Grit Your Teeth…It’s About to Get Nasty

My friends, it  is about to get nasty in many ways. Please follow the link to Mac Slavo’s site. . Folks this is now law in America. People Like Mac Slavo, John Rubino, SGT and others have the God given talent for pointing out the nose on your face. Like the old saying goes most folks can’t see the forest for the trees. And  thanks to these fine people a lot of folks can now see the forest.

Back in December 2010, Bob Chapman said on someone’s show that there would be 13 to 13.5% inflation in the US in 2011. Well, the annual national  Thanksgiving Day meal went up nationwide this year by 13%. Damn good call Bob! The scary thing is about Bob’s prediction in December 2010 was that he also said he anticipated 20-25%, minimum, in 2012 but that it could go as high as 35%. I have not heard Bob change that as of this (Christmas) week.

I was sent me an email while I was in the state of Confusion, also called Louisiana, and in it was this link The writer wanted to know if this was an Oh SH*t moment and I told her it was just a Pucker Factor moment. And here is another one from Tyler Durden: . Obviously, things have heated up more since these articles came out. It will heat up even more before it is resolved. Such as:

 Now, in the world of diplomacy, when you see a country recall its ambassador, which we have already done, and then encourage its citizens to get out of the host country (Syria) immediately, you have moved to the next level of Pucker Factor. This is the stage of the poker game called BLUFFING. What happens when you bluff is that you have to be prepared to back up that bluff. This is where any mistake in reading the cards will cause a calamity.

Bluffing is an old game and most countries know how to play it. The problem is that the cards in the deck, that’s the people on the ships, in the aircraft or on the ground, aren’t diplomats and don’t know the game and often misread a signal or go to far in the execution of an order. This is where a simple mistake may cause an unintended consequence of enormous magnitude. This is the scene in the old western movie where one guy stands up and challenges another guy, usually still seated with his gun already out under the table and sort of smiling, to draw his gun. Seeing his antagonist’s smile the man standing gets angry and goes for his own and then the big shoot out takes place. That is where we are in Syria.

In Pakistan we are still playing cards but each new card gets a squinty-eyed look from the main characters and maybe even a mumbled insult thrown in for good measure. But don’t be fooled, we could go from playing cards to pulling guns in a heartbeat. Pakistan is sick and tired of the US and its threats. Oh, did I mention that in the game being played in Pakistan the dealer isn’t the US, it’s China and that Pakistan IS a nuclear nation. India (also a nuclear nation) is in there playing too but even though they are a small stakes gambler, they could lose everything before they know they were the “mark” in the game.

Pakistan is a known nuclear power. Not a maybe like Iran.

Now we move to Iran, maybe literally. Iran is a tough and resourceful nation just like Pakistan. Unlike Pakistan it is rich in oil, not nuclear weapons like the Pakistanis. The Iranians, Persians, are sick of their own government just like we are, but they too will fight for their COUNTRY just like we would ours if we were invaded.

If we were to believe the MSM (mainstream media) it could be only a matter of days, weeks, months, or who knows, maybe even hours before Iran has a nuclear bomb. Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t that the same thing they said about Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction? Are the American people really gullible enough to fall for the same line over and over again? YES! They will.

Let’s look at the situation from another point of view. The U.S. has had sanctions put in place through the UN against Iran. (This is an open act of war.) The US has armed rebels inside Iran and provided personnel to train them. (This is an open act of war.) The US has violated Iran’s airspace repeatedly. (This is an open act of war.) The US has sent armed drones into Iran to bomb facilities within Iran. open act of war.) And, the US and Israel in a joint effort developed the STUXNET virus and had agents introduce into the mainframes of Iran’s power plants to sabotage the powerplant. (Another open act of war.) What has been Iran’s response? Nothing much other than the usual rhetoric.

Iran is a very savy country. The CIA has operated within that nation unobstructed since 1953. The Iranians are too smart to take the bait. They have shown a tremendous amount of resolve. Any one of the acts of war above would have been justification to close the Straits of Hormuz as they have threatened to do, repeatedly.

Why do I say all this?  At the heart of the problem in this country is a bunch of meglomaniacs running this country, either by title, i.e. President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, or by financial hold over the politicians, i.e. Blankfein, Dimon, Immelt, Daly and you know the rest. You must prepare you and yours for what is about to befall this nation. What? I don’t know exactly and nobody else does either.

Everyday, I see articles where people said Jim Rickards said such and such and Jim Sinclair said so and so. Gold will hit $8,000/oz. No, so and so said it would hit $10,000/oz and silver would hit $850.00/oz. And then someone else says “No, gold will hit $12,000 and silver will hit $3,000/oz. WHO CARES?

If you have gold and silver who gives a rat’s butt how high it goes? I don’t, because I am not selling mine at any price. My puny collection of metal is for barter when $100.00 dollar bills will be used to wipe your butt. Are you going to sell at $10,000/oz only to let your family starve because a loaf of bread is $20,000? What you need to consider is, do you have a refuge? Do you have adequate food? Water? Guns? Ammunition? Do you have a bug out plan? If you are dead, because you didn’t plan, will you care how high gold and silver go? If gold is one million dollars per ounce what good will it do you if you die from hunger, malnutrition or violence from roving bands of thieves, murders and rapists. I have seen what 18 year olds with M-16′s CAN and WILL do where they are the law. They will kill anyone who is a threat to them in their eyes, rape anyone who isn’t and steal whatever is left. Is that what you want to see happen to your family?

I have been asked many times to share my idea of what could happen in the future and I wrote about some of the possible scenarios here: . We do not know how much longer we have to prepare, but if I were a betting man I would say that preparations will get to be too expensive or difficult to accomplish by the end of 2012 and if you don’t have them by then you won’t have them at all. I honestly think they, the power brokers, will either try to hold everything together until after the 2012 elections, or they will stage a massive false flag before then, to justify war and/or martial law.

So, breakdown where you are in your preparations and divide them into categories. Take the must haves and work on them first. Then the essentials, then the nice-to-haves and so on. I will try to write another article about the methodology that I used. It may be a help but it may be a hindrance. No two people will come to the same goal in exactly the same manner. When Christmas time rolls around, ask yourself whether or not you NEED the latest XBOX, flatscreen TV or IPAD. Or, do you need storable food, guns and ammunition or more gold and silver? It is Pucker Time.

Be prayful, for our leaders, our nation, our military and our families. We are entering a trying time. It will wear on your patience, your faith, not only in God but also yourself, your family and friends and, mankind as a whole. But don’t let that happen. Channel your faith into action. (A good object lesson on this, whether you are a Christian or not, can be found in the New Testament in the Book of James. It is a short book so read the whole thing but after the first few verses you will get the drift. Don’t tell me about your faith, show it to me by your DEEDS.)

Keep stacking and keep packing and remember, there may come a day when you cannot buy a gun or ammunition with silver or gold because a loaded weapon in the hand is worth a fortune. It will be difficult to beat an enemy to death with a bar of gold or silver. PREPARE.

1 thought on “Grit Your Teeth…It’s About to Get Nasty

  1. Hey Cooter –

    .556 ammo on sale at Bi-Mart today for $145 per 400 rounds…this is the shit that gets me motivated now. Fuck, I’ve been a top 2% incomce earner for a whlle and was an expat for 8yrs…and now I’m excitied to buy ammo at Bi-Mart. Not because I’m down on my luck…shit, my wife and I never made more than last year…and we never had less of an idea what to do with it. Guns….check. Grub…check. Gold…check. We also hold cash, stocks, real estate. What a bunch of bullshit it’s all become now. I’m amazed by the number of folks now reaching out to me…folks like me in like income brackets now becoming scared, becoming inquisitive of how to protect themselves. Seems telling that the propaganda and MSM bs is wearing thin…thanks for your informative articles and best wishes for the holidays…


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