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  1. No sure what to do here. I will click on “free counter” and see what happens. Just read that Prez. O’bama signed the NDAA. It is hard to think about HAPPY NEW YEAR with that news on the mind.

  2. I am ready for them. These elected officals would be nuts to come back to their home state.
    If they were on the wrong side of the line, hang them and let the crows eat them.
    Happy New Year, powder dry, weapon clean, mama is happy. Great start,RangerRick

  3. Preparing to fix a chimney, and to install a woodburning stove for a couple clients this week. One good side of our current snolleygoster is that my chimney service is enjoying a nice upswing in business, which I’m sure will continue right up until it all goes kaflooey… Meanwhile, stay warm…

  4. Funny – much like that Matthew Broderick film, War Games, this is a game that really has no winners. Of course we do our best to prepare (for what we know not) but prepare is all we can do, so we do. Just unfortunate mankind seems to be approaching this fight or flee moment when we hoped we were growing as a species…but seems we are still ruled by love, fear, greed, and simple emotion. Where’s Spoke and his advancing society when you need him.

    So, yep, four years of college, 16yrs. w/ the corporation (6 overseas), and now as of 12/31/11, I’ve the wherewithall to pull the plug and watch the show from afar…until one day when it’ll likely rear it’s head on my front door step. Best to all and hope to hell all of our preperations are for not.


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