It is not a Brave New World but rather a World only for the Brave

Yes, the National Defense Authorization Act passed last night and I sent a late night email to friends and family to let them know that we had entered a Brave New World. But, the more I thought about it, the more that I realized that it is time for us to crawl out of the SOMA induced narcissistic lifestyle which was Aldous Huxley’s main theme the Brave New World. That is how we got here. It is living the 20th and 21st Century model of an advertising based lifestyle that has so thoroughly deluded the thinking of Americans. I’ll go a step farther and say it is the cause of the destruction of the thinking process in America.

If you have not already watched SGT’s excellent mini-doc The Madness Of A Lost Society please watch it now: and watch the sequel here: .

Remember when your kids were small or when you were small and you would ask about every 20 to 30 minutes, “Are we there yet?” Well, yes, Virginia, we are there. I could also make the case that it was purposely passed right before Christmas. Why? Because everybody is busy shopping, busy making plans to visit family, absorbed in what to buy Little Johnny, Little Susy, Granny, Gandpa the neighbors dog Spot. The majority of Americans are too busy to have to worry about what has just happened in this country. “Oh, my gosh, I forgot to buy something Becky, I don’t have time to watch the news. Besides it is so negative.” Or something to that effect. I know you have heard it.

I also know that you have heard at least one of the following: why are you always so negative? Don’t you think the people in Washington are smarter than you about the government? That would never happen in America. You must have heard or read that wrong. Oh, quit listening to that junk on the radio/internet. If it was true it would be on CBS/ABC/NBC. How many times have you heard don’t be silly, don’t be so negative, don’t be so paranoid, don’t be so critical?

Well, the NDAA passed, overwhelmingly, and it will be signed by Obama even though he swore he would not sign it and where does that leave you and I? Maybe, NOW, our family, friends, neighbors, church family, schoolmates, will believe us. Yeah, right. You will have more luck convincing your neighbors dog Spot, if you bought him his Christmas bone.

Well, couldn’t we just write our congressmen and women? We could write our senators, we could Occupy Wall Street again or maybe MLK Boulevard or, or, or nothing. I wrote about the only solutions that will work in the article American Dictatorship. There are no others.

You want to be proactive? Buy more gold, more silver, more freeze-dried or dehydrated food, more guns, more ammunition. You say you have enough for you, your retreat members and possible friends and family that drop in when the Sh*t Hits The Fan. Alright, go to the next level. Buy body armor, ballistic helmets, night vision scopes, RF battery powered surveillance cameras, solar panels, more batteries for your electrical system.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute Codger are you off your meds?” Is that what you are thinking about now? Remember, there are three possible solutions to the LEGAL dictatorship in this country. There is only one person running in 2012 that will end the tyranny and if he wins the Republican nomination there will be several possible scenarios to play out.

Scenario number one: in September or October, remember the closer to the election the better, Michelle Obama and/or the girls will be assassinated. Obama will win by a sympathy vote.

Scenario number two: war with Iran will be declared during the same time frame. The American public will immediately fall in behind the president and begin yelling Rah, Rah, Rah, nuke the raghead bastards and all kinds of crap along those lines. Obama will win because of the patriot fervor.

Scenario number three: three missing nuclear warheads will be detonated in three major US metropolitan areas. (Possibly Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Remember I hinted at this in When The Poop Hits the Oscillator.) Why these three? Maximum horror, huge death toll, huge number of injured, high visibility and all three are near navigable bodies of water, which makes transporting a stolen nuclear warhead easier. How do I know there are three missing nuclear warheads? I don’t Christmas shop or watch TV or wait for CBS/NBC/ABC to say something meaningful. Read here: . And here: . And here: . He will win just like Bill Clinton after OKC because he appeared presidential. Whatever that means. Read here:  and here:  And here: Ad infinitum

Scenario number four: the Euro will crash in Spring or Summer of 2012 and behind it will be the US dollar. Another national emergency will be declared, then martial law. Thanks to the newly passed NDAA, the government will begin rounding up American dissenters. The American military will fracture and split at some point and time after this has taken place and the SHTF once again. Everyone will praise congress for being foresighted enough to pass such monumental legislation and the FEMA will begin filling up after GITMO is full. Obama will win by declaration or patriotic fervor or vote fraud, take your pick.

Scenario number five: Ron Paul wins the election and is sworn in. Rainbows will appear in the sky, bluebirds of happiness will land on everyone’s shoulders and the lion will lay down with the lamb. Yeah, Right!

Scenario number five A: Ron Paul will win the election and will be assassinated.

Scenario number five A1: Ron Paul is elected, sworn in and later assassinated like George Herbert Walker Bush (George Scherf) tried to do to Ronald Reagan, who used the son of his business partner, Hinkley, who was a part MK/Ultra experiments. Yes, attempted assassination by the vice-president because it was later reported by the Bethesda Naval Hospital doctor that treated Reagan, offline, that a flechette was taken from near the aorta of Ronald Reagan. I know no other group in the world that would use a flechette in a close range assassination other than the CIA. I don’t know of anyone who can corroborate this with the possible exception of Bo Gritz. He may or may not be able to do this if he wants to. So, if any of you know Colonel Bo you might ask him if I am telling you the truth. It is your chance to prove me a liar.

Scenario number five B: Immediately after Ron Paul is elected and maybe even after he is sworn in the economy will be imploded (yes, Virginia, they can do things like that). I put these three together because the outcome will be the same anyway. I honestly believe that if Ron Paul is assassinated or the economy implodes at that time, then the end result will be revolution.

After I left the military I informed my family that I thought George Herbert Walker Bush was the devil’s messiah. Everyone thought I was crazy, probably still do, but that does not change the facts of what the man did, had done or authorized.

Why was JFK assassinated? You know the answers to that. He fired Allen W. Dulles from the CIA and authorized the printing of United States Notes to bypass the Federal Reserve, authorized the silver certificate and silver coinage and currency to continue and ordered the military to withdraw all personnel from Southeast Asia by January 1965. What was it that LBJ undid by Executive Order while on Air Force One immediately after being sworn in? Removed silver from circulation, escalated Vietnam and beefed up the CIA before setting foot on the ground as president.

Why was Ronald Reagan targeted for assassination? Didn’t you listen to his radio shows? He was going to reinstitute the gold standard in America. He even had industrialist J. Peter Grace look into the feasibility and implementation of it. Oddly, enough, the gold standard was rejected by REAGAN after his near assassination. Mr. Grace’s report instead just dealt with the federal debt.

I know what you’re gonna say. “Where are you going with this? Do you have a point?”

Yes, I do. The CIA, Skulls and Bones conspirators, the Nazi Bush family, Dick(head) Cheney’s Halliburton, NSA’s Special Operations Group, The Fifth Column, someone will try to kill Ron Paul. And, if Ron Paul survives, then the Federal Reserve will work overtime to crash the economy, which face it, they are doing everything in their power to make last until the November election. But no matter what, the Bilderbergers are scared to death that the American people might wake up and vote for Ron Paul en masse.

Now here comes my modified Hippocratic Oath. If you bought food for a year for your family, if your have a refuge which is debt free, if you have invested in gold and silver, purchased firearms and ammunition and followed all the other things that I have tried to teach, I will have done you no harm. Your gold and silver will always be worth something. Your guns and ammunition will appreciate. You will be out of debt and have food to eat in case of any emergency or you can just eat the food on a daily basis when the rainbows appear in the sky, the bluebirds of happiness land on everyone’s shoulders and the lion lies down with the lamb.

But if the lion starts drooling while looking at the lamb and there suddenly appears to be a white spot on your shoulder where the bluebird was, then you might want to think about bugging out.

Please keep our country, our leaders, our friends and family in our prayers and may 2012 be the year the republic is restored.

p.s. please forget the Left-Right paradigm long enough to laugh with me at the following video.

Un tres bon sejour.

7 thoughts on “It is not a Brave New World but rather a World only for the Brave

  1. What do you think are the chances that a Republican other than Ron Paul will win and we will muddle through another few years of a slowly declining standard of living? In other words, a scenario where we have a long, slow deflationary depression that just drags on for, maybe, 20 years or more?

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  4. Excellent article sir… very interesting…

    Dr Ron Paul won’t win the nomination because the Republican party is full of Neocons who would never vote for a peace candidate… Maybe the next generation will do better than this…

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