When The Poop Hits The Oscillator

I have been asked to share my perspective (vision or nightmare) of what will happen when the Poop finally hit’s the fan. You asked for it, you got it.

No matter what happens, massive earthquakes, tsunamis Coronal Mass Ejections, EMP’s (manmade or natural) the ultimate crisis will be caused by none other than an economic Crisis. How can I say that? Easy look at history. Japan was bombed to oblivion in WWII, received the first atomic bombs in modern warfare and still it rebuilt itself. Now, after being struck with a major earthquake of Biblical proportions and then crushed by a tsunami which in turn has caused the largest nuclear crisis in history, yesterday, the dollar dropped below the historic low of the dollar to the yen since WWII.

Hiroshima, Japan 1945 after the Atomic Bomb.

Why? We have had no major earthquakes, tsunamis, major nuclear disasters. Our infrastructure is still basically intact. Japan cannot even operate their own factories because of the limited amount of electricity. It has to have South Korea build most of its automobiles. Japan produces no oil and negligible amounts of natural gas. The U.S. is producing oil and gas and discovering new fields and has developed technology to increase oil production from previously inaccessible oil strata. So if it had to do with natural resources, or major disasters the dollar should be worth 200 or more yen. Why is it that the yen is stronger than the dollar. Because the fundamentals upon which the dollar is based are collapsing. The dollar is only valuable right now because of the Bretton-Woods Agreement which came out of WWII. Everybody in the world has to buy dollars in order to purchase any internationally traded commodity. Otherwise we would be a poster child for economic collapse. Greeks would be saying, “It sure is bad but at least we don’t live in America.”

(Detroit, 1945)
So, we are lucky right? Nope. People around the world are waking up and are tired of the old Bretton-Woods banking arrangement. Countries such as China, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia and others are using their own currencies in commodity swaps with other nations. This will encourage others, which will encourage others to do the same thing. Pretty soon you will be wiping the poop off the oscillator with 100 dollar bills, because that and starting fires will be the only thing they will be good for.

What about EMP’s and Coronal Mass Ejections and you know… It doesn’t make any difference. If the American economy was healthy, say pre-1964 we could work and produce our way out of the problem even if we had to do it with steam power or horses. We did it once we could easily do it again. But our manufacturing infrastructure is destroyed and we don’t have the financial ability to rebuild. We have sold and traded all of our national gold, and silver is now called “an industrial metal.” Odd, for 5 ½ thousand years before this gold and silver were true wealth. America is now broke and the International Banksters are just waiting for the day that they can hammer the Foreclosure Sale sign in the front yard of the u.s. of A. for everyone in the world to see.

When Americans, out of fear, allowed Franklin D. (Deranged) Roosevelt to talk them out of their wealth and placed them under a Constitutional dictatorship form of government in March 1933 our end was sealed. It has just taken a long time to get here. We are headed for foreclosure. (This is the second time I have made this point.)

Hiroshima, Japan 2011(Stark contrast between the two cities. Hiroshima died in an instant. Detroit is dying from rot slowly.) 
William Livingstone house, Detroit 2011

In foreclosure, an officer of the court posts a notice of foreclosure on the property for all to see. (Of course if you are BofA, Wells Fargo, CITI, Fanny, Freddie, or Peewee Herman all you have to do is grease palms with Federal Reserve Notes instead of following the laws of the land and skip all those needless steps. Hell, you don’t even need a deed, title or mortgage, just foreclose and make the property owner prove you are wrong. See what I mean?)

So what, you ask? The banksters will foreclose and their court is the Court of International Settlements? Who is the officer of the court? The U.N. is the high sheriff and is in charge of placing countries into receivership. Don’t believe me, ask Muamar Qaddafi. The U.N. authorized N.A.T.O. action in Libya, hello. You saw what kind of treatment Libya and ultimately Qaddafi received. The countries resources have been hijacked, international accounts frozen (read stolen), and now the largest reserves of the sweetest, lightest crude in the Middle East just got placed under the protection of the receivers in bankruptcy. Oh, and where is Qaddafi’s more than 9 billion dollars in gold bullion? Probably in the same place as all the gold bullion taken from the vault underneath WTC7 BEFORE it was never struck by an aircraft and burned to the ground against all the laws of physics.

Get my point? IF the American economy was healthy no disaster could stop America from coming back from the brink of destruction. Unfortunately, the DISASTER is our economy and we are over the brink. We are in free fall and it is not the fall that kills you but the sudden stop.

So what do I see as the scenario? I believe it will take place sometime after the 2012 elections. Why? Because the Federal Reserve has done everything in its bag of tricks, to keep this train chugging down the tracks, as it can. (Even if Ron Paul is elected I believe he will be either assassinated, the economy will be willfully imploded or a huge false flag event will take place that will destroy at least 3, possibly more, major urban areas.)

We are from the government and we are here to help!

In others words we are doomed? No way. This is America and there is at least one gun for every citizen, on average. Unfortunately, for the first year or so, most people will simply try to exist. Probably, (remember, this is my opinion and opinions cannot be wrong no matter how much they stink) two-thirds of the people in this country will die during the first two years after the fall. It will be a combination of events but about one half that number will be because of lawlessness, the rest due to disease or starvation.

I think it will take three to four years to stabilize the situation, i.e. kill the outlaws and use alternative forms of medicine before things stop getting worse. However, there is a rule of thumb that kicks in about this time. When the smallest kid in class kicks the class bully’s butt then everyone he ever bullied will try to kick his butt. It will be during this time that I believe America will suffer some form of invasion. Maybe, it will be under the auspices of stabilizing America, or restoring order or maybe just to settle an old debt. Here is a propaganda film that will be released soon. http://www.reddawnmovienews.com. I once heard Lindsay Williams say that that the Elite will always tell you bfore they do something. I was shocked. This was almost word for word what Zbigniew Brzinski said years ago when asked how he knew about a particular event coming to pass in advance of it happening.

It is at this time things get ticklish. About 100 million, heavily armed and motivated Americans will have absolutely little mercy on an invading army. I think an invading army from the west will be stopped at the Sierra Nevada’s or at worst, at the Rockies. An army invading from the east will be stopped in the Smoky/Adirondack chain and if not there then at the mighty Mississippi. It might even be an army from each direction, China/Russia alliance from the west and U.N./European contingent from the east. Remember, they are blaming the U.S. for their current fiscal problems. What happens when their problems get ten times or one hundred times worse than they are now?

I think they will have bit off more than they can chew and in the end we will triumph. But when will it end? One year? Two? Three? Ten? Will it turn nuclear or just stay conventional? Quien sabe?

America has been the biggest bully on the block for a long time, post World War One and a lot of people worldwide resent that. At some point in time we will be due our comeuppance. Unfortunately, there are several new bullies waiting in the wings. China and the Pan-Asian League? Maybe. Revised Russian/Soviet Empire? Possible. Make no mistake about it,some one will be ready to take on the old bully for a shot at the title.

Am I cynical? Well, like I’ve said before, I always thought of myself as an upbeat kind of guy. But my Mary Poppins attitude, that just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, is gone. (A moose turd pie, no matter how much you sugar you add, still taste like a moose turd.)

I listen to a lot of radio programs and I have listened to Alex Jones regularly for a couple of years. There are many things I admire about that young man but I have one criticism, not of Alex but for the mistaken believe that the Illuminati care one whit whether we know what they are doing or not. They really don’t care, as long as it doesn’t upset their timetable. When it does, they just back up and punt.

(War and Depression are just Urban Renewal for the Elite.)

These people, the “elite”, Illuminists, assholes, really do drink blood and eat human flesh from fetuses. They plot and plan the deaths of millions of people by any number of means. They own armies, parliaments, congresses and dictators. And, if a random dictator gets out of line, what happens? Ask Qaddafy Duck. They order their enforcers to go in and clean house and “foreclose” on the property, make no mistake about it. They will kill one million, two million, ten million or one hundred million Americans to foreclose on the greatest piece of real estate this side of Heaven. America is the final jewel to add to their “CROWN” jewels collection.

I am a simple country boy and I like simple logic. If we want to keep America, we cannot win by disclosing their names on radios or TV or satellites. We can only win, and keep our nation by killing them. To quote General George Smith Patton, “No poor dumb son of a bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won the war by making the other poor dumb son of a bitch die for his country.” If we want to win this war, they, the elite, have to die. We have to pull them out of their hiding places, their bunkers and drain pipes and kill them as expeditiously as possible.

Now, having said that, this is not a call to arms. Like my other articles in the past, it is a call to get armed. You must get armed and become proficient with the weapons of your choice. Don’t run out and buy a gun and say I said for you to start shooting people. This is as far from the truth as anything could be.

What will America be like in the short term after the collapse? The first stage will be to HUNKER down. You will have to get to your refuge, make sure you have adequate provisions for your group and ride out the initial storm. The initial storm will proabably consist of a FORMAL declaration of martial law. Eventually, the National Guard and the military will walk away and return to protect they families, their loved ones. They are not fools, they know what is coming down the pike. I believe the initial storm will last one to two years. That is why I have repeatedly said that you need a minimum of one year’s worth of food for each man, woman and child in your group. You should have extra for stragglers.

Here is a word about provisions. I have told you what to stock and how to stock it and now we need to look at something very important, SKILLS. If your group consist of 12 adults and you are all computer programmers and have no other skill sets you are in deep doodoo. You need diversity of skills within your group. You need someone proficient in the following skillsets (minimum):

Medicine – no you don’t need to look for a brain surgeon. I would find an herbalist and/or nurse or EMT,

Firearms and self defense – you do not need to have Rambo in your group but you should have someone who is proficient enough with firearms to teach others and do basic maintenance and repairs of broken equipment. This will also be the person that will teach all of you to reload you own ammunition. Most people can be taught to use a few basic holds, punches and gouges to save their life in an emergency and this person should be proficient enough to teach it. Look for former military, cops, private security or martial artist,

Farming/gardening – at some point you will have to grow your own food to replenish your dwindling food stocks. This is as much an art form as it is a science. To find the right person look for the biggest and best gardens and start there,

Mechanics – this specialist will keep your equipment repaired and design/build new equipment that is better, more efficient or quieter than before. There may not be a big need for auto mechanics but since you can run diesels on any oil and older gas vehicles on wood smoke this may be the person that keeps you out of the dark during the dark ages. (Note: I am not telling you this, but a diesel truck will run on the oil taken from transformers on electrical poles. I did not say this and make sure you have waited until all electricity is dead.),

Nutrition – notice I did not say cook. This is the person that will keep you healthy by planning well balanced meals. If you plan on eating a lot of meat, foraged for the countryside, you better have a lot of milk of magnesia, Epsom Salts or Ex Lax on hand. Otherwise, the shit WON’T hit the fan,

Logistics – this is the discipline of having everything you need when you need it. If your logistician bought 7.62 x 39 ammunition for all your 5.56 x 45 rifles, you have a problem. This person has to be detail oriented in their planning. If you have dehydrated food for a year and no water, you won’t last long. This is a key person.

Communications – is necessary so you can at least hear what is happening. You can do this with a CB radio, shortwave radio or a HAM set. When you are used to getting information everyday, from multiple sources, to suddenly go cold turkey is frightening. IF there is a roving band of marauders/brigands headed your way you will want as much advanced notice as possible.

Everyone in your group must know every other persons skill. Each specialist much be able to teach what they know to others as well as do their job. Also, there will be a lot of unpleasant tasks that will have to be shared by all. All tasks should be on a rotating basis. Schedules should be posted and checked everyday by everyone. IN a survival situation there is no EXCUSE. Death is a reason not an excuse.

When asked what type of governmental system our group would use I told everyone that it would be a dictatorship and I am the dic. When it is time to fight or flee you can’t wait to have a discussion and vote. You have to move quickly or you will be dead. The leader of the group is just that. The leader may also be your mechanical expert or your gardening expert or no expert at all. The leader might be your “can do” person. That person that seems to be able to get anything done when no one else even knows where to start.

Another person you should have is your Tactical Coordinator. In many cases I am sure that this will be your firearms/self defense guru, but not necessarily. These titles are not student body titles to be voted on by the student body in a popular election. They must be based on skill sets, overall proficiency and ability. Your tactical coordinator might be 25 years old or they might be 65, or older. One very important criteria you SHOULD look for: they should be a veteran of an insurgency style conflict. I did not say conventional war veteran. Insurgency/counterinsurgency is a totally different mindset or paradigm. In counterinsurgency your sniper is your reconnaissance, your artillery and your first strike capability. This is completely different from a conventional war’s needs.

Don’t be guilty of the same mistake I was. When planning my personnel needs I depended upon people, especially family members, that were expert in two or more categories. I have lost two very key and vital people from my group, and also my family, that I depended on heavily. I valued their opinions and i loved them dearly. I can never replace their roles in my family and it will take at least 6 people to take their places in the group, if I can find them at all. You must have a person responsible for a skill set and train everyone in that skill set. If you lose your farmer and no one else knows diddely about farming you are screwed big time.

I’ve said it in at least one other article and I will say it again. “Do not send your corpsman (medical guru) or your tactical coordinator onto a live battlefield.” The wounded must be brought to the corpsman and the information brought to the Tactical Coordinator. You cannot afford to lose these two in a battle.

How many people? Good question. Keep your signature small. Around eight to twelve active members (not counting children) is ideal, 15 is okay but never, ever go over 20. When you reach twenty, divide into two 10 person groups, not counting children and start over, once again based on skill sets. Keep families intact at all cost. Isn’t that why we are fighting, for our families.

So I’ll boil it down. I do not believe that the united states of America will have any government greater than line of sight communities before three years after the fall. Community communication and coordination will begin around two to three years after the collapse and progress from there. At some point in time, after most of the bad guys are dead and it is safe to step in and PROTECT America from herself, we will be invaded by the latest bullies of the banksters. In a prolonged insurgency war, we Americans will win out over the sorry bastards sent against us. After that, we as a nation begin to rebuild based upon sound money and sound business practices. That’s it. Remember, opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one and they all stink, just some less than others. I know it stinks. I know it is not rosy, but is it REAL. Quien Sabe?

23 thoughts on “When The Poop Hits The Oscillator

  1. I agree 100%. We can only survive as a people and a Nation if ALL the SOB,s are put down. We need to rid our Country of the leaches in our mist. You carry your share of the burden or have a very good reason you can not and at that time, your church or your family needs to step up to the plate and take care of you.
    I am tired of multi generation’s of familes living off the blood ,sweat and tears of the fabric of the Country. Enought said.
    Best Regards,RangerRick

  2. Very interesting read. Could play out as you prognosticate.

    I’ll just say a couple things about me. I’m in the financial collapse camp. Whether it’s planned or just plain greed and corruption is moot. Not much argument from me.

    What I’m curious about is this. You talk about an invading force(s). Well, how will China with it’s billion and a half people fare? They have a very high population density. They import a lot of grain from us, not to forget that their exports to America will go to zero. I suspect it will be much worse there than here.

    Russia, not sure how they will do. I think they import some food stuffs from us currently. But are fairly self sufficient.

    Most of the Arabic countries import a majority of their food. By some accounts, 90%. I see a population reduction matching that number. Especially since the Dollar is no longer buying their oil.

    Africa will probably depopulate as they get by on the handouts from the world.

    South America will probably get by fairly untroubled.

    IMHO, I suspect another American/Mexican war.

    A simple and cost effective preparation. Plant fruit trees everywhere like your life depends upon it.

    AND, we DO need a serious housecleaning. In fact the whole world needs it. But I am skeptical that the world will be in any shape for a serious intercontinental war across oceans after a global financial collapse.

    David M

  3. I agree about the apple trees. I also have planted grapes, peach trees, strawberries, blackberries and nut trees. Be sure and have on have hundreds of canning jars and lids to can your own food.

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  5. Thanks. Lightbulb went on re: WHY is our government is not allowing the exploitation of our energy resources ( the real ones- fossil fuels). This has troubled me for at least 4 presidential terms. Under the scenario you describe, the cognescenti in power now are holding these natural resources in trust (reserve) for whatever part of the NWO they ‘sold’ them to, in exchange for the opportunity to loot the present. Plenty of resources to exploit with cheap labor after the 3 year period. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that causes the situation to make sense to me — with the enviroactivists as the useful idiots.

  6. You forget about the second-most heavily armed nation. With China to the East and Russia to the West don’t forget the socialist hoards to the north.

    • Canuckistan

      I think Kosovo, Switzerland and Serbia per capita beat the canucks. But, I know from experience nothing beats the kick ass attitude of the folks to the north. You got my 12, I got your 6. Like we used to to say to our comrades in arms, “see you hell, you lucky bastard.”

    • Hello there Canukistan.
      This is Goldamazon one of the “socialist” hoard of the North.
      I for one must say that if your looking for Canada to kick the States when its’s down your looking to the wrong country.
      The bleeding heart Liberals to the East (who don’t know what end of a gun to hold) would insist we all help out as much as possible by opening our boarder and sending down as much produce as we could. The Conservatives to the West Central (my kind) would look upon you as brothers under fire and open the boarder to your refugees and probably send our own country boys to back you up when the hammer started to come down.
      BC would probably have it’s hands full trying to get it’s goobermint to stop panicking and trying to arrest everyone for stupid drummed up charges.
      And that is assuming that we were not stewing in the same kettle of fish as your country after a financial collapse. I don’t think it’d hit us as hard but I don’t think we would be unscathed either.
      I, for one worry about the starving hoards and the criminal gangs that might flow up the pipe from the States. We are sparsely populated and have lots of land to watch and I don’t know if we would be up to the task after a meltdown.
      And why would you think we are any more socialist than your country is a mystery to me.

  7. I live in India and am surprised at every prepper who calls himself a Christian but prepares for the tribulation with guns. Jesus didn’t pull out a gun against his would be killers.

    • Hi Thomas,

      I don’t think I ever said I was preparing for the tribulation other than a personal tribulation. I do not use the word in my wtitings very often because people mistake the intent of the word. It is like useing the word gay to mean happy. I do not use it for people who are homosexuals. Obviously, guns were not invented when Christ walked the earth but He did tell His Apostles that the day would come when they would have to sell their coat to by a sword. It is funny that thr very first thing you thought about relative to the gun is killing someone instead of acquiring food for your family. Good luck in India. Try to get your government to stop listening to the United States. These idiots in Washington are get them neck deep in a nuclear war. THe CIA is nothing more than a den of vipers.

      • What I meant was, why not rely on the power of faith and prayer rather than the power of a gun. We must prepare to defend & save the soul more than the body. God Bless.

      • Believe me Thomas I understand. How do I reconcile the fact that I am a born again Christian and have killed other people. I usually go back to Psalms and think about the beautiful relationship Kind David had with the Creator. David killed tens of thousands of men in battle but he loved the Lord God so much that the Scriptures tell us that “he was a man after God’s own heart.”

        When people want me to rely on faith I refer them to the book of James, the half brother of our Lord Jesus Christ. He tells us to tell our faith by our actions, not words. God commanded Noah to build an ark to survive. God directed Joseph to set aside 7 good years of grain for 7 lean years. God told his people to go into the promised land and slay the enemies, men, women and children.

        God hates the spilling of innocent blood. When someone is trying to harm someone that is innocent, their destruction is assured by God. Does God use men to do His work or do we have to wait for God to do it Himself?

        These are old questions. We do not have a divine right to murder but I believe we have an obligation to defend ourselves, our families and our faith. I was raised a Swearingen. The Catholic Pope ordered the destruction of the Waldens Anabaptists at the hands of the Duke of Savoy. Over 40,000 were slaughtered in 3 months. The followers of Mr. Ammon, Mr. Hutter and Mr. Mennon were pacifists. The brethren were not and took up the sword and defeated the Army of the Holy See under the command of the Duke of Savoy. Were they wrong? Will they be forgiven? These are decisions you will have to make. I have already made them.

        I have already fought for all the wrong reasons so, yes, I will fight for my faith, my family and my country, but I will not fight for the government any longer. Will He forgive me? I pray that He will. His Word tells me so. THat is all that I can offer.

        Good luck, God bless you and yours. Some decisions are just hard work.

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  11. Codger, this is exactly the type of post I’ve been looking for, and from the exact type of person I’ve been looking for. Excellent Article.

    However, there seems to be a big chunk that is missing in the beginning. Since the PTB have think tanked and wargamed all this out for years, perhaps we should do the same. To not do this might be at our own risk, and perhaps opportunities missed, so let me polish my crystal ball, and see what it shows. From now, due to election fraud and our lamestream media ignoring the only person who has a chance at fixing things, Ron Paul will not get the nomination, but Romney will. There will be rumors of massive election fraud regarding Paul’s delegates, but none the less, Paul will decide to go independent. After the required theater of the elections whether they let Paul in the debates or not, I foresee BHO winning re-election. (nausea).

    Now we are at November, and by late december we hear rumors and grumblings that the election was messed with.. That Paul actually did surprisingly well, and even perhaps won the presidency.
    There will be some minor riotous groups in Washington, and the nation will start waking up to the fact that something is very very wrong.

    In January 2013, that is when BHO will hit IRAN, or, There will be some military exchange with Iran, Perhaps a nuked Aircraft carrier, because I seem to think that Iran already has a couple of nukes, from a report I heard from the state department official back in 2006 who said they will have a nuke ready in 18 days.. back in 2006.

    Anyway, with the War in full bloom, the straights of Hormus will be choked off, with combatants and residual radiation, the tankers will not enter the area, and even if the Saudis make up the difference in oil production like they say they will, it will take them a couple months to gear it up, or perhaps that was just a boast by them… Anyway, Diesel will go to $20 per gallon, and Gas almost as much. This will put severe pressure on the trucking industry, and even if they could afford to re-supply our grocery stores at that price of diesel, the cost of food will go drastically up.. way up. Eventually there will be shortages, and the grocery stores will be unable to stock supplies of food, even if you could afford them.

    This is where the bought and paid for media will be worth the tyrants weight in gold. When people start to go hungry, they will say that due to emergency situations, only place where you can get food is.. the FEMA camps, and everyone should go there and the MADia (media) will make it seem like the camps will be full of sunshine and puppies, and its only for a few months, until the Saudis can make things right, or the war will be over.

    This is when, of course, they will have a bank holiday because of the global crisis (which they say is not their fault) so even if you could pay for things, you wont be able to. At this time, there are lots of people in the camps, but also roving hoards of starving people, stripping everything bare as they go. The preppers who have decided to survive in place that live in the outskirts of the city will be overrun. The hoards and gangs will go to EVERY house because there might be a can of beans there. If met with armed resistance, they will be armed too, and make short work of the survivalists. When they have stripped the city bare, they will head up North (in my case, I live in Phoenix, population 3.5 million) and i cannot imagine the survivors of perhaps 1 to 1.5 million people heading North and stripping everything bare as they go and doing the same to survive-in-placers there.

    So, the media, which is already in the government’s payroll will make the camps sound like a paradise, even a short term paradise, and they will control the population through food and water. Mostly families will be in the camps.

    This is the time of the rise of the Warriors. The TRUE 1%. The pissed off vets, militia’s, patriots and regular citizens that will descend on Washington D.C. like the biblical locust plagues, who will be met by the 10% of the soldiers of the army who WILL fire on US citizens, and mixed with them will be soldiers from other countries, which from what I understand, is here already, and after some conflicts, the patriots overwhelm the soldiers and literally clean house, and senate, and the white house, and every other Govt institution, putting their own people in charge… There will be some type of leader in the movement.

    But, as a last gasp, before the fall.. the controllers will release these genetically modified bird flu virus, which even though they are level 4 viruses, are being kept in level 2 facilities now. Easily released, which will kill 90% of those who are infected. The camps will be full of the sick and dying, and in a month or two, roughly 10% of the population is left.. the ones that didnt die, and the ones that for some lucky reason, managed to flee to a wilderness place and survive.. Half of them will die, when they go to the cities to re-supply a year later.

    This will leave perhaps ten, maybe 15 million US population left to rebuild. I still dont think the US will be invaded, because those 10 million will be well armed and highly agitated. Imight be wrong and I surely bow to your knowledge more than I. Its a crappy scenario, to say the least, but the question I’m asking is.. is this possible? By this reasoning, the time to get the hell out of dodge, or the US, will be when the war turns hot with Iran.. or shortly thereafter.

    In either your scenario, or mine, lots of people are going to die, and that bugs the crap out of me, and I think people instinctively know this, and that is why they want RP to win so badly, because if he cannot stop the tyranny and the PTB and the bankers, we’re all doomed. What do you think?

    • @BJOAZ
      Don’t wait for me to disagree or you’ll get real old. Sounds just as plausible as anything I have heard that is why I tell people that we have 4/24, anywhere from 4 to 24 months before things get really bad. So I am anticipating something major, i.e. WWIII, Civil War II, Hyperinflation, this kind of thing BEFORE 2015. I used to think that we had until the end of 2015 but I cannot for the life of me see how they can hold it together that much longer.
      Good luck and God bless you and yours.

  12. Oh,PS, It is little known, but President Bush back in 2005 signed a treaty with the UN turning all control of the US to the UN in case of pandemic flu. Traitor.

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