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A native of Texas. but raised in Southwest Louisiana. Dr. Harding worked in the Top Secret world of military intelligence in Southeast Asia and the Middle-east/North Africa (MENA). His experience as a linguist and intelligence operative give him a unique insight into the day-to-day machinations of the world of counter intelligence and false flag operations. He is the author of three novels and resides in Texas and New Mexico at various times during the year.

War is Coming to America!

Like Dr. Livingston, “the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” For all you active duty military and veterans you’ll understand what I mean. There is an old saying that says you have two (2) chances to give your life for your country; one on the battlefield and the other is in the VA hospital. It appears that this saying is more appropriate than in times past. A friend of mine went in for a colonoscopy and died during the procedure. I went in for foot surgery and had a lung collapse. I have had to learn how to walk all over again and actually, learn how to breathe again. But as of today I am so fit that I can still whip any man twice my age.

Even as I write this I am not sure which direction I will take. I have cut, pasted, deleted and revised several times and probably will even more before I am finished with this article. Some of you know quite a bit about me since we have spoken, corresponded and visited together, and some of you just know what you have read in the brief “BIO” section so let me begin by giving you a little more about me.

I was born in Houston, Texas and even as a young kid decided to move to the bayou country of south Louisiana. Luckily, my family also decided to move with me since I was only 4 years old at the time. I started school in a small farming town where 99% of the population was Roman Catholic and spoke French. I was neither. Dad ran a machine shop for a company that manufactured specialized oil drilling tools for oil drilling companies. I thought all kids about 10 years of age knew how to weld, run a lathe, milling machine or 48″ industrial grinder.

In the 1960’s we had a neighbor move in who was a helicopter pilot and a major gun nut. He taught me how to refinish, re-blue, re-barrel and re-caliber guns and load my own ammunition. Remember, this was before the 1968 Gun Control Act so I could order guns out of magazines. Girls were soft, pretty and smelled nice but guns made noise and I liked the smell of gunpowder. I built my own cannon, much to the chagrin of local dairy farmers, and could fire a 1/2 pound projectile through both sides of a ’49 Ford, much to the chagrin of the ’49 Ford’s owner.

When I was 17 years old I quit school, because I had a full time job as a shop welder, and could pay all my bills with one week’s paycheck. I bought a brand new car, trading in my 1963 Buick Special, a 1971 Toyota Carina for $1,600.00 (MSRP I got $500.00 for the Buick). Suddenly girls smelled better, were softer and made less noise than guns, so I thought at the time, so I married a Cajun girl.

The Secretary of Defense sent me an invitation to a party he was having in a place called Vietnam, that was French Indo-China to us, so rather than waiting to be drafted I joined the Air Force so I wouldn’t have to live in the jungle. Little did I know that not everyone in the Air Force didn’t live in cities and just flew in for the weekend to drop a few bombs and go home. I was trained as a Vietnamese interrogator initially and then further trained to DF (direction find) and destroy SAM (surface-to-air missile) facilities in Vietnam. Imagine how much fun that was.

Our unit assisted in the withdrawal of Americans and key indigenous personnel from South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. We assisted in the recovery of the USS Mayaguez and crew and lost a lot of good men in the process. After leaving Southeast Asia we were ultimately retrained as Arabic linguists and deployed overseas.

Something had been nagging at me for a while and finally, in August 1978, I heard God speaking to me and He called me out of the evil that I was doing, professionally. See, I lived a good moral life and thought I was a Christian but this is when I realized that it took more than a good moral life to be a believer.

So what is the problem? Once your eyes are opened to the evil that you and others are doing, it is hard to close them again, even if Uncle Sam says you have to. So, at the height of stupidity (the Carter administration) I left the military and the National Security Agency in 1980 after 8 years of service.

In the late 70’s I met a lot of wonderful people in the Mid-east, most of them Muslims, a few Christians (some Syriacs and Copts) a few Jews and others. Why am I telling you this? Because I am trying to share my perspective on how I view things in that part of the world today. Ninety percent or more of the people I met, Egyptian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian were good, kind people. Just like most of the people you’ll meet in your hometown are probably good people, they work hard, raise a family and make a better life for their children and grandchildren. But, when you read the newspaper who do you read about? The ones who robbed a store, stole a car or shot someone. This is news, sensationalism, but it is not representative of the people in your hometown, I hope.

War is Coming to a Hometown Near You!
America has twisted and perverted minorities into radical forces to destabilize a nation from within. It is called Asymmetrical Warfare (AW also known as Psy-ops) and is supposed to be benign as far as it concerns the American homeland. But this time things will be different. This time, it will come back and bite us in the butt and there are several reasons for this, here are just a few:
1.) Lack of political will.
Both Republicans and Democrats are neck deep in a cesspool of their own making and have no desire to tackle the key issues destroying this nation.
2.) The current administration is incompetent.
3.) The President and most of his key staff are actually Muslims and have done their very best to expand the Muslim powers in the world.
4.) The American people are so worried about “Dancing With the Stars”, soccer, football, baseball, Kim Kardashian and a host of other irrelevant issues that they could care less what it about to happen.
5.) Normalcy bias. “Oh, that could never happen here.” Read “Night” by Elie Wiesel. It shows how the Jews could not believe that they were going to be put to death right up to the time they were put to death.

I do not want to revisit conspiracy theories, false flags or anything else. Just the items stated above are enough to cause a disaster of monumental proportions and we have not even talked about the economy, unemployment, mounting student, personal and corporate debt. The problem is that no one problem above is in a vacuum but rather co-exists with all the other problems we have in America today.

About 3 years ago I wrote an article entitled “When the Poop Hits the Oscillator” (see it here: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/when-the-poop-hits-the-oscillator/). In this article I made some statements that many ridiculed, one being that Russia and China would form an alliance and invade America, or even do it individually if the conditions were optimum. Now, let’s forget the rumors of Russian Spetznatz commandos and Chinese commandos masquerading as college students. I am not saying there is not any truth to the rumors, just forget them for the time being. When I first publish the aforementioned article the picture of the device below was included. It had recently (2011) been stopped at the US/Mexico border, being smuggled in by OTM’s (Other Than Mexican). I was told that this was very similar to the type of devices that were missing from the former Soviet nuclear inventory, of which 99 were missing. Maybe it is just 98 now.

Suitcase nuclear bomb.

Suitcase nuclear bomb.

Do you see where I am going with this? We have a security crisis at the southern border of the United States that could lead to 1 or more nuclear devices being detonated across the United States, independently or synchronized by some evil genius, or just some dumb suicide bomber. Is Russia and/or China a threat to the US? Yes! But we also have an immediate threat, taking place right now, on the nightly news and no one is sounding the alarm. Everyone is worried about Hispanic kids getting good care and treatment. What about Hamas and Hezbollah coming across the border as OTM’s.

So, consider yourselves warned. If at least 10% of Americans don’t wake up and I mean right now, then I can safely make the following prediction. Sometime between 2017 and 2023, America will be gutted by war, just like Europe and Japan were gutted by war in the early 1900’s and the 1940’s. Sounds scary doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t stop there. I will go one to say that not only will America be destroyed by war but the remaining Christian population of this nation will be butchered, by not only Muslim extremists, but also by Christian extremists.

Whoa! Didn’t see that one coming did you? Not only do Muslims have a history of radicalism, so do Christians. Don’t believe me? Research for yourselves the Albigensian Crusade and also the Waldensian Crusade (some of my ancestors). Also, read what Martin Luther wrote about the Jews and how Hitler used Luther’s own words to justify his treatment of the Jews. Also, look into the massacre of Jerusalem at the end of the First Crusade.

The more radical the Muslim religion becomes then by default, the Christian religion will have to radicalize in order to just survive. The more radical and universal the Christian religion becomes the less tolerant of divergent doctrines it will become.

So what is the point? Here are my “predictions” for what I see coming, sometime between today and the end of 2016:
1.) The US will experience a cataclysmic collapse caused by;
A.) Economic collapse,
B.) False flag(s) i.e. cyber attack on infrastructure physical and/or economic,
C.) EMP (manmade),
D.) Natural disaster of monumental proportion,
E.) Insert your favorite conspiracy theory here.

I arranged them in the above order as the order in which I see as most likely to happen. The fallout, pardon the pun, of any of the 4 major categories will be;
1.) Martial law,
2.) Civil unrest (before or after martial law but they will go hand-in-hand),
3.) Shortage of basic necessities;
A.) Clean drinking water,
B.) Basic sanitation,
C.) Basic nutrition,
D.) Necessary medical supplies, i.e. insulin, heart medications, antibiotics,

Are there more? Yes, but these 4 are enough to kill 90% of the population of the United States within the first 12 months.

Who Do Wolves Attack First?
Always the sick and the weak. Now imagine you are a bloodthirsty Russia or China and you really want the natural resources of America, including the farmland as uncontaminated as possible, do you launch a first strike or do you let the 300 million Americans, half of which own guns and ammunition, kill each other off due to civil unrest and disease to the level of 30 million Americans or do you launch a first strike? It is basic math and Sun Tzu strategy.

I used to think America, like the Phoenix would rise from the ashes and begin anew. Today, because of a ton of personal research and spiritual revelation (of a personal nature) I see that America will not survive. Not only will it not survive but America will be occupied by bloodthirsty individuals who will rape, pillage and behead most of the remaining population all under the auspices of the United Nations and the policy of pacification by force, genocide.

The time has come to make some announcements. I will try to post an article in which I will have links to pdf’s of my past novels. (One of my daughters will have to help me with all this. First, I have to locate them.) And second, I am thinking about having a second blog in which I will share some of the things I have learned that lead me to these and other conclusions that I had not even considered until recently and since these matters are primarily spiritual, Biblical and historical, rather than headline news or prepping related I thought it might be best to separate the two directions, even though they are intertwined more than most people even think about, much less understand. I’ll leave it up to you. Let me know in your comments if you would rather separate the blogs or just continue with all of it grouped together.

We are about to enter deadly perilous times. It is necessary for each and every American to consider the fact the fault does not lie in Russia, China, ISIS Washington, D.C. or the boogeyman, but within our own hearts. (Ephesians 6:10-17)

Good luck and God bless and hope to be back with you soon.


First, let me begin by apologizing to everyone who is a reader of this blog, for changing the dynamic of the blog. My first concern was to make sure that each and every one of you had the knowledge you needed to prepare for hard times. I feel that I accomplished this in the Independence series. Next I gave you tips and tricks for protecting yourself and your wealth in hard times. But since that time I have changed direction and given you my belief of what will happen here in America when the SHTF. Having said that let me begin.

I’m sure that most of you have heard of the “butterfly effect” where it is postulated that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can change one’s destiny. But, have you ever heard of “Unintended Consequences”? I capitalized the name and put it in quotation marks because it is the name of a novel. In 1996 or ’97 I met a gentleman at a gun-show by the name of John Ross. He had an impressive display of weapons and a stack of books. I introduced myself and asked him to tell me about the novel, which he did, eagerly. So, I purchased the book set in on the shelf and forgot it for a year or so. After the death of my youngest ,I stuffed the book into my backpack and headed for the mountains, Rockies to be exact. I spent many nights huddled near a small fire and read the book. It was amazing! In it I saw a plan to restore the Constitution to our government. It was an antidote to many of the ills that faced America due to the rule of the Clintonistas.


Just the other day I was asked, “if you would recommend just one book that every American should read, other than the Bible, what would it be?” I didn’t even hesitate to blurt out “Unintended Consequences.” When I stopped and thought about what I had said I wanted to add some caveats to that. One, was that I did not approve of the explicit sex in the book. Yes, it was few in number but I just don’t care to read about some things. If others do, that is fine. As a veteran I have no aversion to the graphic description of killing someone but I do object to graphic sex. Call me old-fashioned. Other than this personal critique, I heartily recommend Mr. Ross’s book. It is an excellent primer on the gun culture from the early 20th century to 1997.

Now, am I Mr. Ross’s literary agent trying to sell books? NO! Then why do I bring this up? Well, for one I still think the plan laid out in Mr. Ross’s book could be put into action today to retake America from the Obamanistas. I won’t issue a spoiler alert because I won’t say anymore about this excellent book than to say this, if you can find a copy read it. If you can buy a copy buy it! I wish now that I had asked Mr. Ross to autograph it for me but I didn’t.

Alright, why did I bring this up? Very simply, it is a plan to restore constitutional government. if you have not read it, please do so now, and read American Dictatorship. http://codgerville.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/american-dictatorship/ In this article you will see that there are only three ways to restore lawful government. Here they are: (copied directly from the article.)


This is the part many of you will not like. There are only three ways to get back to the Constitution and Common Law;

(1) The President must voluntarily end the emergency and surrender his emergency powers and restore the Constitution,

(2) States must secede from the Union and become independent and begin a new union, using the original Constitution as its source of power and authority,

(3) The American people have to forcibly take the power back from the government.

So where does that leave us as a nation? In May Col. Riley is hoping to have 10 million veterans march on Washington to get Washington back on track with the Constitution. Will it work? NO! Boehner and 99% of the others are so highly compromised by NSA, FBI or some other alphabet soup agency that they do not dare buck the Prez. So, if this march won’t work what will? Look at the three choices on the list above. Of the 3 which do you think will be the most likely to take place. Do you honestly think that Obama will willingly give up his dictatorial powers? If you do I have some swamp land in Arizona I will sell you real cheap and throw in the Golden Gate Bridge for free.

Now, look at number 2. Do you honestly think your state will secede from the union? I know most people in Montana and a lot Texans thinks so but it is not likely to happen unless a dramatic change takes place both nationally and state-wise.

So where does that leave us? Option number 3! Option number 3 is the least desirable and I am firmly convinced that Americans will not take action until they are so heavily oppressed that they have no other option. Face it, if an EMP took place Americans would be up in arms rioting because they missed Dancing With the Stars, The View or some other supercilious pile of hooey. That is why I feel that our government will NOT use an EMP attack as a false flag. If most people can watch Jeopardy or the Price is Right who cares what happens in Washington. But shut off the power, thereby killing XBoxes, TV’s, cable and cellphones you would immediately have a riot nationwide. But fs the men can watch their football, baseball, basketball or whatever ball, they are fine. If they watch so many ball games I wonder is it because they lost theirs and are hoping to find them in the game, hmm?

Some of the most vocal critics of what is happening in America today are women. Have they grown a set? In comparison to a lot of loud mouthed, tough talking, couch potatoes I say they have. When Von and I train people in firearms usage, prepping, canning or bugging out we always have more women attend these classes than men. Why?

What would have happened if Paul Revere had told his wife, “Okay hon, I’ll ride out to warn everybody about the British after the game?” What about Washington crossing the Delaware? “Okay Martha, I’ll go just as soon as I find my insulated underwear and my hand-warmers.”

Liberty is not about convenience, it is about suffering and sacrifice. Do we suffer and sacrifice for ourselves? NO! We do this in the hope of hopes that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be able to lead better lives than we ourselves were afforded or in my case at least as good as I had it.

Today, I taught a young lady, whom I call my daughter, to shoot a rifle, shotgun and handgun. (Please let me qualify this statement. She already knew how to shoot an AR-15, a Model 50 S&W, and a 12 ga. shotgun of a different make. These weapons were new to her and she wanted to learn how to use them, take them apart and clean them. HEEHEEHEE, my girls are tough.) I related to her how I bought an 8mm Mauser from the Walgreen’s drugstore, on Johnston St, in Lafayette, Louisiana for about $20.00 and ten boxes of ammunition for another $5.00 at the age of 11. No one had to sign. I did not have to be 18 or 21 or 35 or any other age. I was an American citizen and I had the right to keep and BEAR arms. I slept with that rifle for months because I was so proud. I had mown yards at $2.00 each and saved my money and bought something that I really wanted. Today it is illegal in this same country for a child under 16 to mow yards! Did you know that? It is! Not to mention it is illegal for an 11 year-old to buy a rifle. I have to fill out paperwork, show my i.d. and have a background check to buy a rifle at the age of 60! This is not America! It is BIZARRO LAND! (I do not know how many of you are readers of Superman but Bizarro was an alternate Superman in an alternate world.)

Okay, I do have a point to all this rambling and here it is: while everyone was prepping and watching and looking over their shoulder, the government quietly, with little fanfare, or EMP’s, martial law or any other false flag, usurped control of the government from the people. In other words, the frog in the pot of water that is slowly turned up is now cooked.

All of us, myself included, had drawn lines in the sand (mush like the rooster Foghorn Leghorn in the cartoons) and dared the government to cross them. Then, like the Foghorn Leghorn cartoon, the dog erases the line, while the arrogant rooster is away, and redraws the line much closer, well within the reach of the dog’s leash. When the rooster returns to torment the dog once again, the dog attacks and beats the rooster at his own game. The lines have been redrawn and we are now within the striking distance of the government because our “red lines” have been redrawn. How, the government knew what most people were looking for, some “event” that would tell everyone when to run for the hills.

Will some false flag happen in the future? Almost a certainty. But instead of being the sign to run for the hills I feel it will be a sign that it is too late to get your money out of the bank, cash in your IRA’s, 401K’s, 457’s and everything else. I think now is the time to finish up these tasks, pay the penalties as we have, convert cash to commodities and prepare to weather the storm. Like a high school track coach once told me, “when the starter’s pistol is fired it is too late to say wait a minute.”

What does this mean for me? I will continue to help those that ask for help but I will not spend so much time on the road doing so. We ran through our checklists the other day just to see what needed to be added or deleted. We made some changes to our lists, decided to leave the bug out bags packed for winter even though it is warming right now in Texas, it could snow until June 1st in New Mexico. I am planning to make another caching run to NM and I am doing maintenance on my primary truck and changing tires to accommodate off the road use rather than more highway friendly tires. We will also have our teeth checked one more time, as well as having eye exams and update our glasses if necessary.

Please, use this lull to acquire more ammunition, firearms, food, tools and essential commodities. We have converted our retirement accounts to commodities except one account which cannot be converted until November. We doubt we will get the chance to convert it to hard assets but only the Lord knows.

Many people are selling urban property and buying rural property and outfitting it as they see fit, all this and renting a home in an urban setting to continue working and earning more money to beef up their preps. Even people in small towns (under 5000 in population) are moving to the countryside and commuting 40 to 90 miles each way each day. One family, husband and wife, commute 120 miles each way, everyday, so as not to be caught in the city (Houston, Texas) at night and not be able to get home just in case something should happen. They use a Volkswagen diesel sedan that gets more than 50 mpg and say that it is worth the extra commute having the peace of mind to rest each night in their own bed 120 miles from Houston.

Once again, if you can find a copy of Mr. Ross’s book it is worth the time because it is rather large, about 860 pages, and I guarantee you will learn a great deal. Also, if some of my “daughters” come home in the near future we are planning on doing some canning so if possible I will get one of them to film us canning for a video.


Good luck and may God bless you and yours.

It’s 2014: What Are You Willing to Die For?

Men who died for what they believed in.

Men who died for what they believed in.

I know that I have touched on this in previous posts but I want you to think and pray about your answer(s). If, like me, you are a parent then you have to ask yourself, “am I willing to die for my children?” I think most of us can agree that yes we would die in order that our children and grandchildren could live on. What about your husband or wife? Would you be willing to die for them? Probably most would say “Yes!” But then what?

Are You Willing To Die for Your Country?

As someone who has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic I would have said “Yes!” Lately I have had to change my thought pattern. No! I am not willing to die for my country if it is going to continue in its present direction. No! I am not willing to die for a country that is trying to destroy everything that I feel made this country great. No! I AM NOT WILLING TO DIE SO AN OVER-REACHING, ABUSIVE GOVERNMENT CAN CONTINUE TO TRAMPLE THE RIGHTS THAT I FEEL THAT I HAVE DERIVED FROM THE ALMIGHTY GOD, NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

But, am I willing to die in an effort to change this corrupt shadow of a Constitutional Republic back into the model of freedom? Am I willing to lay die my life in an effort to restore freedom and put an end to tyranny? Yes! I am convinced that FREEDOM is worth dying for. The freedom to worship the way I see fit as long as I do not infringe on the rights of my countrymen. I am willing to die in order that my son or grandson would not have to, but also so that they can know the freedoms that I enjoyed. And even the freedom that I enjoyed in the ’50’s and 60’s was nothing compared to those enjoyed by my father and his father.

In my first novel, The Sun, The Moon and the Shooting Star, I tell a fictional account of a true story of a Jicarilla Indian warrior, who in his old age sang his Death Song so that he would be free to die as he wished, in combat. Whenever he saw a battle taking place he would rush into the battle, pick a side and start fighting. Finally, he got his wish and he did die in battle. Here is how Patrick Henry felt about it: “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

What happened to men like that?

Are You Willing To Die For Your Way of Life?

My way of life, personally, is not being threatened but others who enjoy my way of life are being threatened. Follow the links to their stories and see how this is happening in America today. http://offgridsurvival.com/targetingselfreliantlifestyle-zoninglawsaws/ and here: http://beforeitsnews.com/food-and-farming/2014/01/exclusive-feds-threatening-michigan-family-farm-with-armed-raid-2460050.html

I know you have heard the stories of the Amish being SWAT teamed for selling raw milk or fresh eggs or non-USDA inspected meat. You can find these stories on an almost daily basis. But does anyone care?

At the top of the page I inserted a photo of Arlington National Cemetery with the caption of “Men who died for what they believed in.” Here is the question that I must answer for myself, “Have all the men, and women, who believed in something so strongly that they were willing to die, have all of them died? Maybe there are no more men and women willing to die for what they believe in. Is it possible that all them having died, that type of individual is extinct, like the dodo or black rhino or passenger pigeon? Maybe, if we don’t like what we hear in the news we can just change the channel and it will go away. If something is posted on the internet that convicts us in our heart, we can just go play a video game or get the latest football stats.

I have said this more than once in previous articles and I will say it again. Go someplace quiet, wherever that may be for you, and ask yourself, “What am I willing to die for.” Because, once the shooting starts, it is too late to try and make that decision. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  wrote Gulag Archipelago and told about the treatment of people under despotism. There was a line in it that haunted me many a night and day. He told about how people, farmers and laborers mostly, were escorted by a handful of armed guards, many with just bolt action rifles and the laborers all had shovels, axes, picks and hammers in their hands but they did not try to overpower their guards. And Solzhenitsyn wondered why they did not try to overwhelm their guards and captors. And here is his answer “because we loved liberty so little.” Is that our problem? We love liberty so little that we are unwilling to lead the charge?

Charleton Heston is mistakenly given credit for the saying “They’ll take my gun from my cold dead hands.” He learned this from Roy Rogers. Charleton Heston was against guns and most things American until John Wayne gave him a copy of the united states Constitution. When he read what the Constitution actually said, he changed his political views and became a lifetime member of the NRA and later, its president. Now, here is my question to you and myself, was he talking about dying in his bed with his rifle in his hand? Or, was he talking about dying for the right to keep and bear arms WHILE USING THAT RIFLE? Was he talking about the freedom of worship? The freedom from illegal search and seizure? The freedom to conduct your affairs in the manner that you prescribe, not the government?


Only you can determine when the government has crossed that line in the sand. Only you can judge for yourself when it is time to fight. Let’s hope for all our sakes we don’t all wait until they cut our rations in the FEMA camps before we rise up and revolt because at that time IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

Good luck and God bless all of you in 2014.

Will 2014 Be Our Year of Decision?

Dear Friends, I want to begin by apologizing for my lack of attention to this site. I had to make a decision of which was more important; writing, which I love, or helping others prepare for what is coming our way. I chose to help, rather, we chose to help. Von chose to help me help others. Continue reading

UPDATE in the form of a quick note.

Hello my friends.

I meant to pass on a simple trick that you can use that will cost you absolutely zero dollars and help you leave in a hurry. Go into your closet and check to make sure each and every coat hanger is turned in the same direction. If not, pull them out and arrange them so that you can grab an arm load of clothes in a matter of seconds. For all you vets, I know, they are supposed to be 2 fingers apart. LOL.

Please follow this link to Brent Smothers’ (aka THE PROFESSOR) brand new YouTube channel.

Brent is new to the prepping game and is doing a terrific job. He has incorporated a whole lot in a little bit. In other words he has made something that sounds difficult look simple. Notice in his video he has a lot of room for expansion. The ability to grow your own food is the first step in becoming independent.

If any of you have you own videos or pictures, about any facet of living an independent lifestyle, please send them to me and I will share them with everyone on the site, with your permission. ((Please keep the pictures, videos and language clean. Don’t sent videos of your husband or wife in their birthday suits demonstrating your hot tub.)) LOL!

I apologize for being gone so long because we have had numerous requests for help, lots of teaching and in the midst of all of this we still have two houses to finish and our “normal” day-to-day affairs.

Good luck to you all in all your endeavors and may Yah bless.


I’m Baaack, Again!!! ALERT!! ALERT!!

Hello Everyone,

Just to let everyone know, we have been very busy, both in Texas and New Mexico. I am cautioning all of my family, and you are my electronic family, to keep their bug-out-bags close, all firearms loaded and the fuel tank on your primary bug-out-vehicle topped off at all times. I recommend that you do this until November 30th. The price of fuel is down right now so top off any extra fuel cans that you have and add some Sta-Bil to them. Continue reading

10 Tips For When The Shooting Starts!

Note: I began writing this article before the Boston Marathon bombing. I have been extremely busy for the last 6 or 8 months and have had little time to write. Some of these tips may seem common sense and others may seem frivolous. I have a reason for each and every one of them. Continue reading

My Two Cents Worth.

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
George Washington Continue reading

2013: Will You Survive the Obama-nation of Desolation?

DO NOT LET THE TITLE FOOL YOU! This article is NOT a discourse or dissertation in theology. Most sources that I will quote are SECULAR not SCRIPTURAL and much is simply my opinion and, although researched, is still just an opinion. Continue reading

Kilo One-Six, What’s You’re Sitrep, Over?

Catchy title? Not really. Kilo One Six is my old call sign. Many the night, usually around 2 a.m., I would be dozing with one earphone over my ear and the other ear listening to the noises around me and get the above call. Continue reading

On the Clock of Tyranny…

On the clock of tyranny we are 30 seconds from Midnight. I will not go into an analysis of the N.D.A.A.or the various Executive Orders from der fuehrer in the last five months. So many people have already done this that I think it unnecessary for me to add anything to their analysis. Continue reading

Yes You Can!…Build your own Refuge

I want to apologize, once again, to all those that I owe emails to. April, I know I owe you and Tess and others emails. But I have been tied up, almost literally, with this latest house. Continue reading

Behold a Pale Horse

This is a quick note to say Thanks to Rainmaker for bringing this to my attention. Here is a link to the copyrighted material, so I will not repost here without permission. This theme song tells a powerful story about the rise and fall of America.

Behold a Pale Horse Theme Song

If you want to know more about the documentary go to: www.beholdapalehorse.tv

God Bless the Republic. Death to the New World Order Odor!