as they offered me a much lower interest rate. Both existing and what they were offering were fixed so no real concern there. I asked them why they would offer it since I was already a customer which the reply was “to keep your business and not to loose you to another bank”. Well that made sense. Now that everything is in place and things appeared to be solid I get a notice that they sold the loan to Fannie May. Did I get hoodwinked? I really want to get this debt behind me however that will take more time than I feel we have. My main question to you is: when the coming financial meltdown occurs, what happens to my home? I have been paying on it as aggreed for years, never late never missed, but I am not done yet. Will they demand payment in full or eject me or does the debt go away with the dollar? Forgive me for asking but I really don’t know who else to ask. Thank You for Your Words.

    • I am not CC but: if I may give my opinion.
      You can almost guarantee that in a SHTF scenario the bankers will do just about whatever they want and get away with it.
      LEGALLY….you should be alright and just keep payin that note. FYI, you do know that paying anything over the payment goes directly to the principle. BUT, why do that when you can take extra cash and buy SILVER and STACK IT!! It will increase in value more than the interest gained by adding to your payment.
      Here’s a thought: If TEOTWAWKI occurs and Lord willing we can still survive above ground [EMP event] you can pretty well rest assured that your home will be yours as long as you can protect it.
      Hope that helps a bit.
      RON PAUL 2012

      • Hi Codger,
        Speaking of hognutz, could you possibly send me detailed plans for your two hog traps? Seems they would be an excellent tool for harvesting food and preserving folks’ gardens all at the same time. Hog jerky is excellent, but hard to find unless you make your own. I really appreciate all your work.

      • Hi Ed,
        Give me a day or two and i will get it to you. I will take some photos and give some dimensions. Like i said and as you can see in my photos, these traps work.


  4. Dear Friends,
    For those of you who are looking for a quick primer on organic gardening and independant living, I can suggest no better publication than Mother Earth News. Their website is rich in articles in seed selection, soil improvements, raising animals, and perserving food. My husband gave me a series of “the best of” for Christmas, and I have read each one cover to cover. I have been gardening for 20 years and have a library full of books that I have used for years, but I have learned more from this series than I learned over the last 20 years. Yes, I have to turn the pages quickly when they get on a “climate change” over population liberal rant, but for good information they can not be beat. Another gem is a book titled “Grow Fruit” that I found on Amazon that is chocked full of great information on growing and maintaining a healthy fruit orchard. It was worth every cent I paid for it! A recent article on Mother Earth was about the 15 best seed companies, and from viewing the seed companies websites, I think that you could find most any OP seed you may be looking for.
    Hope this helps and God Bless!

    • I agree wholeheartedly Penny. I have two sets of issues 1-120 complete. I have a smattering of some of the others. I also like Backwoods Home Magazine. You will see it referenced in one of my True Independence articles. If you can find some of the old Organic Grdening and Farming magazines when J.I. Rodale or Robert Rodale were alive, these are the best. Later it became glitzy and less hardcore hands on farming and gardening.

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